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Market Outlook - February 8, 2018

del rio botanical

For 15 years, we have partnered with Del Rio Botanical to offer unique and delicious organic produce grown exclusively for Produce Express. Del Rio is an 80-acre farm located in West Sacramento along the Sacramento River. A collection of over 1,600 varieties of vegetable and herb seeds places Del Rio in the unique position to provide a selection of produce that is varied, rare and targeted to restaurants. The latest harvest from Del Rio Botanical includes:

  • Fava Greens– with mildly sweet flavor and buttery texture, these greens can be used just like spinach or pea shoots. Mix them into salads, sauté, or wilt them into pasta or risotto. 2# case.
  • Pea Tendrils/Shoots– soft leaves with curly tendrils that can be used raw in salads, or wilt/sauté into soups and stir-frys. 2# case.
  • Arugula– wild, small, leafy green with mild pungent and peppery flavor. 4# case
  • Red Frisee Mustard- deep purple leaves, pale green stem, pronounced mustard flavor and crisp yet delicate texture. 2# case.
  • Custom Salad Mix– with petals and herbs; may also include lettuces, chicories, and more. 2# case.
  • Braising Mix– blend may include chard, kale, spinach, and more. 4# case.

Del Rio also offers the following items that require pre-orders:

  • Arugula Rapini- wild, and heartier than regular arugula, Arugula Rapini is great for braising. 2# case.
  • Red Russian Kale– mildly sweet, earthy, cabbage flavor with medium, thick leaves that are splotched with red and purple. Great for sautéing; discard the stems and use only the leaves. 2# case.
  • Nettles- puree into soups and sauces or mix into pastas and salads. 2# case.

Mizuna RapiniAvocado LeavesBeet GreensQuail EggsWinter SquashLavender du ProvanceQuelite/Lambs QuartersDino KaleItalian SorrelGreen Mustard FriseeRed Mustard LeavesWrinkled Crinkled CressWatercress

sausalito springs watercress

Sausalito Springs Organic Watercress is uniquely grown by a small farm in Sonoma County. Watercress is the only crop grown at Sausalito Springs so it is safe to say they put a lot of love into every step of growing, harvesting and packaging. While conventional watercress grows in the wild in clear, shallow streams, Sausalito Springs grows their watercress in fresh well water. When harvesting, they hand-cut only the tops of the plant. They are then triple washed, hydro cooled, and hand packed loose-leaf (rather than bunched) in clear, plastic bags. Moisture is added after packaging to promote continued growth as Sausalito Springs Watercress is a live product. Watercress contains a unique mustard oil, similar to those in radishes, which gives it a unique peppery flavor. When properly handled, shelf life is 10-14 days. It is best stored in its original bag, kept flat and turned daily. When stored in restaurant containers, keep covered with a wet towel. Sausalito Springs watercress is excellent in salads and sandwiches, pairs well with fish, and would make a flavorful watercress pesto. Available in a 2# bag.


z specialty foods

California Honeys, Fruit Spreads and Nut Butters from Z Specialty Foods are perfect for baking and make great additions to cheese boards, tea service and more! Z Specialty Foods is family owned and operated by the Zeldner family, who have been producing honey in Woodland, CA since 1979. Their honey is minimally processed, unheated, and unpasteurized in order to keep the honey’s natural color, flavor, aroma, and healthy enzymes intact. Z Specialty's honey is minimally warmed, and strained- just enough to make sure there's no dirt or bee parts floating in the jar! All of their products are certified Kosher. Each honey is specific to a single floral source and geographic location contributing to their unique flavors, colors, and aromas.

california honeys: 

  • Local Wildflower– light in color with subtle floral overtones. 12# tub, $55.75.
  • Orange Blossom– pollen from California orange groves is used to produce this fragrant, light, and delicious honey. 12# tub, $65.75.
  • California Coriander– savory and rich, this amazing honey has hints of spice and cardamom. 12# tub, $74.75.
  • Yellow Star Thistle– named the “Champagne of Honeys” by Food & Wine Magazine. This light honey has a sweet candy-like flavor that is perfect for baking! 12# tub, $59.75.
  • Honey Straws– local wildflower honey in a clear, 7-inch straw that easily pops open. Perfect for beverage service or to-go drinks. 125 count canister, $18.50.

honey-fruit spreads:

Z-Specialty Honey-Fruit Spreads blend easily with cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, or ricotta. They are great as a filling when baking, on a cheese board, or glazed on a pork chop.

  • Apricot Honey Spread– a sweet/tart blend of local Blenheim apricots and Yellow Star Thistle Honey. 10# container, $64.75.
  • Tart Cherry Honey Spread– tart Montmorency cherries blended with sweet honey. 10# container, $75.75.
  • Apricot-Cherry Honey Spread– balanced sweet/tart flavor. 10# container, $69.75.


  • California Almond Butter– made simply with roasted California almonds– no salt, sugar, or stabilizers added. 7.5# container, $67.75.
  • Nut Crunch– California almonds, filberts from the Northwest, and tropical cashews make a delicious crunchy combination. 7.5# container, $67.75.

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