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Market Outlook - August 16, 2018

additional heirloom tomato varieties
from uncle ray

Highly praised by local chefs for their intense flavor, unique sizes, shapes, and colors, Uncle Ray Yeung’s heirloom tomatoes are a stapleray-yeung-local-heirloom-tomatoes-sacramento-valley on summer menus. Yeung Farm has over two dozen varieties during the season, which usually runs from now through October. We are pleased to offer the following in 10# single layer cases.

  • Toy Box Case– a combination of the following varieties.
  • Pineapple– large, golden-orange beefsteak tomato often with red stripes and a luscious, very rich, sweet pineapple like flavor.
  • Patty’s Striped Beefsteak– deep orange skin streaked with thin red stripes and beautiful orange/red marbled flesh.
  • Green Zebra– striped green/yellow skin with juicy green flesh; more tart flavor than other tomatoes.
  • Giant Black Zebra– beautiful mahogany flesh with purple/mahogany skin with deep green steaks. Its flavor is rich and complex with hints of smoke and sweetness.
  • Kellogg’s Breakfast– large, deep orange beefsteak style tomato that is thin-skinned and meaty with few seeds. Its flavor is rich, sweet, and somewhat tangy with good acid to sugar balance.
  • Carolina Gold– beautiful gold/orange skin and flesh; sweeter than red varieties.
  • Pink Brandywine– lovely pinkish red skin and flesh; distinctive rich flavor; tends to be on the larger side.
  • Yellow Brandywine– delicious, intense sweet flavors balanced with a slight tartness; yellow/orange/gold skin and flesh.
  • Cherokee Purple– deep red/purple skin with dark green shoulders; more acidic than sweet.
  • Japanese Black Trifele– the shape and size of a Bartlett pear ranging in color from intense black to dark grey blushed with magenta. Flavor is intense and rich.
  • Great White– low acid tomato with delightful sweet melon-like flavor, meaty texture, and few seeds; skin and flesh is cream colored with yellow hue.

local edible mixed flowers
from stone's throw farm

edible-flowers-local-organic-stones-throw-farmWe are excited to team up with Stone’s Throw Farm to offer our chefs a local option for edible flowers. Stone’s Throw is located in Colfax, CA, and is operated by Steven and Bryanna Eisenhut. Bryanna is a Colfax native and is an active part of the community, including local farmer’s markets. All of their flowers are harvested, washed, packed, and sold within one day and a few miles of their farm. We are impressed with the vibrant colors and quality of their flowers. Produce Express will offer their organic, field fresh flowers in a mixed clamshell. Varieties will rotate based on availability. They will be sold whole to allow for ultimate freshness. Just pick the petals and add a pop of color to your plates and cocktails! Edible flowers also add unique flavors and health benefits to your dish! Enjoy the harvest!


local hydro mixed lettuce
from produce alive

We are pleased to partner with Produce Alive to offer a variety of local, hydroponically grown items. Produce Alive is owned andhyrdoponic-hydro-produce-alive-butter-lettuce-red-leaf operated by Erik Powell in Loomis, CA (Placer County). Erik chooses to grow 100% hydroponic because it allows him to control the environment and guarantee consistency even with poor weather. He grows year round in his 4,100 square foot green house, using 90% less water than traditional growing methods. New this week, we offer Produce Alive Hydroponic Mixed Lettuce packed in a 24ct case with a mix of green and red heads. Butter lettuce has a small, loosely formed head with soft textured leaves. The flavor is mildly sweet and succulent. Butter lettuce is an ideal ingredient for almost any meal including salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies and its leaves are also the perfect size, shape, and texture for rolling wraps.


local calrose medium grain rice
from pure rice first

local-rice-calrose-medium-grain-sushi-riceCalrose Rice is a pearly white rice known for its sticky texture. Its naturally soft starchy structure holds flavor beautifully while maintaining texture and form. Calrose rice works well as a sushi rice, used for paella, or enjoyed as a standalone table rice. We are pleased to offer a medium grain Calrose rice, locally grown by Pure Rice First in Lincoln, CA. Please specify “Medium Grain Local White Rice” when placing your order. Available in a 50# bag, $29.75.