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Market Outlook - July 23, 2020

locally grown melons

Melons mixed 300x300Warm summer days have finally led us to local heirloom melon season! We are currently sourcing our local melons from R. Kelley Farms. R. Kelley Farms is a family owned farming venture which has been providing quality fruits and vegetables to the local community for over 25 years. Located in South Sacramento, along River Road, the 58-acre farm is owned and operated by Ron Kelley and his wife, Ella. Both Ron and Ella have been very much involved in every aspect of their business and surrounding farming community. Ron has worked in the agricultural industry for over 45 years. As an agricultural production consultant, Ron advises his fellow farmers on plant health. We are currently offering the following specialty melons by the case (approximately 6 per case):
Ambrosia: An exotic melon hybrid often confused with a cantaloupe, but it's quite different. Its flesh is very sweet, floral, tender, and pale orange in color.
Crème de la Crème: Creamy white flesh marbled with pale orange. The skin is orange/yellow and slightly netted. Deliciously fragrant and very sweet.
Diplomat: Diplomats are a honeydew-type melon with thick, pale green flesh and fine netting on their skin. Diplomats have a tropical aroma and taste.
Savor: Bright orange flesh, deep aroma and very sweet flavor. Excellent with prosciutto.
Local Mixed Melon: A mixture of at least 3 of the varieties above, available by the case. Please specify local when ordering.
We are also sourcing local Shishito peppers from R. Kelley Farms. Shishitos are sweet, thin-skinned peppers commonly used as a starter dish. They can be roasted until blistered and seasoned. While shishitos are mostly sweet, one in every ten can have very mild heat. 5# case only.

stillwater orchards

stillwater bartlett 300x300Stillwater Orchards is located along the Sacramento River in the town of Courtland– an area known to produce some of the best pears in the world. The land has been owned and operated by the Elliot family since 1860 when their ancestor, David Osborne, settled on the Delta on the heels of the Gold Rush and ordered the area’s first pear trees from France. The Elliot’s take pride in producing some of the most flavorful pears in the Delta. They grow, pack, and ship on site ensuring the highest quality standards.
The first varieties available are Green and Red Bartlett. Green Bartlett pears are the most identifiable in flavor, with a true “pear” flavor. Sweet and crisp when on the greener side and extremely juicy as they fully ripen. Aside from color, there is not much difference between the red and green Bartlett. Green Bartletts are available by the 40# case and by the pound. Red Bartletts are available by the 20# case and by the pound. As the season progresses, we will begin to bring in more varieties from Stillwater Orchards. Bosc, Comice, French Butter, and Seckle pears should all be available within the next month, weather permitting.

barsotti juice
barsotti watermelon juice 300x300

We are proud to offer a full line of all natural, freshly pressed juices from Barsotti Juice Company, located in Placerville, CA. The Company has been family owned and operated by Gael and Joan Barsotti since 1976. Freshly pressed, all natural juices are their passion! In addition to their quality apple juice, Barsotti processes a variety of juices and blends using fresh fruit juice. They are all handcrafted daily in small batches at their family's solar-powered cider mill in Apple Hill, surrounded by orchards and pines in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Their team is committed to pressing only the best fruits and vegetables in creating their tempting variety of juices and juice blends, using no preservatives. Each one is flash pasteurized- a method of heat pasteurization that does not compromise taste and quality. We are currently offering the following from Barsotti:
Limited Time! Watermelon Juice– 100% watermelon juice with nothing added– no added sugar or flavors. Think of it as the juice at the bottom of a bowl of watermelon. Available seasonally. Sold by the 1/2 gallon.
Limited Time! Strawberry Lemonade– A delicious twist on their classic lemonade. Flavored with fresh strawberry puree and no preservatives. Available seasonally. Sold by the 1/2 gallon.
Lemonade– A refreshing summer classic made with tree-ripened lemons, cane sugar, and filtered water. Available year round. Sold by the 1/2 gallon or 6-1/2 gallon case.
Apple Juice- Freshly pressed using a variety of local apples. It takes roughly 12 pounds of apples to produce one gallon of fresh juice! Available year round. Sold by the gallon or 6-1/2gal case.
Orange Juice- Genuinely sweet and full flavored without all the pulp. 100% orange juice. Available year round. Sold by the gallon.
Carrot Juice- Naturally sweet carrots- that’s it. Available year round. Sold by the half gallon.

Market Outlook - July 16, 2020

riverdog farm - local bounty

mixed eggplant mc 300x300

Riverdog is a 450 acre, certified organic, diversified family farm located in Guinda (Capay Valley), CA since 1990. Owners Trini Campbell and Tim Mueller grow a variety of fruits and vegetables using a system that promotes healthy soil and a sustainable ecosystem around the farm. Although we offer an array of produce from Riverdog, here are some    seasonal favorites we are currently stocking:

Sungold Cherry Tomato: A more popular cherry tomato, the Sungold is a golden cherry tomato with a  balanced sweet and acidic flavor. It makes a wonderful addition to salads for a pop of color or as a snacking   tomato! Sold by the 12 pint flat only.

Yellow Finn Potatoes: These  potatoes have a medium level of starch and are full of flavor. They are mild yellow with a creamy texture. Yellow Finns are great for roasting and gratins or they can be used in place of Yukon gold potatoes in other dishes. Sold by the 25# case.

French Fingerling Potatoes: Small to medium in size with a cylindrical shape. French fingerlings are a rosy, pink-skinned potato with a creamy, yellow flesh that is marbled with pink. Perfect for roasting whole or halved. Sold by the 25# case.

Nantes Carrots: A French heirloom variety with smooth skin and an almost perfect cylindrical shape. Nantes are distinctly sweeter than other carrots and are rounded at the top and tip. Sold by the 24 bunch case.

Lemon Cucumber: Baseball sized cucumbers resembling a lemon in shape and color. Its flavor is a bit sweeter, and a lot less bitter, than normal cukes. They make great pickling cucumbers and are delicious when enjoyed raw in a salad or in a cocktail. 10# case only.

Yellow Gypsy Peppers: Gypsies are known to change color through the  season. The first crops are a pale  yellowish green color and gradually transform into bright orange and rich red. They have an intense sweet flavor; perfect for stuffing. Enjoy raw or roasted to enhance sweetness. 10# case only.

Shishito Peppers: Shishitos are sweet, thin skinned peppers commonly used as a starter dish. They can be roasted until blistered and seasoned. While shishitos are mostly sweet, one in every ten can have very mild heat. 5# case only.

Padron Peppers: A crinkled green pepper similar to a shishito but slightly smaller with a thicker skin. They are sweet with a distinct kick, although one in ten is very spicy! They are a lively  addition to pizzas, salads, soups, and rice dishes. 5# case only.

Jimmy Nardello Peppers: Sweet and light when enjoyed raw; great frying pepper as its fruity raw flavor becomes creamy and soft when fried. Makes a gorgeous pepperonata, or delicious in pastas, pizzas, and risottos. 10# case only.

Rosa Bianca Eggplant: An Italian heirloom eggplant that is medium in size, tear drop shaped eggplant with lavender and white skin. Rosa Biancas have a creamy white flesh with no taste of bitterness and are very mild in flavor. Sold by the 10# case only.

Listada di Gandia Eggplant:  Commonly referred to as just Listada. Listadas are a specialty purple striped Italian heirloom variety with a classic egg shape. They are tender, smooth and creamy with a thinner skin than most Italian varieties. 10# case only.

Mixed Eggplant: A variety of shapes and sizes! Rosa Bianca, Listada, Fairytale, Chinese, and Japanese. 10# case only.

dwelley farm


Dwelley Family Farms is located in Brentwood, CA and is fortunate to be in a region that experiences hot days and cool nights. Their climate results in ideal growing conditions for a variety of fruits and vegetables such as beans, squash, corn, stone fruit, and much more!

White and Yellow Corn– Although corn is available year-round, local summer corn usually tastes sweeter– from fresh off the cob to succotash, soups, and more. Sold by the 48ct case or per piece.

Blue Lake Green Beans– Often called snap or string beans, these beans are bright, sweet, and tender. Sold by the 30# case or pound.

  • Yellow Wax Beans– Another variety of snap bean that is crisp and meaty. Available by the 10# case or pound.

Romano Beans– Also referred to as Italian flat or broad beans, Romanos lend well to braising and are perfect for summer minestrones. 10# case or pound.

Cranberry Beans– A smooth, cream colored shell with pink and red speckles. The color of the beans themselves reflect the same colors as the pod. Ideal for chili, soups, or as an addition to pastas and salads. Cranberry beans must be shelled before cooking. Sold by the 15# case only.

Varietal Squash– We are currently stocking 6 varieties of locally grown squash: green zucchini, yellow crookneck, gold bar, sunburst (yellow patty pan), summer (green patty pan), and grey squash. Each variety is available by the 24# single variety case. We are also offering a toy box squash that consists of gold bar, sunburst, summer, and grey, with the occasional appearance of zucchini and crookneck. Toy box squash is sold by the 22# case only.

Market Outlook - July 02, 2020

heirloom tomatoes

Ray Yeung tomatoes are highly praised by local chefs for their intense flavor, unique sizes, shapes, and colors. Yeung Farm is owned by “Uncle” Ray Yeung and his family. Their 60+ acre farm was established in 1950 in West Sacramento. Yeung Farm grows over two dozen varieties during the season. We offer heirloom tomatoes by the 10# case as a single variety or a mixed toybox. We are currently stocking the following (with more varieties arriving soon):

Red/Purple Varieties:
Black Prince
Pink Brandywine
Purple Cherokee

Orange/Yellow Varieties:
Carolina Gold
Gold Roma

Green Varities:
Green Zebra
Green Shady Lady (20# case only)

The True Vine Ripe Difference

Uncle Ray’s true vine ripes are a variety named Shady Lady, a sweet and full-flavored tomato. Most round tomatoes are harvested when they are green and ripen off the vine, leaving them lacking in flavor and texture. Ray’s shady lady tomatoes are picked off the vine when they are red and ripe. They are a meaty tomato with no seed cavity. True vine ripes are roughly the size of a 5X5 tomato and perfect for slicing. They are great for sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more! True vine ripe tomatoes are packed in a 2-layer 20# case only.

twin peaks hand crafted jams

We are happy to announce the addition of two new products– locally made nectarine and blackberry jam and peach jam! Both are handmade by Twin Peaks with fruit from their orchards. They are made the old school way, one pot at a time. One batch only makes 6 jars! They started making jam as a way to use all of the blemished fruit from their orchard. Twin Peaks uses a low-sugar method (4 parts fruit, 2 parts sugar) with 100% non-GMO cane sugar, low sugar pectin, and lemon juice (also from their farm). Each jam is sold by the 9 ounce jar.

We are also currently stocking Twin Peaks stone fruit. We have multiple varieties of yellow freestone peaches, ranging from sub acid to the traditional peach flavor. It is difficult to be variety specific given how quickly they come and go. White peaches from Twin Peaks are also freestone, all of which are very sweet and floral.
Nectarines are similar in flavor to a peach but more concentrated. They are intensely flavorful with a nice balance of acidity and sugar. Both white and yellow nectarines are not freestone.

Twin Peaks fruit is tree ripened. It will reach maximum ripeness within 2-3 days after harvest.

point reyes farmstead

At Point Reyes, every stage of the cheese making process is managed on the farmstead; from birthing, raising, and milking the cows to aging the cheese. The unique bacteria of Tomales Bay, along with the land’s lush rye grass and crisp, pristine air contribute to the delectable flavor of Point Reyes cheeses.

Original Blue (6.5# wheel)– Creamy texture and bold flavor, with hints of sweet milk, a peppery finish, and medium/strong blue flavor. Original Blue is wonderful as a stand-alone table cheese, for topping salads, melting onto burgers and steaks, mixing into pastas, on a cheese board with local honey, and much more. Rindless; aged 3.5 months.

Bay Blue (6# wheel)– A rustic style blue cheese, reminiscent of Stilton; known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted caramel finish. Its texture is almost fudge-like with a beautiful natural rind; aged 90 days. Bay Blue compliments mushrooms or as a delicious after-dinner cheese, especially when paired with a Vintage Port or Barrel-Aged Scotch.

Toma (10# wheel)– A semi-hard table cheese perfect for any occasion. It has a creamy, buttery flavor and texture with a grassy tangy finish. Toma is a great melting cheese; perfect for pasta, risotto, sandwiches, burgers, vegetables, soups, and more. It also balances out a hop-heavy beer beautifully!

happy 4th of july

We will be closed Saturday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. Our answering machine will be in operation throughout the holiday. Please plan ahead and order any specialty items as early as possible. Pre-cut items must be called in Thursday before 1:00PM for both Friday and Monday delivery. Many items will be scarce due to inventory reductions and freight schedules.
Thank you and we hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July!