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Market Outlook - June 28, 2012

candycot-logoFarmer John Driver has searched the globe far and wide to bring back seed from exotic and delicious apricot varieties. By breeding with seed from the very best apricots in the world, he has created a new class of apricots. Called CandyCots, these apricots taste the way apricots are meant to taste. They are true apricots, not crosses with plums or peaches. The result is apricots that are sweet and intensely flavorful enough to be called CandyCots. 10# case

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Market Outlook - June 21, 2012

Castaneda Bros. Produce

castanedaSince 1978, Silverio Castaneda and his family have been farming all over northern California. They've most recently been farming in Green Valley, and now in the rich agricultural lands of Suisun Valley, as Castaneda Brothers Produce. They farm about 200 acres of land, and offer U-Pick and farm stand produce.

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Market Outlook - June 14, 2012

Brentwood Corn

Dwelley Farms, located in the Brentwood, agricultural area, is close to the Sacramento Delta and within view of the Altamont Pass and Mt. Diablo. During the growing season, the area is characterized by hot days and cool nights which result in excellent growing conditions.

Summer Produce

We continue our transition to summer crops this week with two significant new arrivals. White Corn from Dwelley Farms is now available with yellow corn to follow next week. The corn from this Brentwood area farm is recognized for its quality and flavor.

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