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Market Outlook - July 26, 2012

Heirloom Melons

They might look similar, but not all melons are created equal. There are the standard store-bought cantaloupe and honeydew, and then there are heirloom melons from Ron Kelley Farms. You'll definitely taste the difference

Ron Kelley Farms

heirloom-melonsThis week we are receiving several varieties of heirloom melons from Ron Kelley Farms, located outside the town of Freeport in the Sacramento Delta. Ron has been involved in Delta farming for over 40 years and serves as an agricultural consultant for a large seed company. Ron Kelley Farms has grown to a 25 acre farm that grows over two dozen varieties of summer fruits and vegetables. The melons are packed in single layer case and offered by the individual variety or mixed case (7-8 melons per case). 

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Market Outlook - July 19, 2012

Heirloom Tomatoes

The seasonal harvest of heirloom tomatoes at Ray Yeung’s Yolo County farm is well under way and, weather permitting, will last until mid-October. Ray has been selling these tomatoes to Produce Express for well over a decade and we are always pleased with the quality and variety of these summer gems.

"Uncle Ray"

tomato-heirloomHeirloom tomatoes vary in size, shape, color, texture and taste. Ripe off the vine, these unique tomatoes differ greatly from the hybrid varieties that are available year round. They are generally less acidic than red backyard tomatoes-Early Girl, Shady Lady-resulting in a milder flavor. The acknowledged definition of an heirloom tomato is: (1) the variety must be open pollinated-able to reproduce itself from seed; (2) the variety must have been introduced more than fifty years ago; (3) the variety must have a history of its own-for example, the origin of the popular Brandywine tomato is credited to the Pennsylvania Amish community and is named for a local river.

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Market Outlook - July 12, 2012

Summer Produce

The hot days of summer are the best time to use and enjoy cucumbers. Mild in flavor, cool, crisp and crunchy, cucumbers are an essential ingredient in summer salads, condiments, chilled soups and even sandwiches.

On The Menu

In an attempt to help you better prepare and plan for seasonal menu changes, we have created a list of produce items that represent the best local produce in season at the moment. 

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