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MARKET MOVERS - August 26, 2021


Avocado– Market is very strong. CA season is finishing and there are tropical storms/rain in Mexico. Larger fruit– high 70’s, smaller fruit– high 60’s.
Bananas– Market steady.
Berries– All berries are above seasonal norms. Labor and water shortages are the driving force.
Citrus– Lime market relaxing into the high 30’s. Lemons down slightly. Oranges are strong, low 30’s with below average quality and shelf life.
Grapes– Red and green grapes are now from California. Red grapes are in the low-mid 30’s, green grapes are in the high 30’s.
Melons– Cantaloupes and honeydews are from CA. Local black watermelon is available from Vierra. Varietal melons from R. Kelly Farm are currently gapping, we are using Riverdog melons that are a higher price but also a larger box.
Pears– All pear varieties are currently locally sourced from Stillwater Orchards.
Stone Fruit– Twin Peaks stone fruit season will be ending this week. We are currently sourcing all peaches, nectarines, plums, and pluots from J&J Ramos near Lodi. Cherries and apricots have finished for the season.
Tropical– Pineapple market is back to normal. Mexican grown mangos have been outstanding.


Artichokes– Market is strong. Artichokes do not do well in heat.
Asparagus– Market is getting stronger in the high 30’s. Weather issues will affect shelf life.
Beans– Dwelley beans are gapping until the weekend.
Brussel Sprouts– Market remains strong.Cauliflower– Market is steady in the low 30’s.
Corn– Brentwood white and yellow corn is available from Dwelley Farms. We are also bringing in corn from Vierra, though it is the same seed variety.
Lettuce– Market is strong for the season. Growers are fighting labor shortages in harvesting, packing, and shipping in addition to inconsistent weather.
Mushrooms– Dragon Gourmet has closed their doors. We are now using Gourmet Mushrooms in Sebastopol for brown and white beech, along with trumpet royales (eryngii).
Peppers– Market steady on all three colors.
Potatoes– New Oregon russets are in stock, the market is still very strong. Idaho is struggling to start while the Northwest supplies the nation. Red and yukons are new crop from California, the market is slightly stronger.
Squash– Most local growers did not grow squash this season due to labor  and water shortages and an unpredictable market. No gold bar available, we are subbing yellow crook neck. No single variety summer,  ]sunburst, or ronde nice, we are subbing toybox squash. Italian and yellow squash market is stronger from Central California.
Tomatoes– Local tomatoes are available from Yeung Farms, including green, heirlooms, and true vine ripes. Local cherry tomatoes are available from Durst, Riverdog, and Full Belly.