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MARKET MOVERS - June 17, 2021


AVOCADO– Market is steady, labor issues are keeping the market inflated.
BERRIES– Strawberry market is steady. All growing districts are producing: Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Watsonville. Raspberries and blueberries are currently from California. Blackberries are in the high 20’s, blueberriess in the mid 20’s.
CITRUS– Valencias are improving, we will continue using navels for a couple more weeks. The lime market is falling, now into the 30's. The lemon market is very strong, high 40's on all sizes. We are currently importing meyer lemons. Blood oranges, cara caras, and kumquats are all finished.
GRAPES– California red grapes are now available, they are small in size but have great flavor. Green grapes are from Mexico.
MELONS– Cantaloupes and watermelon are currently from CA, honeydews are from Arizona. Yellow flesh watermelon is available but fairly pricy. Mixed melons are currently available from Central California. Local watermelon can be expected next week.
PEARS– D’Anjou, red D’ Anjou, Bosc, and Asian pears are available from the North West. Local summer pears are expected to start late June.
STONE FRUIT– Blenheim apricots from Polestar in Esparato have just arrived. We have white and yellow peaches and nectarines from Twin Peaks Orchards in Newcastle. Cherries are available from Lodi. Pluots from Dwelley are currently gapping. We are using fruit from Central California to fill the gap.
TROPICAL– Market is steady on mango, pineapple, and kiwi.


ARTICHOKES– Market for larger sizes is up considerably due to heat and labor shortage.
ASPARAGUS– California asparagus has finished and we are now into Mexican product. 11# cases in the mid 30’s.
BEANS– Dwelley bluelake, romano, and yellow wax are available with excellent quality. Cranberry beans have started today!
BRUSSEL SPROUTS– Market is very strong, in the low 40's on Mexican grown product. We suggest changing vegetables if brussels are on the menu.
CAULIFLOWER– Market is steady in the high teens. Green, orange, purple, and carnival are available by the case only.
CORN– Desert Diamond variety from Coachella has been outstanding. The market continues to improve. Brentwood white and yellow corn is available from Dwelley Farms.
LETTUCE– All lettuces, baby lettuces, specialty lettuces, and spring mix from the Salinas region are outstanding. Baby mixed lettuce is very limited. Local specialty lettuces from the Sacramento region have been wiped out due to heat damage.
PEPPERS– California green, red, and gold bell pepper market is steady.
SQUASH– Toybox squash is available by the 20# case. Gold bar is available from Vierra Farms.
TOMATOES– Market is steady on all sizes and shapes. Local tomatoes are expected early July. Green tomatoes from Uncle Ray will possibly be available by the end of next week.