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Market Outlook - April 19, 2018

J. Marchini Farms

J. Marchini Farms is owned and operated by the father-son team, Joe and Jeff Marchini. Growing up on his family farm, Joe Marchini enjoyed gardening from a young age, starting with tomatoes. In the ‘80s, Joe began experimenting with a lettuce seed from Italy called radicchio, making him the original radicchio grower in the U.S. The Marchini family now grows several varieties of Italian specialty vegetables, including three varieties of chicories– Radicchio, Treviso, and Castelfranco. Chicories are a closely related group of leafy vegetables that exhibit a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Chicories are quite versatile and may be used in any manner of culinary techniques. They are excellent raw in salads, and have a sturdy texture that is great for both braising and grilling. We are pleased to offer the following varieties from J. Marchini Farms (LeGrand, CA):

  • Radicchio– globe shaped, similar looking to a small head of red lettuce or cabbage with a distinctive bitter flavor. 12 count case or by the each
  • Treviso– a radicchio with romaine shaped heads of red and white. 12 count case only.
  • Castelfranco– seasonal variety with the mildest flavor of all the chicories. Individual heads with attractive purple red flecked, creamy white leaves. 12 count case only.
  • Mixed Chicory– a “Toy-Box” of Treviso, Castelfranco and Radicchio. 12 count case only.

green almonds

Green Almonds are unripe almonds that are picked before the shell has had a chance to harden. Like their cousin, the peach, green almonds have a fuzzy exterior with a gel-like interior. The "nut" has a gelatinous texture, similar to a firm grape. Green Almonds have a delicate, grassy and fruity flavor. They are a rare delicacy and are very popular in Mediterranean cuisines. Green Almonds can be sliced whole to be used as a garnish for soups and salads. European chefs make a green almond paste for pastries, and they pair very well with fish and seafood. Produce Express offers Green Almonds that are locally grown by J. Marchini Farms. Available in a 10# case.



cowgirl creamery

Cowgirl Creamery was founded by Sue Conley and Peggy Smith in 1997. Prior Both women established careers in prominent Bay area kitchens– Sue co-owned Bette’s Oceanview Diner in Berkley and Peggy spent 17 years at Chez Panisse. Together, they established Tomales Bay Foods, helping chefs access delicious products from West Marin farms and dairies. Shortly after, they began using milk from neighboring Straus Family Creamery to make delicious fresh cheeses. Two decades later, they’ve earned dozens of awards, have 2 creameries and 4 retail stores, and they have produced over 2,000 tons of cheese that is loved by chefs and consumers alike. One reason that Cowgirl Creamery cheeses are so special and delicious is that each cheese starts with milk made from only one source creating unique flavor profiles that can’t be created anywhere else. Produce Express proudly offers their Mt. Tam and Red Hawk year-round, and we rotate their seasonal cheeses accordingly.

  • St. Pat– their spring seasonal cheese, with its distinctive green rind, is now available! Its flavor is mellow and tangy, with notes of smokey artichoke. Made with single source organic Holstein milk from John Taverna’s Jersey Dairy, the rich, creamy wheels are wrapped in wild nettle leaves harvested by Paradise Valley Farms. 10oz piece.
  • Devil’s Gulch– we have a limited amount of this seasonal cheese available so order before it is gone until next year. The rich bloomy rind wheels are dusted with a mixture of sweet and spicy ground heirloom peppers from Allstar Organics. It has a bright, sweet spice softened by the rich creaminess of the paste. 10oz piece.
  • Mt. Tam– their first aged, soft-ripened cheese is named for a Northern California landmark, Mt. Tamalpais. This elegant triple cream cheese has the delectable flavor of cultured butter with hints of white mushroom. Mt. Tam starts with milk from Straus Family Creamery. 8oz piece.
  • Red Hawk– the creamery’s first washed-rind cheese is heavily allocated with limited pieces produced. This cheese cannot be made anywhere else because the wild bacteria that defines this bold, sumptuous cheese are native to Point Reyes. Red Hawk is aged four weeks and washed with a brine solution that creates the sunset red-orange rind. Its flavor is rich and smooth, complemented by pungent aromas. 8oz piece.

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