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Market Movers- Week of May 10, 2018

week of may 10, 2018

new arrivals for mother's day weekend

  •  Farmer’s Market Strawberries– arriving from Watsonville, CA in 12/1 pint flats only.
  • Galia Melon– an excellent dessert melon that tastes like a cross between a cantaloupe and a honeydew. It has exceptionally juicy flesh that has light green color and smooth flesh. From Southern California; 5/6 count case.
  • Hami Melon– this is a very special variety melon that is oblong in shape and similar in size to a small watermelon. It has juicy orange flesh and yellow skin with green streaks. Its taste can be compared to a very sweet cantaloupe but with more flavor and firmer, crunchy texture. Arriving from Southern California; 5/6 count case.
  • Santa Claus Melon– mildly flavored pale greenish flesh similar to a honeydew but less sweet in flavor. The brightness of its green and gold striped skin is a sign of ripeness– the brighter the color, the riper and sweeter the melon. From Southern California; 5/6 count case.
  • Mixed Melon– a combination case of Galia, Hami, and Santa Claus Melons available in a 5/6 count case.
  • Apricots– currently coming from Fresno while we wait for Frog Hollow legendary fruit to be available. Sold by the 18# case or by the pound.
  • Cherries– California crop; available by the 16# case or per pound.
  • Yellow Peaches– first of the season peaches are still quite firm. Available by the 15# case or per pound; from Fresno until Twin Peaks begins their harvest (hopefully) at the end of May.
  • Nectarines– sold by the 20# case or per pound; from Fresno while we wait for Twin Peaks to start.
  • White Peach– we hope to receive local fruit from Twin Peaks over the weekend.
  • Local Fava Beans (10# case) and Fava Greens (2# case) available from Del Rio Botanicals in West Sacramento.
  • Coastal English Peas– available by the 25# case or by the pound.
  • True Wild Mushrooms- Chanterelles (Portugal) and Morels (California) available by the pound. Market is in the low $40’s.