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Market Outlook - August 9, 2018

Local fresh dug potatoes

Fresh dug potatoes are distinct from conventional Russet or Idaho potatoes both in their flavor, moistness, texture, and seasonal availability. We are pleased to offer the following fresh dug potato varieties from Riverdog Farm (Organic) and Coke Farms:

  • Nicola– rich golden brown skin with cream colored flesh and mild taste make this potato delicious in a variety of applications. It is one of the waxiest varieties and has one of the lowest glycemic indexes. Excellent as a salad or boiling potato and wonderful for mash. 25# case from Riverdog Farm.
  • Masquerade– creamy and buttery flavor; bicolored, thin skin has a golden yellow base spotted with purple and violet. Their flesh is yellow to light gold and is firm, dense, and moist. 25# case from Coke Farms.
  • German Butterball- a Russet-type potato loved for its rich, golden flesh, buttery flavor, versatility, and long-term storability. Smaller size and round shape. 25# case from Riverdog and Coke Farms.
  • Colorado Rose- heirloom potato with red skin and flesh; retains color when cooked. It has a sweet flavor and is deliciously moist and creamy. They are not waxy which makes them great for most uses- baked, mashed, steamed, scalloped, and uniquely colored fries and chips. Available in a 10# case from Coke Farms.
  • Yellow Finn- perfect balance of sugar and starch; makes delicious mashed potatoes, gratins, gnocchi, and salads. A great all-purpose potato with yellow flesh, creamy texture, and buttery flavor. 25# case from Riverdog Farms.

produce alive hydroponic mixed lettuce

We are pleased to partner with Produce Alive to offer a variety of local, hydroponically grown items. Produce Alive is owned and operated by Eric Powell in Loomis, CA (Placer County). Erik chooses to grow 100% hydroponic because it allows him to control the environment and guarantee consistency even with poor weather. He grows year round in his 4,100 square foot green house, using 90% less water than traditional growing methods. New this week, we offer Produce Alive Hydroponic Mixed Lettuce packed in a 24ct case. The case includes both green and red heads. Butter lettuce has a small, loosely formed head with soft textured leaves. The flavor is mildly sweet and succulent. Butter lettuce is an ideal ingredient for almost any meal including salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies and its leaves are also the perfect size, shape, and texture for rolling wraps.

We also offer Produce Alive Watercress and Flowering Wasabi Arugula in 1# bags.

delta pears

Local pear season is upon us! Stillwater Orchards is located next to the Sacramento River in the town of Courtland– an area known to produce some of the best pears in the world. The land has been owned and operated by the Elliot family since 1860 when their ancestor, David Osborne, settled on the Delta on the heels of the Gold Rush and ordered the area’s first pear trees from France. The Elliotts take pride in producing some of the most flavorful pears. They grow, pack, and ship on site ensuring the highest quality standards. We are currently offering the following, with more varieties to follow as the season progresses:

  • Delta Bartletts- classic summer pears that are sweet and juicy with buttery flesh and distinct aroma. Their wonderful flavor and smooth texture make Bartletts a wonderful addition in a variety of application from salads, pizzas, and jams to pies, galettes, and canning; or simply add to a cheese board. 40# case, pound, or piece.
  • Stark Crimson/Red Bartlett– this colorful red pear has the same characteristics as the Bartlett. When fully ripe, the skin is at its brightest. 20# case or pound.
  • Bosc– one of the most useful and commonly available varieties for cooking. A ripe Bosc will still be firm and dense, with tender flesh that is honey-sweet, rich and aromatic. A Bosc with heavily russeted skin will not change color when ripe, those with light russeting will turn yellow when ripe. 40# case, pound, or piece.

buffalo mozzarella

In Italy, mozzarella almost always starts with buffalo milk, while the dense, chewier cow's milk version we often see in the U.S. is knownbuffalo-mozzarella-cheese-fresh as fiore di latte. Buffalo mozz is a fresh, soft, semi-elastic textured cheese with twice the fat of cow’s milk mozz. It has a plump texture that exudes sweet, rich, grassy whey when sliced. Its flavor is slightly nutty with gamey notes and is a bit more acidic than cow’s milk mozzarella. The cheese goes well in antipastis, with salads, pastas, calzones, vegetables and various side dishes. Our buffalo mozzarella is made by di Stefano Premium Italian Cheeses, a family owned company in Los Angeles. Their cheeses are made fresh daily using locally sourced milk. The milk for their buffalo mozzarella is sourced from Wilton, less than 30 miles southeast of Sacramento. Available in a 3# case (6 cups with 2-4oz balls/cup); $39.75.