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Market Outlook - May 02, 2019

Super Spring Mix and baby kale
from Field fresh farms

Field Fresh Farms is our main supplier for spring mix and baby kale here at Produce Express. There have been some notable changes in our house baby lettuces. Our house baby kale, previously baby dino kale, has now changed to a mixed baby kale. In the mixed baby kale, you will find baby red kale and baby dino kale. We are no longer stocking a single variety baby kale.

Along with baby kale, spring mix ingredients have also been revamped. Our previous house spring mix was a blend of red and green tango and red and green baby oak lettuce. Our new standard spring mix will include: red and green tango, red and green baby oak lettuce, red and green baby chard, mizuna, tatsoi spinach, and baby spinach. If you do not want the new ‘super’ spring mix and prefer the previous blend, please order ‘lettuce only’ spring mix. If there is no specification when ordered, we will ship the new blend. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.



tasting tuesday
May 7th, 2019 from 1PM-3Pm

Please join us for Tasting Tuesday on May 7th, 2019 from 1PM to 3PM! This event will take place at our warehouse, located at 8340 Belvedere Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826.

We will be welcoming Renee Cade from TCHO, our new  chocolate purveyor, to give insight on their locally crafted chocolate. Also joining us is Ted Jones, owner of Jones and Company Vanilla and Flavorings. We will feature Jones and Co. vanilla beans, extracts, and baking ingredients.

We will have several chefs from Sacramento and the surrounding areas joining us to create tasty bites. Included in our guests will be:

  • Elizabeth McCleary, owner of a Sacramento favorite, Devine Gelateria. Elizabeth will be providing us with her own rich gelato made with TCHO chocolate.
  • Rising Star Pastry Chef Award winner, David Rodriguez, currently at Watershed in Grass Valley. He will be joining us with various tasty creations of his own, showcasing  both TCHO and Jones and Company.
  • Martha Curry, owner and chef at Amour de Patisserie, spotlighting TCHO with her decadent chocolate covered  strawberries.
  • Karen Holmes, owner and chef at Karen’s Bakery in Folsom. Karen will be creating a spectacular ‘super snickerdoodle’, featuring Jones and Co. products.
  • Milk Money will also be spotlighting numerous Jones and Co. products with their rich vanilla donut filled with vanilla cream and rolled in vanilla sugar.

Plus, we will be raffling gift cards from local restaurants every half hour (must be present to win). This event is open to everyone in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Please spread the word to your team and industry friends.

farmer's Market Strawberries

We have finally reached the beginning of the Northern California strawberry season! The first of the berries are sweet, vibrant, and juicy, all great signs for a promising season! California strawberries account for 88% of the strawberries produced in the U.S., with three major growing regions– Santa Maria, Watsonville, and the Southern District (Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties). The mild days and cool nights in Watsonville produce the sweetest tasting berries, especially in the spring months. The peak harvesting season runs through June, when up to 10 million pint baskets are shipped daily. All strawberries are picked, sorted and packed by hand in the field. Large growers that ship to outlying areas rush the full trays to onsite refrigerators that quickly cool the berries down to 34 degrees to create a longer shelf life. Strawberries from smaller operations are picked riper, are more flavorful, and are typical of the quality you find at farmer’s markets.

We are now offering a farmer’s market quality strawberry from Watsonville. Farmer’s Market Strawberries are hand-packed into 12/1# pint baskets and available by the flat only. Price is slightly higher than 8/1# flats, but the yield is greater as well. Because Farmer’s Market Strawberries are picked at the peak of ripeness, they should be used within 3 days.

Please specify FARMER’S MARKET STRAWBERRIES when ordering or we will send a conventional case.