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Market Outlook - August 30, 2012

Summer Cornucopia

 The heavyweights of summer produce-tomatoes, corn, squashes, fresh beans, stone fruit-remain plentiful and of good quality.  It is at this time of the season that many chefs ask us "Ok, what's next?".

 It's Still Summer, Folks!

shelling-beansWe at Produce Express are of the opinion that the month of August represents the peak, the virtual height, the apex, of all that is summer produce. In terms of both quality and quantity, all manner of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, be they conventional or organic, are available during this month. So, this is the month to emphasize, to highlight, to showcase, indeed to shout about from the rafters and rooftop of your restaurants, the natural bounty that emanates from fields and orchards throughout the Sacramento and surrounding valleys. Here's an update: Shelling Beans-Cranberry, Speckled Butter and Purple Hull Black-Eyed Peas.

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Market Outlook - August 23, 2012


okraDredge in cornmeal and fry whole to serve on its own or as part of a Fritto Misto, it is often used in Japanese Tempura, slice it thin to thicken soups and Gumbo, chop it and cook quickly into stir-fries and curries. 

 R. Kelley Farm

 This week we are featuring R. Kelley Farm in the Sacramento Delta. Ron Kelley, a life long Delta resident, owns and operates a 50 acre U-Pick farm located on the River Road, a few miles south of the town of Freeport. Ron grows a variety of fruits and vegetables including melons, tomatoes, corn, okra, black-eyed peas, eggplant, collard greens and peppers. We are currently offering the following items from R. Kelley Farm: Ambrosia Melon-Very sweet & floral with tender, pale orange flesh.

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Market Outlook - August 16, 2012

Purple Hull Black-Eyed Peas

 Purple hull black-eyed peas are a shelling bean, and a cousin to the black-eyed pea with a creamier and smoother texture and sweet, fresh, earthy flavor similar to black-eyed peas.  20lb case

 Shelling Beans

shelling-beansFresh shelling beans are beans that are grown for the seed, the bean-rather than the edible pod (green, yellow wax and French beans). The more familiar types of shell beans would be soy (edamame) and fava beans.

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