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Market Outlook - September 13, 2012

Asian Pears

 There are basically three types of Asian Pears: round flat green-yellow ones, round bronze to russet ones, and pear shaped russet ones; all share the same characteristics of being very sweet, crisp and juicy.

  This week we are offering four different varieties of Asian pears, all locally harvested from orchards in the Yuba City-Marysville area. There are two main classes of pears-European and Asian. We are more familiar with the European varieties-Bartlett, Bosc, D'Anjou, etc.-that are characterized by buttery smooth, juicy flesh and need time to cure and ripen after harvest. Asian pears ripen completely on the tree and are crisp and firm in texture with sweet flavor. They are often called apple pears because most Asian pear varieties are apple shaped and, when eaten, have a crunchy apple-like texture.

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Market Outlook - September 06, 2012

Cotija, Queso Fresco, Oaxaca

 Not just for tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas; Cotija, Queso Fresco and Oaxaca cheeses are excellent in gratins, salads, pizzas, grilled sandwiches, burgers, and pastas. 

 Queso Salazar

cheese-cojitaThis week we are offering a new brand of three varietal cheeses that are closely associated with and are in fact an integral part of Mexican cuisine-Queso Fresco, Oaxaca and Cotija cheeses. The cheeses come to us from a small, family owned business operating out of a new facility in Brentwood, Ca.-Queso Salazar. The Salazar family has been making Mexican style cheese for over 50 years. They make the cheeses in small batches using whole milk from a small herd of Holstein cows.

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Market Outlook - August 30, 2012

Summer Cornucopia

 The heavyweights of summer produce-tomatoes, corn, squashes, fresh beans, stone fruit-remain plentiful and of good quality.  It is at this time of the season that many chefs ask us "Ok, what's next?".

 It's Still Summer, Folks!

shelling-beansWe at Produce Express are of the opinion that the month of August represents the peak, the virtual height, the apex, of all that is summer produce. In terms of both quality and quantity, all manner of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, be they conventional or organic, are available during this month. So, this is the month to emphasize, to highlight, to showcase, indeed to shout about from the rafters and rooftop of your restaurants, the natural bounty that emanates from fields and orchards throughout the Sacramento and surrounding valleys. Here's an update: Shelling Beans-Cranberry, Speckled Butter and Purple Hull Black-Eyed Peas.

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