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Local Farm Availability - July 27, 2020


twin peaks orchards logo
Yellow Peaches- 18# Case or Pound White Peaches- 18# Case or Pound
Yellow Nectarines- 18# Case or Pound  White Nectarines- 18# Case or Pound
Plums- 25# Case or Pound  


Black Mission Figs- 12 Pint Kadota Figs- 12 Pint
Violette de Bordeaux- 12 Pint Toybox Figs- 12 Pint (4 of each variety)


RKelly farms
Ambrosia Melon- 5/6ct case Creme de la Creme Melon- 5/6ct case
Diplomat Melon- 5/6ct case Savor Melon- 5/6ct case
Local Mixed Melon- 5/6ct Shishito Peppers- 5# case


Bluelake Beans- 30# case or pound Yellow Wax Beans- 10# case or pound
Romano Beans- 10# case or pound White and Yellow Corn- 48ct case or each
Varietal Squash Single Variety- 22# case Varietal Mixed Squash- 22# case


ray yeung farm
Toybox Heirloom Tomatoes- 10# case Single Variety Heirloom Tomatoes- 10# case
True Vine Ripe Tomatoes- 20# case Green Shady Lady Tomatoes- 20# case 


riverdog farm logo

Bloomsdale Spinach- 4# case *Gapping* Gypsy Peppers- 10# case
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes- 12 pint case Padron Peppers- 10# case
Yellow Finn Potatoes- 25# case Jimmy Nardello Peppers- 10# case
French Fingerling Potatoes- 25# case Rosa Bianca Eggplant- 10# case
Lemon Cucumber- 10# case Listada Eggplant- 10# case
Nantes Carrots- 24 bunch case or 25# sack Mixed Eggplant- 10# case


stillwater orchards logo

Green Bartlett Pears- 40# case, pound, or each Red Bartlett Pears- 20# case or pound


vierra farms logo
Seedless Watermelon- Each Black Seedless Watermelon- Each


durst organic logo
Mixed Medley Tomatoes- 12 Pint Flat & 1/2 flat  


j j ramos
 Yellow and White Peaches- 18# case or pound Yellow and White Nectarines- 18# case or pound
Pluots- 25# case or pound  Plums- 25# case or pound



Borage Shoots - 4oz clamshell Miz America Hybrid - 4oz clamshell
Dope Kale (Kale Yeah)- 4oz clamshell *AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK* Mixed Mizuna - 4oz clamshell *AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK*
Mixed Bok Choy - 4oz clamshell Citrus Mix- 4oz clamshell
Red Garnet Amaranth- 4oz clamshell Nasturtium Shoots- 4oz clamshell
Brassica Mix- 4oz clamshell Soigne Mix- 4oz clamshell
Herb Mix- 4oz clamshell  

living Greens (AVAILABLE IN 2 WEEKS)

Chef's Sampler - 22 root balls Red Veined Sorrel - 6 root balls
White Stem Bok Choy - 2 root balls Miz America Hybrid - 6 root balls


 Baby Tokyo Turnips- 10# case Desiree Potatoes- *DONE*
 German Butterball Potatoes- 25# case Red Slicing Tomatoes (pre-order)- 20# case


Baby Red Romaine- 24ct case Peeled Mixed Carrots- 5# case
Baby Green Romaine- 24ct case Peeled Baby Carrot- 5# case
Lola Rosa Lettuce- 24ct case  Baby Bunch Carrot- 24 bunches or bunch
Baby Mixed Lettuce- 24ct case Baby Bunch Round Carrot- 24 bunch case
Baby Red Oak Lettuce- 24ct case Baby Mixed Carrots- 24 bunch carrots
Baby Green Oak Lettuce- 24ct case Baby Turnips- 24ct case
Baby Gold Beets- 24ct case French Breakfast Radish- 24ct case
Baby Chioga (striped) Beets- 24ct case Easter Egg Radish- 24ct case
Baby Red Beets- 24ct case Mixed Radish- 24ct case
Baby Mixed Beets- 24ct case  Baby Mixed Squash- 10# case


del rio botanical logo

***In Stock - Very limited available due to labor restrictions** ***In Stock - Very limited available due to labor restrictions**
Squash Blossoms- 35ct Clamshell Finger Limes- 1/2 Pint Clamshell
Mixed Baby Squash- 10# Case Braising Mix-4# case


j marchini farms logo
Radicchio- 12 ct case or by the each Fennel- 12ct case
Castelfranco- 12ct case Treviso- 12ct case
Mixed Chicory- 12ct case  Radicchio Verona- 12ct case *Finished*
Radicchio Bianco- 12ct case *FINISHED*  Rosa Radicchio- 8ct case *Finished*


dragon gourmet mushrooms logo

Oyster- 5# case White Beech (pre-order)- 4# case
Shiitake- 5# case Brown Beech- 4# case
Eryngii/Trumpet Royale- 5# case  


california endive farms logo
Belgian Endive- 8# case, or by the piece Red Endive- 8# case
Mixed Endive- 36ct case  Coraline Chicory- 3# case *GAPPING*


Capay Organic
Nantes Carrots- 24ct case Rainbow Chard- 12ct case
Collard Greens- 12 bunch case or 3 bunches Dino Kale- 12ct case


**Local kiwi is finished for the season.**


**Local apples have finished for the season- available late summer.**


**Castaneda Brother's squash is currently unavailable due to labor restrictions.**


maciel farms

**Maciel squash is currently available due to labor restrictions.**


Polestar Logo
**Local Blenheim apricots have finished for the season **