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Market Outlook - December 8, 2011

Mixed Chicories

mixed-chicoriesThis week we are offering several varieties of chicories from J. Marchini Farms, located in Le Grand, Ca. (Merced County). Chicories are a closely related group of leafy vegetables that exhibit a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures and all have in common a particular flavor best described as wild bitterness ranging from mild to strong depending on the individual variety. The most commonly recognized member of the group is Radicchio di Chioggia-closed and rounded like a cabbage, bright purple in color with white veins with the bitter flavor somewhat pronounced. Other varieties include Belgian Endive, Escarole, Frisee and the lesser known varieties that we offer this week including Dino Kale, Radicchio de Treviso, Castelfranco and Puntarelle. Though several are available year round, they were originally cool weather crops that peak seasonally in early winter. The varieties are offered individually as well as combined for a Mixed Chicory, which might be the best way to become familiar with all of them.

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Market Outlook - November 17, 2011

Barsotti Juice Company

barsotti-juiceProduce Express is stocking several varieties of freshly pressed juice from Barsotti Juice Company. Barsotti is located in Apple Hill and has been owned and operated by Gael and Joan Barsotti since 1976. All juices are pressed in small batches and flash pasteurized with no preservatives at the family's solar-powered cider mill. We offer the following juices:

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Market Outlook - November 3, 2011

Fall Menu Redux

We started this week with Halloween and end with Daylight Savings Time and the last remaining summer crop, local tomatoes, finishes at the same time, so it is pretty safe to say that the change of season is complete. Forever anticipating seasonal change, we have been bringing in several new items for the past several weeks and we feel that it is appropriate to present them again for your consideration in this week? Market Outlook.

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