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Market Outlook - February 1, 2012

Hedgehog Mushrooms

Closely related to a Golden Chanterelle, Hedgehog mushrooms are similar to Chanterelles in appearance, taste and smell.  The distinct difference is that Hedgehog mushrooms are covered in spines or “teeth”, on their underside, resembling a Hedgehog.

Mushrooms are a huge group of edible fungi that are grown, picked and eaten in almost every country around the world.  Mushrooms come to us as cultivated, grown in some manner by man, or, as wild, originating in wooded forests.

Interestingly enough, cultivated mushrooms do not grow in the wild and wild mushrooms have yet to be successfully cultivated by man.

Hedgehog mushrooms are dense and meaty, edible, wild mushrooms with a sweet, nutty flavor ranging in color from orange, yellow and tan.

Santa Fe Tortillas

This week Produce Express is featuring specialty Flour and Corn Tortillas from Santa Fe Trading Company.

The company is owned and operated by the Madrid family and is located in South Sacramento  near the Metropolitan Airport.  Following a successful restaurant career in New Mexico and Sacramento, Andy and Lola Madrid started a tortilla business in 1983, initially producing six tortillas per minute.

They created a line of specialty tortillas in 1993 and saw production rise to 5,000 tortillas a day.  Currently, the business is in the hands of their children and they are producing up to 35,000 flavored tortillas per day.

Currently there are about 300 companies that manufacture tortillas and half of them employ fewer than 50 people. The Madrids emphasize the healthy aspects of their tortillas; low fat, no food coloring, cholesterol free, no trans fat.  They use 100% soybean oil, whole wheat flour and literally bake fresh ingredients-garlic, onions, spinach, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro-into their flour tortillas.  Santa Fe also offers a unique corn tortilla-Abuelita’s or grandma’s tortilla.  These tortillas have intense corn flavor and are advertised as the ‘closest to homemade as you can get.

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