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Asparagus– California season has finished. Product from Mexico is reasonable but a little thinner than we would like.

Beans– Bluelakes, French, Romano, and Yellow Wax beans will all be in stock from Dwelley by the end of the week. We will continue to stock the trimmed French Beans from Mexico. If you prefer the local product from Dwelley, please specify when ordering.

Celery– We have finally transitioned into the Salinas Valley and Central California Region. Labor and lack of supply will keep the market strong but we should start to see some relief.

Corn– Outstanding Desert Diamond White and Yellow Corn from Brentwood is currently in stock. Dwelley will start both White and Yellow by the end of this week.

Lettuce– All leafy greens are suffering from this year’s incredibly abnormal weather pattern. We would typically be in a “normal” growing gap caused by continual rain in February and March. This year, that gap has been heightened by more recent rain and the heat wave we had last week. For the first time in recorded history, Salinas had back to back days with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. Iceberg is currently in the low 30’s, all leaf lettuce are in the mid-to-high 20’s. Artisan Mix and Romaine are severely affected and will be extremely limited for several weeks.

Tomatoes- Market is steady as we start to transition from Mexico to California. Local True Vine Ripes and Heirlooms from Ray Yeung and Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes from Del Rio should start around July 1st.


Avocado– Market very very strong. Prices are expected to climb into the 80’s this week. California has very little product and is down 80% of normal production. Mexico is transitioning between crops, as well as experiencing issues caused by weather. Florida, which supplies the east coast, is also experiencing issues due to weather. South American imports from Peru and Chile will help ease the pressure in the following weeks.

Berries– The strawberry market will be slightly stronger as growers recover from last week’s heat wave. Raspberries from California, Blackberries from Mexico, and Blueberries from California will also be up slightly. Blueberries will switch to Northwest very soon. Del Rio Botanicals has Boysenberries and Mulberries available with a pre-order.

Citrus– Navel season has finished and all sizes are now Valencia. Blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges have also finished for the season. Lemon market is slightly stronger, as well as larger sized limes.

Stone Fruit– Twin Peaks has plentiful supplies of White and Yellow Nectarines and Peaches, with outstanding quality. Blenheim Apricots will start this week from Polestar Farm. Frog Hollow has been less than impressive this season. Local Plums should start by July 1st.