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Market Outlook - May 16, 2019

Sacramento sprouting company

Sacramento Sprouting Company was founded three years ago by Mathew Weber and his wife, Stephanie. After being dissatisfied as consumers, they set out to grow their own product. What once was a single shelf of sprouts has now grown into a 1,250 square foot growing space in North Sacramento with numerous varieties of micro greens and sprouts. Using LED lighting, a hybrid hydroponic system, and organic soil, Sacramento Sprouts is able to produce high quality sprouts. Despite being costly and labor intensive, the rich soil generates superior flavors, aromas, and colors, all of which are important in micro greens. The use of high-grade soil also allows for vigorous growth without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Each variety of micro green is harvested by hand, just before delivery, twice a week. This ensures a consistent and fresh product. Here at Produce Express, we carry numerous varieties of Sacramento Sprouting Company’s micro greens and sprouts. Amongst the most popular we have in stock are:

  • Micro Cilantro– bright and pungent, great as a garnish used to top tacos, sushi, or salads or used in a chimichurri. 4oz Bag
  • Micro Spicy Mix– a mix of at least 6 different greens including: Red Vein Sorrel, Amaranth, Purple Radish,  Upland Cress, Chervil, Garnet Mustard, Red Cabbage, and Shiso. 4oz Bag
  • Micro Orach– a deep, earthy flavor similar to Bulls Blood Beet micro greens but with a superior texture, durability, and richer color. 4oz Bag
  • Pea Sprouts– a sweet but nutty taste with a crunchy yet succulent texture. Great eaten raw but will hold up to heat if added to a dish such as stir-fry. 4oz Bag
  • Sunflower Sprouts– rich and nutty with a crunchy bite that hold up well when paired with deeper flavors. 4oz Bag

nut house! Granola

Nut House Granola is locally made and packed with whole nuts, juicy fruit, and pure maple syrup. The granola is mixed by hand in small batches then  slowly baked to create a  beautiful granola that is perfectly balanced in richness,  sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness. The final product is rustic and delicious and has an addictive texture. Nut House Granola is made in Berkeley, CA using all natural ingredients including California farm-direct Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans and Raisins, Organic Oats, Coconut, and Agave Syrup, and Non-GMO Verified Canola Oil. We offer Nut House Original Granola in convenient 10# bags. The granola is so good, it may cause you to forego making your own.

rue & forsman ranch
locally grown rice

Rue & Forsman Ranch was founded in 1946 just south of Marysville, CA by Frank Rue and John Forsman. In 1974, Frank’s son, Michael Rue, decided that the clay soils on the ranch would be ideal for rice production. More recently, Michael's stepson, Michael Bosworth, has helped make Rue and Forsman one of the most innovated and sustainability-minded rice  producers in the state. In order to produce the highest quality rice possible, each step is carefully controlled from the day the rice is planted until it is milled and delivered to customers. All of their rice varieties are source identified and fully traceable back to the fields where they were grown. Bosworth is a champion of conservation practices that enhance the natural resources on and near the ranch. Rue & Forsman Ranch partners with The Nature Conservancy and other conservation groups to provide optimal habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife that call the ranch home. We now offer the following varieties:

  • Brown Rice– Soft moist texture with a slight crunch and pleasantly nutty flavor. As this is a brown rice product, the flavor will be nuttier and there will be some texture from the intact rice bran. Long and short grain available by the 25# bag. Medium grain is available by the 50# bag.
  • White Rice– Wonderful fluffy texture when cooked and a mild pleasant taste that serves as an great addition to any dish. Available in long, medium, and short (sushi) grain, 25# bags. Organic long grain white rice is also available by the 25# bag.
  • Basmati Rice- an extra long grain, which results in a very light texture when cooked. This basmati rice is considered by many to be the best quality rice of its type grown in the US. 25# bag
  • Black Rice– A mild, nutty taste similar to brown rice. Black rice has a deep black color and usually turns to a deep purple when cooked. 25# bag
  • Jasmine (White) Rice- A long grain that fluffs when cooked with the characteristic floral aroma. 25# bag
  • Carnaroli Rice– A sturdy rice that has a plump medium grain. This rice holds up very well for a variety of cooking techniques due to its higher starch content and firmer texture. 25# bag