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Market Outlook - February 16, 2012

sunchokesRed Skinned Sunchokes

The sweet, crisp, white flesh has almost a sweetly fresh nutty taste with subtle hints of artichoke heart and salsify. Roasted sunchokes pair well with other roasted root vegetables; make great purees for use in soups and sauces. They can also be used raw in salads and crudités

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Market Outlook - February 8, 2012

Spring garlic

spring-garlicThe tender pale green stalks are great for infusing a sweet garlic flavor into soups, stocks, poaching liquids and broths. Spring garlic also blends well with other vegetables, makes great purees and sauces, and is a great addition to pasta fillings and risottos.

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Market Outlook - February 1, 2012

Hedgehog Mushrooms

Closely related to a Golden Chanterelle, Hedgehog mushrooms are similar to Chanterelles in appearance, taste and smell.  The distinct difference is that Hedgehog mushrooms are covered in spines or “teeth”, on their underside, resembling a Hedgehog.

Mushrooms are a huge group of edible fungi that are grown, picked and eaten in almost every country around the world.  Mushrooms come to us as cultivated, grown in some manner by man, or, as wild, originating in wooded forests.

Interestingly enough, cultivated mushrooms do not grow in the wild and wild mushrooms have yet to be successfully cultivated by man.

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