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  • APPLES: Picking up the last of Larsen Apple Hill Apples this week. Varieties still available include Arkansas Black, Braeburn, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady and Rome. The following varieties are finished- Granny Smith, Jonathan, Mutsu and Pippen.
  • AVOCADOS: Market still screaming upward. Currently in the low $70s. Using 70ct avocado as well as 60ct. Supplies will remain very, very tight. As of Monday (11/12), work stoppage in Mexico continues.
  • BERRIES: Strawberries– market stronger as Northern crop finishes. Santa Maria and Oxnard crops are next up. Blueberries– low $30s. Fresh Cranberries– now available in a 12oz package. Raspberries– high $20s. Frozen Huckleberries– available in a 5# bag.
  • CITRUS: Oranges– Valencia season has finished. Navel oranges look much better; not quite as sweet yet. Satsuma Mandarins and Meyer Lemons– local from Twin Peaks Orchard; available by the case or pound. Cara Caras– will start later this month. Blood Oranges– will start early December. Lemons and Limes– market down slightly; lemons in mid $30s and limes in mid $20s.
  • MELONS: All local melons are done. Cantaloupe and Honeydew– arriving from Arizona and Mexico. Watermelon– quality is improving as Northern and Central California finish; now arriving from Mexico.
  • STONE FRUIT: All stone fruit is finished until next spring/summer.
  • SPECIALTY: Amagaki Persimmons– outstanding quality from Twin Peaks Orchard. Pomegranates– all are from “local” sources. Figs– quality is fair to poor; should finish any day.


  • ARTICHOKE: Market stronger on all sizes as Castroville finishes for the season. Yuma crop will start in 2 weeks.
  • ASPARAGUS: Market stronger due to holiday demand and cooler temperatures in Mexico; market in mid $30s and climbing.
  • BEANS: Dwelley Farms is done for the season. Bluelakes– arriving from Southern California. Romano and Yellow Wax– will be finished by the end of next week.
  • BROCCOLI: Market strong in the low $20s on bunched and crowns until Southern transition is complete.
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Market up slightly into low-mid $30s due to increased demand.
  • CARROTS: Jumbo Carrots– arriving from Canada; pricing in low teens. Nantes– gapping; we are subbing Ice Bunched.
  • CAULIFLOWER: White– market stronger in mid $20s until transition is complete. Green, Oranges, Purple, Romanesco and Carnival– available by the case only.
  • CORN: Yellow– no good quality available until Mexico starts during the last week of November. White– still arriving from Dixon Ridge.
  • CUCUMBERS: Pole Cukes– down drastically into mid-teens. English Cukes– still strong in low $20s.
  • LETTUCE: All lettuces transitioning to Southern fields; markets are up. Iceberg– low $20s. Green Leaf– low $20s. Romaine– up drastically in high $20s. Romaine Hearts– low $30s and very scarce.
  • PEPPERS: California finishing; Mexico slow to start. Green Bells– mid $20s. Red Bells– mid $30s. Yellow Bells– high $30s.
  • TOMATOES: California finishing; all sizes in mid-high $20s. Romas– low $30s. Ray Yeung– finally finishing this week with True Vines and Heirlooms.