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MARKET MOVERS - May 12, 2021


Artichokes– Market steady and strong on all sizes. Artichokes do not like warm weather.
Asparagus– California asparagus is finishing in 2 weeks and Washington grass has started. It is less expensive with a greyish green color, not well received. We will switch to Mexican 11# cases when California finishes. Broccolini is a less expensive option.
Beans– Bluelakes are in from Coachella. The quality and shelf life will continue to improve if weather is consistent. French beans are in from Mexico. Dwelley Beans expected to start by early June.
Brussel Sprouts– Market steady on Mexican grown brussels. Quality and shelf life are not as strong as coastal product.
Cauliflower– Market will soften this week as northern growers begin harvesting. Green, orange, purple, and carnival are available by the case only.
Corn– White and yellow Desert Diamond variety from Coachella has been outstanding. The market continues to improve. 
Lettuce– All lettuces, baby lettuces, specialty lettuces, and spring mix are grown in California. Market and supplies are steady.
Peppers– Green bell market is getting stronger as Mexico fades. Red and yellow markets are very strong as California slowly starts.
Specialty– Bloomsdale and local  mizuna are gapping due to heat. Basil quality and shelf life continue to be poor due to weather and labor issues in Mexico. California grown basil should start in 10-14 days.


Avocado– Market is steady, labor issues are keeping the market inflated.
Berries– Strawberries continue to be tight due to cool nighttime temps and labor shortage. Blackberries and raspberries are currently from Mexico and blueberries are from Oregon.
Citrus– Navel season is finishing soon, Valencias have started but are lacking sugar and color. The lime market continues to be very strong, we should start to see some relief in the next week. Cara Cara oranges will finish this week, blood oranges will finish the following week.
Grapes– Mexico will start green and red grapes in roughly 10-14 days.
Melons– Mexican cantaloupes have started and the market is down slightly. Honeydew and seedless watermelon are from Mexico and are down as well.
Pears– D’Anjou, red D’ Anjou, Bosc, and Asian pears are available from the North West. Local summer pears are expected to start mid June.
Stone Fruit– Apricots from Frog Hollow have just arrived. We have 1 layer white and yellow peaches from Twin Peaks Orchards. They are on the smaller side but have great flavor for early season varieties. Nectarines should start in 7-10 days. Cherries are available from Lodi.
Tropical– Market is down considerably on Mexican grown mangoes. Pineapple supplies are returning to normal.