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Market Outlook - September 5, 2019


September is Farm to Fork month, and we know just how to celebrate! Here at Produce Express we pride ourselves on remaining “Farm to Fork” from the very beginning. We treasure our long term partnerships with local farmers and chefs and our ability to help them connect with each other as easily as possible. We are fortunate to be in a region that is packed with rich agriculture. Sacramento County boasts thousands of acres of farms and ranches that grow a wide variety of crops. Each season we host numerous events that showcase local farms and purveyors. Our Farm Tours, Farmer’s Markets, and Tasting Tuesdays are full of information on where food is grown and how to find easier ways to get fresh produce into your kitchens. We encourage everyone in the service industry to attend our events.

Upcoming Events


September 24th | Apple Hill Farm Tour–We will be visiting Larsen Apple Barn where we will be taking a tour of the apple orchard and enjoying the rich history of their farm. Then we will head over to Apple Ridge Farm where we will have a cheese tasting with Sierra Nevada Cheese. There is a large “country store” filled with delicious baked goods. Take time to explore the handmade crafts before stopping for lunch. A barbecue lunch will be provided by Apple Ridge at the orchard. The tour is expected to kick off at 8:30AM and we are expected to return to Sacramento at 2:30PM. Please contact your sales rep or our office to RSVP. You can also RSVP here.

November 6th | Fall Farmer’s Market- Celebrate the autumn season bounty! Join us for an afternoon of education and sampling. Farmer’s Markets are the opportune time to enjoy seasonal produce and meet the farmers that grow it. The market is from 10AM-1PM.

Keep an eye on future Market Outlooks and our social media for more events!


Sonoma brinery product line 300x300Along with locally grown produce, we also stock locally produced specialty items. Here are our most recently added items:

Numi Iced Tea– Berried Treasures, High Mountain Black, Citrus Green Tea. 24ct case only

Sonoma Brinery– Whole dill pickles, dill spears, bread and butter chips, and spicy bread and butter chips. We also carry fresh sauerkraut in traditional, dill & garlic, and smokey chipotle. 2 gallon tubs

Beyond Meat Bratwursts- They sear, sizzle, and crisp just like pork. Beyond uses pea protein as their protein source. 50/3.5oz case

Sparrow Lane Vinegar– Fig balsamic, peach, and pink champagne. per gallon

TCHO Chocolate– 39% milk, 53% “serious” milk, 60.5% semi-sweet, 66% bittersweet, 68% dark chocolate, 81% extra dark, 99% unsweetened chocolate. (6.6# bags) We also carry 100% cocoa powder (4.44#) and 100% coca nibs (3.3#)

Frassinetto Flour– a unique variety of wheat with an unusually high protein content. Perfect for breads and pastas. Grain locally grown by Full Belly Farm and milled by Early Bird Farm. 10# bag

Lemon Pepper Seasoning– From Tampico Spice. 1.5# container


JB Trish BobProduce Express began operation in the winter of 1984 by Jim "Pops" Boyce along with his wife Barbara "Mom" Boyce. Produce Express started with the hopes of quality product at reasonable prices with exceptional service. Although it  began as a true "Mom and Pops" business with one truck, it has now grown into a 45 truck operation. We now have over 100 employees, including the 3rd generation of the Boyce family. “Pops” passed away in 2004 and “Mom” passed in 2015, but the original principles of our company remain as the foundation under the direction of their son, Jim Boyce. Jim’s two younger siblings, Bob and Trish, are also involved in managing our growing company.

We would love to express our deepest gratitude to our  customers and local farmers. We have all of you to thank for the success we have seen in our business. From Farmer’s Markets to Farm Tours, we thank you for 35 "fruitful" years and here is to 35 more!

biba first farmers market 2011 300X300
In memory of a Sacramento culinary icon, Biba Caggiano 

Market Outlook - August 30, 2019

delta pears from stillwater orchards

stillwater bartlett 300x300Stillwater Orchards is located along the Sacramento River in the town of Courtland– an area known to produce some of the best pears in the world. The land has been owned and operated by the Elliot family since 1860 when their ancestor, David Osborne, settled on the Delta on the heels of the Gold Rush and ordered the area’s first pear trees from France. The Elliots take pride in producing some of the most flavorful pears in the Delta. They grow, pack, and ship on site ensuring the highest quality standards. We are currently stocking the following pear varieties from Stillwater:
Bartlett– Sweet and juicy with buttery flesh. Their flavor and smooth texture make Bartlett pears a great addition to salads, pizzas, jams, pies and galettes, or simply add to a cheese board. 40# case, piece, or pound.
Bosc– Great for a variety of applications. A ripe Bosc will still be firm and dense with tender, sweet honey flesh that is rich and aromatic. 40# case, pound, or piece.
Comice– One of the sweetest and juiciest varieties with creamy flesh and an aroma reminiscent of wine. 20# case.
French Butter– Juicy, buttery flesh with hints of lemon; a great baking pear. 20# case only.
Red Star Crimson– Similar to a Bartlett but with beautiful red skin. 20# case, piece or pound.
Seckel– An excellent dessert pear, small in size but big on sweetness. Great served with cheese or baked into tarts. 20# case only.

point reyes farmstead cheese

 point reyes cheese stack 300x300At Point Reyes, every stage of the cheese making process is managed on the farm; from birthing, raising, and milking the cows to aging the cheese. The unique bacteria of Tomales Bay, along with the land’s lush rye grass and crisp, pristine air contribute to the delectable flavor of Point Reyes cheeses. We offer the following  varieties:

Point Reyes Toma
Aged for a minimum of 90 days, this classic Italian cow’s milk cheese is semi firm with a creamy texture, buttery flavor and tangy finish. It is a delicious melted into pastas and on sandwiches, also a great addition to cheese boards. 10# wheel
Point Reyes Bay Bleu
Rustic style blue cheese reminiscent of Stilton. It is known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted-caramel finish. Best of Show 2016 California State Fair Award Winner. 6# wheel
Point Reyes Original Bleu
A creamy, full flavored Blue cheese with sweet, fresh milk flavor. A great Cheese Course blue, perfect for salads, dressings, dips, in a sauce for steak and grilled  vegetables. Pairs well with stone fruit, honey, and berries. 6# wheel

locally grown figs

tiger striped fig mc 300X300Windmill Farm and Vineyard is located in Woodland, CA. They have roughly 200 acres of land dedicated to farming an assortment of crops from figs and grapes to olives and stone fruit. The farm started as a passion project to grow specialty grapes. The land also functions as an event space with a focus on celebrating the farm to table movement. We are  currently sourcing a variety of delectable figs from Windmill Farm including:

Black Mission– One of the sweeter varieties of figs. Despite their name, Black Missions have a deep purple-blue skin with a bright pink flesh. They are terrific when eaten on their own but also great when paired with tangy cheeses or yogurts. Available by the pint or 12 pint flat
Kadota– Kadotas have light green skin with a pale pink flesh. They are noticeably less sweet than the other fig varieties when raw. They are a great variety for making jams or preserves. They can also be added to salads or pizzas. 12 pint flat only
Tiger Stripe– Tiger Stripe figs have a bright    yellow skin with green “tiger” stripes. They have a deep red flesh that is candy sweet with a texture similar to jam. 12 pint flat only
Violette de Bordeaux– Considered to be one of the best eating figs in terms of flavor. At a glance, Violette Figs are very similar to the Black Mission. They have a very dark purple skin with a deep red flesh. Violettes tend to be smaller and more pear shaped with a sweet, rich flavor. Excellent when eaten fresh or dried. 12 pint flat only

Market Outlook - August 15, 2019


gypsy jimmy nardello and padron peppers 300x300Seasonal produce is currently flourishing and this week is no different. Although you may be able to source different peppers year round, summer peppers are only available once a year. We are fortunate enough to have outstanding local farms to supply us with a variety of seasonal peppers. We are currently stocking the following from Riverdog in Guinda, CA:

Jimmy Nardello Peppers– Sweet and light when enjoyed raw; great frying pepper as its fruity raw flavor becomes creamy and soft when fried. Makes a gorgeous pepperonata, or delicious in pastas, pizzas, and risottos. 10# case

Gypsy Peppers– Gypsies are known to change color through the season. The first crops are a pale yellowish green color and gradually transform into bright orange and rich red. They have an intense sweet flavor; perfect for stuffing. Enjoy raw or roast to enhance sweetness. 10# case.

Padron Peppers– Small, crinkled green peppers that are sweet and mild with one in ten being very spicy! Lively addition to pizzas, salads, soups, and rice dishes. They can also be pan-fried or blistered and served as a side. 5# case

Shishito Peppers- We are currently sourcing Shishito peppers from R. Kelley Farmin Sacramento. Shishitos are sweet, thin skinned peppers commonly used as a starter dish. They can be roasted until blistered and seasoned. While shishitos are mostly sweet, one in every ten can have mild heat. 5# case


 rue and forsman farm tour 600x300
We welcome you to join us for a  wonderful farm tour of Rue & Forsman Ranch just before harvest season! Michael Bosworth, step-son of one of the original founders, has helped make Rue and Forsman one of the most innovated and sustainability-minded rice producers in the state. He will be there to guide the tour and educate on how they grow and harvest over a dozen varieties of  outstanding rice. Coffee and pastries will be provided before boarding the bus and lunch will be served on the ranch. The tour will kick off at 8am on Tuesday, August 27th. We are expected to return by 2pm. Contact your sales rep or our office to RSVP!


Sonoma brinery product line 300x300If you happened to miss our Produce Express Picnic, we introduced numerous new products at our event and here is the scoop:

Sonoma Brinery

Based in Healdsburg, CA, Sonoma Brinery produces all natural, pickled products. They do not use any heat processing, pasteurization, artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. We are now stocking the following in 2 gallon tubs:

Manhattan Style Whole Pickles- flavored with nine spices, fresh garlic & sea salt. Barrel fermented, never pasteurized & probiotic.

"The Wedge" Pickle Spears- The “Wedge” is a fresh-packed, all-natural dill spear with no artificial preservatives, additives, colors or other chemicals such as “natural” flavors. This pickle is an ideal accompaniment to sandwiches of all types.

"Wild West" Dill Pickle Chips- They combine a bright tartness with fresh dill & lively spices to make it perfect inside a sandwich, in your potato salad or hamburger.

Bread & Butter Pickle Chips- These crispy pickle “chips” are seasoned with southwestern flavors & a little bit of chili heat. Tuck them into a hamburger, panini, or falafel pita to give them a tasty new level of flavor. Sweetened with real sugar.

"Sizzling" Bread & Butter Pickle Chips- Fire-roasted red bell pepper & fiery Thai chilies give these pickles a sizzling kick. Sweetened with real sugar.

Traditional Fresh Sauerkraut– Crisp & crunchy in texture, packed with fresh cabbage flavor & a mellow tartness.

Dill & Garlic Fresh Sauerkraut- Made with fresh dill & garlic, this sauerkraut will bring your hotdog or braised meats to a new level.

Chipotle Fresh Sauerkraut- The mild, smoky flavor of chipotle and roasted red bell peppers give this sauerkraut a full rich flavor that complements other foods such as sausages, braised pork or beef.

Numi Iced Tea

BERRIED TREASURE 300X300We are happy to announce three new additions to our Numi Tea line. Each of the following teas are cold brew, iced teas. One bag brews one gallon of tea. Sold by the case of 24 bags only.

Berried Treasures– A blend of dried hibiscus, currants, pineapple, apple, cherries, and bananas for a natural sweetness.

High Mountain Black Tea– Made of the finest whole leaf, single-estate black tea leaves. It brews into an amber color, low in astringency, rich in flavor, and clean on the palate.

Citrus Green Tea– Organic and fair trade smooth green tea infused with a refreshing lemon zest.