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Market Outlook - March 20, 2019

Numi teas (new!)

Produce Express has partnered with Numi Tea to elevate your tea service with uniquely blended, exceptional tasting teas. Numi blends premium full-leaf quality teas and herbs with only 100% real fruits, flowers and spices for the perfect balance of richness and nuance. All of their teas are USDA Certified Organic, Kosher, and Halal. Numi teas are packed in verified non-GMO compostable filter-paper tea bags. **If you purchase 8 or more of the following flavors, we will provide a complimentary tea display rack.**

Black teas

Hearty, robust, full-bodied and brisk flavors with high caffeine levels.

  • Aged Earl Grey (18ct box)- Assam black tea aged with real bergamot orange.
  • Breakfast Blend (18ct box)- a rich hearty blend of black teas.

Green teas

 Fresh, vegetal, nutty and grassy flavors with medium caffeine levels.

  • Jasmine Green (18ct box)– green tea scented with real jasmine blossoms.
  • Gunpowder Green (18ct box)- full leaf, smooth green tea pearls.

White Teas

White teas are the least processed teas. Their flavor is delicate, smooth, and slightly sweet with low caffeine.

  • Orange Spice (16ct box)- white tea, real orange peel & spice.
  • White Rose (16ct box)- white tea and fragrant rose buds.

Herbal Teasans

Containing no tea leaves, herbal teas are herbs, fruits and flowers. Teasans are calming, grounding, exotic, and naturally caffeine free. Their flavor is minty, earthy, tart, sweet, floral or fruity.

  • Moroccan Mint (18ct box)- refreshing sweet mint leaves.
  • Chamomile Lemon (18ct box)- sweet flowers and bright lemon myrtle.
  • Rooibos Chai (18ct box)- warming spices and earthy vanilla tones.
  • Honeybush (18ct box)- sweet honey South African nectar.

decaf teas

  • Decaf Ginger Lemon (16ct box)- decaf green tea, ginger and lemongrass.

Turmeric teas

Numi’s Turmeric blends offer rich, cleansing flavors, highlighting the ingredient’s earthy and robust character.

  • Turmeric Amber Sun (12ct box)- with rooibos, cinnamon and vanilla.

local rice from rue and forsman ranch

Rue & Forsman Ranch was founded in 1946 just south of Marysville, CA by Frank Rue and John Forsman. In 1974, Frank’s son, Michael Rue, decided that the clay soils on the ranch would be good for rice production. In order to produce the highest quality rice possible, each step is carefully controlled from the day the rice is planted until it is milled and delivered to customers. All of their rice varieties are source identified and are fully traceable back to the fields where they were grown. Rue & Forsman Ranch partners with The Nature Conservancy and other conservation groups to provide optimal habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife that call the ranch home.

  • White Short Grain Rice (25# bag)- soft moist texture and a nice sticky texture from the short grains. The grains stick together when cooked and the rice maintains plenty of moisture.
  • Brown Short Grain Rice (25# bag)- soft moist texture with a slight crunch and pleasantly nutty flavor. As this is a brown rice product, the flavor will be nuttier and there will be some texture from the intact rice bran.
  • White Long grain Rice (25# bag)- wonderful fluffy texture when cooked and a mild pleasant taste that serves as an great addition to any dish.

carrot varieties

Carrots are a root vegetable that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. All carrots have a sweet flavor with earthy undertones. The smaller the carrot, the sweeter and juicier. Depending on the variety and season, Produce Express sources carrots from local farms including Capay Organic, Babe Farm, Riverdog Farm, and Full Belly Farm. We offer an array of carrots to satisfy a variety of culinary applications.

  • Jumbo Carrots (25# bag or per pound)– orange color, 8-10” long with a wide diameter. They are sweet, crunchy, and best when cooked. They are often used as a utility carrot for chopping, slicing, roasting, soups, stews and stocks.
  • Rainbow Carrots (25# bag)– multi-colored (red, purple, orange, white, yellow); 8-10” long. They are somewhat sweeter as the color gets darker. Best when roasted, boiled, steamed, or sliced for soups and stews.
  • Clip Top Carrots (50# bag)- uniform in size, length and diameter. Clip tops are sweet, crunchy, skinny, soft and juicy. Their uniform size makes them easier to peel, grate, pickle and cut.
  • Nantes Carrots (24ct case)- orange color, medium sized and rounded from the top to the tip with minimal tapering. Nantes are known as the perfect carrot for their taste, smooth skin and a nice tender crunch. They can be used in any application where generic carrots are used.
  • Ice Bunched Carrots (24ct case)- orange color with green tops still attached. Ice Bunched carrots are a bit younger with a smaller core which makes them sweeter and softer.
  • Baby Bunch Carrots (24ct case or per bunch)- a “true baby carrot” grown to be harvested as immature carrots. They are sweeter than full size carrots and have a more delicate and tender texture. They are 3-4” long, orange colored with green tops still attached. May be enjoyed raw, grilled, roasted, or sautéed.
  • Baby Bunch Mixed Carrots (24ct case)- multicolored purple, maroon, white, yellow, and orange with green tops still attached. They are 3-4” long.
  • Baby Round Carrots (24ct case)- also known as “Thumbelina carrots”; 1.5-2” round and orange in color with the green tops still attached.
  • Peeled Baby Carrots (5# bag only)– skin and greens removed leaving only a small bit of green stem.
  • Peeled Mixed Baby Carrots (5# bag only)- multi-colored with skin and greens removed leaving a small bit of green stem.
  • Mini Carrots (1# bag or 30/1# case) / Carroteeni (200/1.3oz bag case) / Snack Pack (100/2.6oz bag case)- great for salad bars, grab and go counters, and schools.