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Market Outlook - May 30, 2019


June is just around the corner and that means it is the beginning of stone fruit season! One local farm we source from is Frog Hollow, located in Brentwood, CA. Frog Hollow was founded by Farmer Al in 1989 and has become famous for their legendary apricots. In the same year they were founded, Frog Hollow was also certified organic with CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). They believe in sustainable farming practices and do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We are currently offering Frog Hollow Apricots in a 10# case only. These are the first of Frog Hollow crops and need time to ripen. Please specify Frog Hollow when ordering.

Another local farm we source local stone fruit from is Twin Peaks Orchards located in Newcastle, CA. Twin Peaks was established in 1912 and has been family owned and operated for four generations. They follow the principles of sustainable agriculture, using beneficial insects to control pests and organic fertilizers to promote healthy tree growth. We are currently stocking Twin Peaks white peaches and yellow peaches available by the 18# case or by the pound. Nectarines will be available shortly!
We also source local fruit from Dwelley Farms located in Brentwood, CA. Dwelley is fortunate to be in a region that experiences hot days and cool nights. Their climate results in ideal growing conditions for a variety of fruits and vegetables including stone fruit, beans, squash, corn, and much more! We are currently stocking Flavor Rosa Pluots in a 20# case and by the pound.

We will offer more varieties of local fruit as the season progresses. Please keep in mind the season has just begun. Peak stone fruit season is from mid June to mid August.


Z Specialty Foods is family owned and operated by the Zeldner family, who have been producing honey in Woodland, CA since 1979. California Honeys, Fruit Spreads, and Nut Butters from Z Specialty Foods are perfect for baking and make great additions to cheese boards, tea service and more!


Z Specialty honey is minimally processed, unheated, unpasteurized, and certified Kosher. Each honey is specific to a single floral source and location contributing to their unique flavors, colors, and aromas.
  • Local Wildflower (12# tub)– light in color with subtle floral overtones.
  • Orange Blossom (12# tub)– pollen from California orange groves is used to produce this fragrant, light honey.
  • California Coriander (12# tub)– savory and rich, this amazing honey has hints of spice and cardamom.
  • Honey Straws (125ct)– local wildflower honey in a clear, 7-inch straw that easily pops open. These are perfect for beverage service or to-go drinks.


  • Apricot Honey Spread (10# tub)– a sweet/tart blend of local Blenheim apricots and wildflower honey.
  • Tart Cherry Honey Spread (10# tub)– tart Montmorency cherries blended with sweet honey.
  • Apricot-Cherry Honey Spread (10# tub)– balanced sweet/tart flavor.


  • California Almond Butter (7.5# tub)– made simply with roasted California almonds– no salt, sugar, or stabilizers.
  • Nut Crunch (7.5# tub)– California almonds, filberts from  the Northwest, and tropical cashews make a delicious crunchy combination.



Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms, located in Sloughhouse, CA, is a staple at local farmers markets. DGM has been supplying Sacramento area restaurants since 2000. DGM mushrooms are grown indoors using a scientific method involving untreated hardwood sawdust and wheat or rice bran. They have complete control over moisture, humidity, and temperature. No manure, supplements, herbicides, pesticides or any other additives are ever used. We offer the following varieties from Dragon Gourmet:
• Oyster Mushrooms– fluted, scallop shaped, soft brown caps, with a delicate, sweet flavor and velvety texture. Best when cooked as the stem is somewhat tough. 5# case.
• Beech Mushrooms– available in Brown or White; Quarter size caps with 2-3” white stems. They have a crunchy texture that holds up to cooking; a hot sauté truly brings out their mild nutty flavor. 4# case.
• Shiitake Mushrooms– tan to dark brown with broad, umbrella shaped caps. They have a rich, earthy, umami flavor with a meaty, slightly chewy texture. 5# case.
 Eryngii Mushrooms– aka King Trumpet/ Trumpet Royale. They have a savory flavor with a firm, meaty texture; often used in place of wild mushrooms. Unlike many mushrooms, the stem has the same texture and flavor as the cap; 100% yield. Good for high heat cooking. 5# case.
• Lion’s Mane– unique globular shaped mushrooms; crab-like texture and a buttery flavor, making them a fantastic sub in  recipes calling for crab. VERY LIMITED; 5# case.