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Market Outlook - March 1, 2018

new local cheeses

LAURA CHENEL’S: Located in Sonoma, CA since the 1970’s, Laura Chenel’s cheeses are known for their distinctive flavor and texture. Their cheeses are crafted using fresh goat milk from family-raised goats in California and Nevada. In addition to offering Laura Chenel’s Cabecou (3.5#), Spicy Cabecou (3.5#), and Tome (4# wheel), we are excited to introduce the following new cheeses:

  • Soft & Creamy Spreadable Goat Cheese– a favorite among chefs for 20 years, Laura Chenel’s soft and creamy goat cheese is perfect for spreadable applications like sandwiches and wraps, melts perfectly into sauces, mixes with herbs for fillings, and makes a fluffy, luscious goat cheesecake. Available by the 4# container.
  • Goat Cheese Crumbles– extremely versatile cheese ideal for spicing up salads, pizzas, paninis, pastas, and more. Available by the 2# bag.
  • Chives & Shallots– fresh shallots add a hint of sweetness to the fresh goat cheese flavor, balanced by the herbaceous notes from the chives. Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, bagels, cheese boards and more. Available by the 3.5oz medallion.
  • Sundried Tomato & Basil– the savory sun-dried tomato flavor is counter-balanced by the subtle basil and green pepper notes, enhancing the clean and creamy texture. Available by the 3.5oz medallion.
  • Poppy Seed & Peppercorn– while the poppy seeds add a nutty flavor, the crushed peppercorns liven up the fresh taste of chevre by adding a slightly hot, yet sweet, flavor. Available by the 3.5oz medallion.

MARIN FRENCH CHEESE: Praised for their ultra rich and creamy texture, Marin French soft-ripened cheeses start with milk sourced from local dairies within 20 miles from their creamery in West Marin. Their classic Triple Crème Brie contains 75% butterfat creating a rich and ultra smooth texture, slightly sweet flavor, and blooming with fluffy white rind (8oz piece). Their Camembert cheese differs distinctly from Brie by the cultures used to produce the Camembert’s earthy flavor and flowing texture. It is complex, aromatic, and creamy, and its flavor is robust with hints of mushrooms. (8oz piece). Produce Express will now also offer:

  • Brie Cuisine– made exclusively for chefs, Brie Cuisine is a single crème, fresh soft-ripened cheese that has a young brie taste and versatile texture. It is not oily and melts beautifully without separating. It makes a wonderful filling, and can also be crumbled, diced, and shredded. 2.5# piece.


Join us on Tuesday, March 6 from 9am-12pm at our warehouse for a special tasting of all the cheeses we offer from Marin French and Laura Chenel’s. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover new cheeses, revisit your classic favorites, and talk with a company rep from Marin French and Laura Chenel’s.


We have been receiving a lot of calls asking about when a variety of spring crops will be available so we have contacted several of our local growers and farmers in an attempt to establish a timeline for spring fruits and vegetables. As always, weather is the determining factor regarding the start of the season for most crops. Here is a look at what is happening now and what we anticipate in the next few weeks.

  • Asparagus– we are hoping to finally transition into California Asparagus by mid-late next week. California growers initially would not harvest because the market had fallen so low. They disced and “stunted” the fields. Now, cooling temperatures are slowing growth. Rain in the forecast does not help our transition either. The Mexican market is slightly stronger. We will continue to update you via social media, email, and Market Outlook.
  • Bloomsdale Spinach– available now from Riverdog Farm in 4# cases. We anticipate a long, abundant season– weather permitting. Bloomsdale is a sweet, heirloom spinach variety with a deeper and more interesting flavor than the standard flat leaf spinach. Each leaf is heavily crinkled, giving it a heartier texture. Its stem is edible with a super sweet flavor from the sugar content.
  • English Peas– available now in a 25# case, or by the pound; arriving from Southern California. We are hoping for coastal crops in the next 3-4 weeks. The tender, sweet, plump peas must be shucked from their inedible pods. Peas can be enjoyed raw in salads, or steamed, boiled or blanched. They are also great in soups, purees, stir-frys, and ragouts.
  • Fava Beans– coming soon! We are hoping that Del Rio Botanical will be able to harvest in 3-4 weeks. We currently have supplies coming from Mexico available in a 25# case, or by the pound. Bright green, tender, and sweet, Fava Beans are excellent in a minestrone soup, or pureed and combined with ricotta cheese for a filling or spread. The leaves of the plant are also edible and have become quite popular among chefs.
  • Green Garlic– available now from Riverdog Farm in a 10# case, or by the pound. Green Garlic bulbs have a sweeter, less spicy, flavor profile than conventional mature garlic.
  • King Richard Leeks– available now from Riverdog Farm in a 12ct case only. Its long white stalk and rich, round flavor makes King Richard Leeks
  • Spring Onion– coming soon! We anticipate local spring onion to be able from Riverdog Farm in 1-2 weeks.
  • Yellow Finn Potatoes– available now from Riverdog Farm in a 25# case. These are a great all-purpose potato known for their yellow flesh, creamy texture, and buttery flavor. Yellow Finn Potatoes have the right balance of sugar and starch to make excellent mashed potatoes, gratins, gnocchi, and salads.

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