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Market Outlook - November 1, 2018

twin peaks orchard persimmons

We are pleased to offer two varieties of delicious persimmons– Fuyu and Amagaki- from Twin Peaks Orchard (Newcastle, CA). Founded in 1912, Twin Peaks Orchard is a 5th generation family farm specializing in a variety of stone fruit, citrus, and persimmons. Twin Peaks also has a small organic section called Orchard Delights that is personally operated by our very own Camelia Enriquez Miller.

  • Fuyu (organic)- sweet with a noticeable maple flavor and cinnamon-sugar flecks; smaller in size than commercial varieties. The Fuyu persimmon is not astringent and can be eaten as soon as they are picked. The flesh is crisp like an apple and are excellent in salads, on a cheese board, baked, or enjoyed out of hand. Grown on the Orchard Delights section, these Fuyu trees are some of the oldest on the 106 year old property at Twin Peaks. Available by the 10# case only.
  • Amagaki– also known as cinnamon persimmons, these sweet beauties are golden fleshed with brown flecks. Amagaki persimmons have a buttery texture and a cinnamon sweetness. Amagakis are more astringent than Fuyus but Twin Peaks has perfected a curing process that removes the astringency and leaves the Amagaki crisp, sweet, and unmatched in flavor. Amagakis are larger than Fuyus, and have a great shelf life and are delicious enjoyed out of hand, in salads, and it can be lightly cooked but best not baked. Available in a 10# case only.

twin peaks orchard pomegranates

pomegranate produce expressIn addition to persimmons, we are also offering delectable and vibrant pomegranates from Twin Peaks Orchard! Pomegranate seeds are botanically called Ariels. They are tender and crisp with a burst of sweet/tart juice. Some seeds will be mildly acidic while others have sweet, citrus overtones. Pomegranate seeds can be used for a variety of applications- add a sweet crunch to salads, wonderful flavoring desserts, and a nice balance to savory dishes. Available in an 10# case or per piece.



fall farmer's market
wednesday, november 7•10am-1pm
8340 belvedere avenue, sacramento, 95826  

Our annual Fall Farmer’s Market is just around the corner and you do not want to miss it! We host these farmer’s markets to celebrate our farmers and chefs, highlight the bounty of the season, and to strengthen the relationship between our farmers and chefs. Everyone in the industry is invited so please spread the word!

We will have some awesome free raffle prizes from MAC Knives, Stagger Lee Goods, Excalibur Dehydrator, and gift cards to participating restaurants + chef demonstrations will include a ramen noodle making demonstration by Origami Asian Grill and the art of Hoshigaki with Carpe Vino!

Thank you to the following participating restaurant partners:
Tap & Vine Nixtaco
Carpe Vino Alaro Brewing
Mulvaney's B&L Streetzlan
Zocalo Origami Asian Grill
Pizza Supreme Being Adamo's
The Grid Seasons Davis
Taste River City Brewing
La Provence Mezcalito
American River College Meristem
Bella Bru Formaggio
Grateful Bread Il Pizzaiolo


A special thank you to our participating farms and purveyors for all their hard work to provide our chefs with great produce:

Del Rio Botanical Twin Peaks Orchard
Ray Yeung Farm Riverdog Farm
Full Belly Farm DiNapoli Tomatoes
Orland Farmstead Creamery Paradiso Tomatoes
Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. Casa Sanchez
Fiscalini Cheese Tampico Spice
Nicolau Farms Queso Salazar
Sparrow Lane Vinegars Mi Rancho Tortillas
Paragary Bakery Premier Mushrooms
Z Specialty Foods Nippon Shokken
California Olive Ranch Hodo Soy Tofu
Nuthouse Granola Sacramento Spouting Company
Elegant Beans & Beyond Produce Alive
California Endive Farm Pure Rice First
Early Bird Farm Barsotti Juice Co.