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Market Outlook - May 10, 2012

Spring / Summer Crop Timeline

summer-beansWe have recently spoken with our local growers in order to establish a harvest timeline for their seasonal crops.  These growers can usually supply us with enough product, during peak season, for all of our customers and we will always use them first.  Supply and demand will determine when we need to supplement these crops with crops from larger growers.  Some crops, such as California corn, have already started and we will be offering these crops until the local harvest starts.

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Market Outlook - May 3, 2012

del-rioProduce Express and Del Rio Botanicals have been working together for ten years to provide Sacramento area chefs and restaurant customers with a unique array of local, seasonal, and organic produce. Del Rio delivers to our warehouse five days a week and we are able to procure all items ordered within 24 hours.

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Market Outlook - April 19, 2012

fromage-blancFromage Blanc

Orland Farmstead Creamery is currently milking 25 cows that graze freely on 40 acres of grass. They follow organic practices and do not use pesticides or hormones. The milk is minimally pasteurized and is hand made in small batches

Orland Farmstead Creamery

This week we are introducing and offering a locally made cheese-Orland Farmstead Fromage Blanc. The dairy, located in Orland, Ca. uses fresh, raw milk from their small herd of Holstein cows to produce this cheese. The milk is first pasteurized at the dairy, an active lactose culture is added, then vegetable rennet to coagulate the curd-standard cheese making procedures. The fresh cheese is bagged and hung on racks where the whey and curd separate, then the curd is strained into containers, the entire process taking 36 hours. Fromage Blanc is a soft, creamy spreadable cheese originating in northern France, where it is more commonly known as fromage frais-'fresh cheese'-fromage blanc means 'white cheese'.

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