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JUNE 18, 2018

***The following timeline is a projection of local availability based on current information from our local farmers. Please keep in mind that the timeline may change depending on mother nature and the weather in the next few weeks.***
  • APRICOTS: Local crop now available from Polestar Farm in Esparto, CA.
  • BEANS: Local Bluelake, Romano, Yellow Wax, Baby French (please specify local when ordering), and Cranberry now available from Dwelley Family Farms (Brentwood, CA).
  • CHERRIES: When local crops finish, Washington crops will extend the season.
  • CORN: Yellow and White corn available from Dwelley Family Farm (Brentwood, CA).
  • CUCUMBERS: Lemon Cucumbers available from Coke Farms (San Juan Bautista, CA). More varietal cucumbers expected in mid-July from Del Rio Botanical (West Sacramento) and Riverdog Farm (Guinda, CA).
  • EGGPLANT: Varietal eggplant from local farmers expected at the end of July.
  • FIGS: Currently available from Southern California growers. Black Mission Figs should be available from Del Rio Botanical starting next week. More varieties to follow in the next couple weeks.
  • MELONS: California grown Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Canary, Casaba, Crenshaw, Galia, and Santa Claus now available in single variety or as a mixed case. We expect local melons by mid-late July.
  • NECTARINES: Yellow varieties available from Twin Peaks Orchard (Newcastle, CA). Freestone varieties will begin later this week.
  • PEACHES: Yellow and White varieties available from Twin Peaks Orchard. Freestone varieties will begin later this week.
  • PEARS: We hope to have local varieties from Stillwater Orchard by the first week of August.
  • PEPPERS: California Shishitos are currently available. Local varieties (Gypsy, Lipstick, Jimmy Nardello, etc.) should be available by the second week of August.
  • PLUMS/PLUOTS: Currently available from Southern growers. Local crop from Dwelley Farms should be available in mid-July.
  • SQUASH: Italian, Yellow, and Gold Bar have started from local sources, Maciel Farm (Bonsall, CA) and Castaneda Brothers (Vacaville, CA). Grey, Sunburst, Summer, Ronde Nice, and Toy Box available from Castaneda Brothers. Baby Squash in stock from Del Rio Botanicals.
  • SQUASH BLOSSOMS: Available from Del Rio Botanical.
  • TOMATOES (HEIRLOOM): The first harvest from Ray Yeung (West Sacramento, CA) should be available the last week of June with more varieties to follow.
  • TOMATOES (MIXED MEDLEY): We expect the first harvest from Del Rio Botanical to be available next week. Additional supply from Riverdog Farm should be available the first week of July.