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Market Outlook - September 27, 2018

local winter/hard squash

“Uncle” Ray Yeung is well known for his delicious & beautiful heirloom tomatoes, but he is also a master at growing several wonderful varieties of winter/hard squash. We are pleased to offer the following:

  • Red Kuri Squash– thick-skinned orange colored squash with firm flesh and a very delicate, mellow flavor similar to the taste of chestnuts. Red Kuri can be baked, braised, pureed, or used as a base for soup. Available by 35# case only.
  • Delicata Squash– appealing to use because of its creamy and delicious flavor, as well as its smaller size, thin/edible skin, and shape which holds well when cooked. Delicata is a great choice for stuffing and baking, braising, adding to soups and purees, or sliced into rings and roasted with oil and herbs. Available by the 35# case only.
  • Kabocha Squash– its rich, sweetness combines the flavors of sweet potato and pumpkin; pairs well with Asian spices and is delicious in soups, stews, risotto, farro, pasta, or tempura. When cooked, the deep yellow/orange pulp is tender, finely grained, and somewhat dry. 35# case or piece.
  • Butternut Squash– its sweet, nutty, orange flesh has a familiar pumpkin flavor and creamy texture. Its small seed cavity results in high yield/little waste. Sold by 35# case or piece.
  • Spaghetti Squash– known for its yellow flesh that separates into long, translucent strings resembling spaghetti when cooked. Enjoy as a substitute for spaghetti or bake into a gratin. Available by the 35# case or piece.
  • Acorn Squash– dark green, hard skin with yellow/orange flesh; sweet in flavor with a dry texture. Bake, roast, or puree into soup, stew, risotto, and more. 35# case or piece.

new from early bird farm

We now offer Pancake Mix and Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour from Early Bird Farms located in Nevada City! Early Bird Farm mills several varieties of grains which are organically grown using non-GMO seeds at Pleasant Grove Farm in Wheatland. The grains are milled in Nevada City by owner/operator Drew Speroni. Early Bird flours differ in flavor and texture from conventional all-purpose flours. We are pleased to offer the following:

  • Pancake & Waffle Mix– made from 100% hard red spring wheat flour, salt, baking powder, and a minimum amount of sugar. 10#, $39.75.
  • Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour- fine white flour with a nutty taste; perfect for pastries, quick breads and flat breads. 10#, $18.50.
  • Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour- high protein content and a rich, yeasty aroma with whole wheat flavor; use for risen breads, muffins, and more. 10#, $18.50.
  • White Corn Polenta– ground from organic corn; use to make traditional polenta or hominy grits. It must be kept refrigerated to preserve the flavor. 10#, $18.50.

mutsu & jonagold apples

Last week we introduced the first three varieties of local apples to arrive from Larsen Apple Barn– Gala, Golden Delicious, and Jonathan. We are pleased to announce that we have Mutsu and Jonagold apples available now as well! Larsen Apple Barn was founded in the 1860’s in Camino, CA by the Larsen family and continues to be the oldest, continuously family-owned farm in Apple Hill.

  • Mutsu– beautiful green skin with some light red blush; sweet and spicy flesh that is juicy and crisp. Mutsu apples hold their shape very well when cooked which makes them excellent for roasting, baking, pies, and sauces; also delicious when eating raw on a cheese board or in a salad. Available by the 40# case only.
  • Jonagold– a cross between a Jonathan and a Golden Delicious with a wonderfully balanced sweet/tart flavor and crisp, juicy flesh. Large in size, its skin can vary in color but is typically greenish yellow with red striping. Jonagold apples are a popular dessert apple but they also compliment savory applications as well; delicious when baked into tarts, pies, muffins, used in sauces and jams, or adding texture and sweetness to sandwiches, pizzas, and cheese boards. Available by the 40# case only.

delta pears

While pears are harvested in late summer, the best and most popular time to use them is in the fall months when they have had time to ripen to perfection. We are pleased to offer the following varieties from Stillwater Orchard (Sacramento Delta):

  • Delta Bartlett- sweet and juicy with buttery flesh. Their flavor and smooth texture make Bartlett pears a great addition to salads, pizzas, jams, pies and galettes, or simply add to a cheese board. 40# case, piece, or pound.
  • Red Stark Crimson– similar to a Bartlett but with beautiful red skin. 20# case, piece or pound.
  • Bosc– great for a variety of applications. A ripe Bosc will still be firm and dense with tender, sweet honey flesh that is rich and aromatic. 40# case, pound, or piece.
  • Comice– one of the sweetest and juiciest varieties with creamy flesh and an aroma reminiscent of wine. 20# case.
  • French Butter- juicy, buttery flesh with hints of lemon; a great baking pear. 20# case only.
  • Seckel- an excellent dessert pear, small in size but big on sweetness. Great served with cheese or baked into tarts. 20# case only.

  upcoming events

In order to further strengthen the partnership between our restaurants and farmers, we host a variety of seasonal tours and tastings that are open to anyone working in the restaurant industry. We highly encourage chefs and back of the house team members to attend for a fun way to learn more and get your team excited about seasonal items, meet the farmers and learn about their history and growing processes, be inspired by your fellow chefs and restaurateurs, and do some R&D courtesy of Produce Express. No reservations required for the tastings; just show up and enjoy! If you are interested in attending a tour, or participating in the fall farmer's market, please RSVP to your sales rep, or Marissa with inside sales at (916)956-5536/email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please spread the word to your team and industry friends.

  • Placer Grown Tour with Twin Peaks Orchard & Produce Alive– Wednesday, October 17 • 8:30am-2:30pm: join us to explore the citrus trees at Twin Peaks and learn about the hydroponic growing system at Produce Alive.
  • Fall Farmer’s Market– Wednesday, November 7: don’t miss the fun! Save the date on your calendar now! Want to participate as a featured restaurant? Contact your sales rep, or Marissa with inside sales (see contact info above).