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Market Outlook - November 7, 2018

Local seasonal fruit

This week we are pleased to introduce Owari Satsuma Mandarins and Meyer Lemons from Twin Peaks Orchard. We also continue with local Pomegranates, Twin Peaks Amagaki Persimmons, Apples from Larsen Apple Barn and Pears from Stillwater Orchard.

  • Owari Satsuma Mandarins- a seedless, easy to peel mandarin with rich, tart-sweet flavor. Satsuma Mandarins thrive in the foothills of Placer County as both elevation and the pattern of cool nights contribute to a healthy crop. 25# case or by the pound.
  • Meyer Lemons- most likely a cross between a lemon and a mandarin. The Meyer is somewhat smaller than a regular lemon, rounder in shape, with smooth skin, and a distinct taste as the flesh is much less acidic making them sweeter than other varieties. Available by the 10# case or by the pound.
  • Amagaki Persimmons- also known as cinnamon persimmons, these sweet beauties are golden fleshed with brown flecks. Amagaki persimmons have a buttery texture and a cinnamon sweetness. They are more astringent than Fuyus but Twin Peaks has perfected a curing process that removes the astringency. It leaves the Amagaki crisp yet creamy with an unmatched sweet flavor. Amagakis are larger than Fuyus, and have a great shelf life. They are delicious enjoyed out of hand, in salads, and it can be lightly cooked but not baked. Available in a 10# case only.
  • Pomegranates- tender and crisp with a burst of sweet/tart juice. Some seeds will be mildly acidic while others have sweet, citrus overtones. Pomegranate seeds can be used for a variety of applications- add a sweet crunch to salads, wonderful flavoring desserts, and a nice balance to savory dishes. 10# case or each.

dragon gourmet mushrooms

Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms (Sloughhouse) has been supplying Sacramento area restaurants since 2000. Cultivated indoors, DGM uses a scientific method involving untreated hardwood sawdust and wheat or rice bran, controlled moisture, humidity, and temperature. No manure, supplements, herbicides, or pesticides are ever used.

  • Oyster Mushrooms– fluted, scallop shaped, soft brown caps, with a delicate, sweet flavor and velvety texture. Best when cooked as the stem is somewhat tough. 5# case.
  • Beech Mushrooms– available in Brown or White; Quarter size caps with 2-3” white stems. They have a crunchy texture that holds up to cooking; a hot sauté truly brings out their mild nutty flavor. 4# case.
  • Shiitake Mushrooms– tan to dark brown with broad, umbrella shaped caps. They have a rich, earthy, umami flavor with a meaty, slightly chewy texture. 5# case.
  • Eryngii Mushrooms– aka King Trumpet/ Trumpet Royale. They have a savory flavor with a firm, meaty texture; often used in place of wild mushrooms. Unlike many mushrooms, the stem has the same texture and flavor as the cap; 100% yield. Good for high heat cooking. 5# case.
  • Lion’s Mane– unique globular shaped mushrooms; crab-like texture and a buttery flavor, making them a fantastic sub in recipes calling for crab. VERY LIMITED; 5# case.

laura chenel cheeses 

Located in Sonoma, CA since the 1970’s, Laura Chenel’s cheeses are known for their distinctive flavor and texture. Their cheeses are crafted using fresh goat milk from family-raised goats in California and Nevada.

  • Soft & Creamy Goat Cheese– a favorite among chefs for 20 years, Laura Chenel’s soft and creamy goat cheese is perfect for spreadable applications like sandwiches and wraps, melts perfectly into sauces, mixes with herbs for fillings, and makes a fluffy, luscious goat cheesecake. Available by the 4# container, $32.75.
  • Goat Cheese Crumbles– extremely versatile cheese ideal for spicing up salads, pizzas, paninis, pastas, and more. Available by the 2# bag, $18.75.
  • Chives & Shallots– fresh shallots add a hint of sweetness to the fresh goat cheese flavor, balanced by the herbaceous notes from the chives. Perfect for sandwiches, wraps, bagels, cheese boards and more. Available by the 3.5oz medallion, $2.50.
  • Sundried Tomato & Basil– the savory sun-dried tomato flavor is counter-balanced by the subtle basil and green pepper notes, enhancing the clean and creamy texture. 3.5oz medallion, $2.50.
  • Poppy Seed & Peppercorn– while the poppy seeds add a nutty flavor, the crushed peppercorns liven up the fresh taste of chevre by adding a slightly hot, yet sweet, flavor. 3.5oz medallion, $2.50.
  • Cabecou– aged, nutty-flavored goat cheese discs marinated with herbs in California extra virgin olive oil. 30 discs (3.5# tub- not including the weight of oil/herbs), $42.75.
  • Spicy Cabecou– marinated in extra virgin jalapeno olive oil and crushed chilies, adding balanced spice to the creamy and tart goat cheese discs. 30 discs (3.5# tub- not including the weight of oil/herbs), $27.75.
  • Tome– this French Tome style cheese exudes balanced notes of sweet caramel, salt, and fresh milk. 4# wheel, $69.75.