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Market Outlook - June 7, 2018

produce alive

produce-alive-wasabi-arugula Placer-grown

We are pleased to partner with Produce Alive to offer local, hydroponically grown Wasabi Arugula and Watercress. Produce Alive is owned and operated by Eric Powell in Loomis, CA (Placer County). Erik chooses to grow 100% hydroponic because it allows him to control the environment and guarantee consistency even with poor weather. He grows year round in his 4,100 square foot green house, and he uses 90% less water than traditional growing methods.

We are proud to offer the following “Placer Grown” products:

  • Wasabi Arugula– less peppery, yet spicier, than conventional arugula with an almost sweet finish. It makes a delicious addition to any salad, poke bowl, pizza, or sandwich, or try blending into sauces. Available in a 1# bag, $14.75.
  • Watercress- a succulent, leafy plant with a sweet, spicy flavor. Its unique peppery taste makes it a wonderful addition to a salad, paired with roasted meats or fish, pureed into soups and sauces, or sprinkled on a sandwich or pizza. Hydroponic Watercress is a live product that continues to grow in the bag after harvesting. Available in a 1# bag, $16.75.

pure rice first calrose rice

Pure Rice First is a family farm located in Lincoln, CA since 1940. Virgina Van Dyke and her family have been farming rice for five generations. They take great pride in providing premium product to their local community, and preserving local farm land. We are pleased to now offer their Calrose Rice a pearly-white, medium grain variety known for its sticky texture. Available in a 50# bag. Its naturally soft starchy structure holds flavor beautifully while maintaining texture and form. Calrose rice works well as a sushi rice, used for paella or risotto, or enjoyed as a standalone table rice. Calrose rice accounts for more than 80% of the California crop, with California being the second largest rice growing state in the United States. Enjoy the harvest! 


 la tourangelle artisan oils

Starting with perfectly pure ingredients, each batch of artisan oil from La Tourangelle is unique and hand-crafted in Woodland, CA. The nuts and herbs are hand-roasted in cast iron kettles, then expeller-pressed, lightly filtered and bottled. Their oils are very flavorful with rich colors. We proudly offer the following artisan oils from La Tourangelle:

  • Basil Infused Oil– fragrant basil flavor perfect for pesto, caprese salad, grilled chicken or fish, or as a dipping oil for bread. Works well with high heat. 250ml canister.
  • Avocado Oil– emerald green oil that is rich and thick with a subtle buttery flavor. Delicious in uncooked items like salads and dips, but also ideal for cooking because it has a higher smoke point than olive oil. 1000ml canister.
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil– organic coconuts pressed within 4 days of being hand harvested. Pure coconut taste and beautiful texture, perfect for cooking, baking, dressings, or frying. 15 ounce canister.
  • Roasted Walnut Oil– rich nutty taste and light color. Use in baking, salads, pasta, sauces, or on grilled fish or meat. Works well with medium-high heat. Available by the gallon.
  • Roasted Hazelnut Oil– intense hazelnut taste is delicious in salad dressing, pasta, meat, fish, and baked pastries. Great butter substitute; works best with low heat. 1000ml canister.
  • Roasted Pecan– full-bodied, intense flavor, wonderful on baked goods. Also a fragrant addition to sauces or drizzled on pasta or greens. Works well with medium-high heat. 250mL canister.
  • Roasted Almond Oil– good substitute for olive oil; adds subtle almond flavor to any dish from cookies, cakes and shortbreads to sauces, dressing, pasta, and meat dishes. Works well with medium-high heat. 1000ml canister.
  • Toasted Sesame Seed- golden brown oil with bold, nutty flavor ideal for vinaigrettes, stir-fry, and marinades. Works well in medium-high heat applications. 1000mL canister.
  • Pumpkin Seed– should not be cooked due to its low heat point but makes a great finish. Add an intense, deep toasted pumpkin seed taste to salad dressing, soup, marinade, pasta, spreads, and baked goods. 250mL canister.
  • Grapeseed Oil– light, neutral flavor and a very high smoke point make this oil best for stir-fries and sautés; also makes a lovely addition to marinades. Available by the gallon.


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summer farmer's market - wednesday, july 18

It's that time of year again and you do not want to miss it! Our annual Summer Farmer's Market brings together over 40 local farmers and chefs to highlight the best of the season! Get to know the people that grow your food and supply your kitchens every day! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer.

Interested in participating as a featured chef? Please contact your sales rep or Marissa with inside sales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (916) 956-5536.