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Market Outlook - April 18, 2019

new spring arrivals

We are pleased to announce the arrival of several highly anticipated seasonal crops. The following are now available:

  • California English Peas (25# case or per pound; from Central California and Monterey coast)- tender, sweet, plump peas are delicious when used raw in salads. They are also great in soups, purees, as part of a vegetable ragout, and in stir-fry. The pea must be shucked from their inedible pods. 
  • “Farmer’s Market” Strawberries *LIMITED* (12/1# flat; from Watsonville)- delicious sweet/tart flavor with beautiful, deep red color. Please be sure to specify “Farmer’s Market Strawberries” when ordering otherwise you will receive the standard 8/1# case.
  • Field Grown Rhubarb (20# case or per pound; from Oregon)- retains its distinct color and tart flavor when cooked. Use this very seasonal item in pies, tarts, preserves, jams, and syrups.
  • Green Almonds (10# case; from J. Marchini Farms/Central Valley)- unripe almonds picked before the shell has a chance to harden. They have a fuzzy exterior and a gel-like interior. Their flavor is delicate, grassy and fruity. Green almonds are great when pickled, used as a garnish, added to salads or soups. They also pair well with fish and seafood.
  • Ramps (available by the pound)- a wild onion that resembles a scallion with broad leaves. The flavor of ramps is comparable to a combination of onions and garlic. They add wonderful and uniquely pungent flavor to soups, casseroles, rice, and potato dishes. Use them raw or cooked in any recipe calling for scallions or leeks.
  • Artichoke (available in 12ct, 18ct, 24ct, or 30ct case only; from Monterey County)- artichoke size is determined by the count per case. The more artichokes in the case, the smaller the artichoke will be.
  • Fava Beans (10# case; from Del Rio Botanical/West Sacramento)- excellent as part of a spring vegetable ragout or minestrone soup. Fava beans are also delicious when combined with ricotta cheese to make a fresh ravioli filling or spread for bruschetta. Del Rio also has Fava Greens in a 2# case.

califia farms oat milk barista blend

Many customers have asked for a dairy-free, nut-free “milk” option. We now offer Oat Milk Barista Blend from Califia Farms. With many alternatives on the market, we chose Califia Farms because they are based out of California; and they are committed to producing plant-based products, made from real ingredients, with little to no sugar. We offer the Oat Barista Blend by the 6 quart case only. Its consistency is slightly thicker than almond or soy milk. Oat Barista Blend steams beautifully, pairs perfectly with coffee, and tastes delicious by itself.

  • Made with whole rolled, gluten free oats grown in North America.
  • Other ingredients include water, sunflower oil, minerals and sea salt.
  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Carrageenan Free
  • No Gums or Stabilizers
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

TCHO Chocolate

This week we are proud to introduce a wide variety of decadent, locally produced chocolates from TCHO. The name TCHO is a phonetic spelling for the first syllable of chocolate (just say "cho!"). TCHO chocolate factory is located in Berkley, CA, where their complex chocolates are created with the highest quality flavor and flawless performance in mind. TCHO sources all of their cocoa pods from countries closest to the equator, with each country providing beans of different flavor profiles. Their 5 main origin countries include: Ghana, Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar, and the Dominican Republic. TCHO has taken on an innovative way to become successful chocolate makers by perfecting their blends to allow for more diverse tastes. After meticulously crafting their chocolate, TCHO guarantees their chocolate will add a level of sophistication to any creation.

We offer the following varieties ranging from rich, dark chocolates to expertly crafted blends:

  • 39% Cacao Milk Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- a classic milk chocolate with rich caramel notes and hints of butterscotch and honey. Ideal for baking, mousses, confections, or snacking! (Sourced from Peru and Ecuador; Fair Trade Certified; USDA Organic)
  • 53% Cacao Milk Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- a dark milk chocolate with a rich, fudgy flavor and creamy finish. Perfect for baking, ganache, mousse, and many more creations. (Sourced from Peru and Ecuador; Fair Trade Certified; USDA Organic)
  • 60.5% Cacao Semi-Sweet Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- complex chocolatey notes with hints of raisins, vanilla and a lingering caramel finish. This chocolate works well for ice creams, custards, ganache, baking, garnishing, dipping, molding, enrobing, and much more. (Vegan)
  • 66% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- warm complex cocoa notes with hints of dried cherries, currants and roasted coffee. Wonderful for tarts, baking, confections, sorbets, cakes, molding, enrobing and much more. (Fair Trade Certified; USDA Organic; Vegan)
  • 68% Chocolately Dark Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- robust cocoa richness with notes of roasted coffee, nuts, and raisins. Works well for ice cream, fillings, molten cakes, ganache, pastry cream, custard, baked goods, molding, bars, and more. (Vegan)
  • 81% Extra Dark Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- sharp, bright, acidic flavor balanced by rich and fudgy notes. This decadent chocolate also has hints of almond, hazelnut, and tangy dried cherry. Ideal for baking, ganache, garnishing, enrobing, dipping, molding, and many more creations. (Sourced from West Africa, Madagascar, Ecuador, and Peru; Fair Trade Certified; USDA Organic; Vegan)
  • 99% Unsweetened Chocolate (3kg/6.6# bag)- smooth, complex, and rich, this unsweetened chocolate has hints of espresso with a toasted undertone. Perfect for baking, ganache, ice cream, fillings, molding, dipping, garnishing and much more. (Sourced from Peru and Ecuador; Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic, Vegan)
  • 100% Cocoa Powder (2kg/4.4# bag)- very versatile, all natural, high fat cocoa powder made with no chemical processing. Rich chocolate flavors are balanced with delicate acidity. Ideal for baking, ice cream, and garnishing. (Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic, Vegan)
  • 100% Roasted Cocoa Nibs (1.5kg/3.3# bag)- deep, nutty, and toasty chocolate flavor with hints of chicory and coffee, these cocoa nibs have a crunchy, nut-like texture. Great for garnishing, incorporating into marinades or sauces, or sprinkling on ice cream. (Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic)