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Market Outlook - July 25, 2019


Warm summer days have finally led us to local heirloom melon season! We are currently sourcing our local melons from R. Kelley Farms. R. Kelley Farms is a family owned farming venture whichmelon savor 300X300 has been providing quality fruits and vegetables to the local community for over 25 years. Located in South Sacramento along River Road, the 58-acre farm is owned and operated by Ron Kelley and his wife, Ella. Both Ron and Ella have been very much involved in every aspect of their business and surrounding farming community. Ron has worked in the agricultural industry for over 45 years. As an agricultural production consultant, Ron advises his fellow farmers on plant health.
We are currently offering the following heirloom melons by the case (approximately 6 per case):

Ambrosia: An exotic melon hybrid often confused with a cantaloupe, but it's quite different. Its flesh is very sweet, floral, tender and pale orange in color.

Crème de la Crème: Creamy white flesh marbled with pale orange. The skin is orange/yellow and slightly netted. Deliciously fragrant and very sweet.

Diplomat: Diplomats are a honeydew-type melon with thick, pale green flesh and fine netting on their skin. Diplomats have a tropical aroma and taste.

Savor: Bright orange flesh, deep aroma and very sweet flavor. Excellent with prosciutto.

Local Mixed Melon: A mixture of at least 3 of the varieties above, available by the case. Please specify local when ordering.


stillwater bartlett 500X300

Stillwater Orchards is located along the Sacramento River in the town of Courtland– an area known to produce some of the best pears in the world. The land has been owned and operated by the Elliot family since 1860 when their ancestor, David Osborne, settled on the Delta on the heels of the Gold Rush and ordered the area’s first pear trees from France. The Elliots take pride in producing some of the most flavorful pears in the Delta. They grow, pack, and ship on site ensuring the highest quality standards.

The first varieties available are Bartlett and Red Crimson. Bartlett pears are the most identifiable in flavor, with a true “pear” flavor. Sweet and crisp when on the greener side and extremely juicy as they fully ripen. Aside from color, there is not much difference in the Red Crimson and Bartlett. Bartletts are available by the 40# case and by the pound. Red Crimsons are available by the 20# case and by the pound.

As the season progresses, we will begin to bring in more varieties from Stillwater Orchards. Bosc, Comice, French Butter, and Seckle pears should all be available within the next month, weather permitting.


Gourmet Mushrooms, located in Sebastopol, CA, is committed to growing the finest quality specialty mushrooms using sustainable practices. They have been pioneer growers of fresh culinaryforest nameko 300X300 mushrooms since 1977, when they were the first to commercially cultivate shiitake in the United States. Their fresh mushroom division, Mycopia Mushrooms, has earned its reputation as the premier grower of top quality, flavorful forest mushrooms. Their mushrooms are grown on oak-based substrate in reusable bottles. After the mushrooms are harvested, the spent substrate is recycled and turned into compost. Their mushrooms have been certified organic and kosher since 2005. We are currently offering the following varieties in 6# cases:

Maiitake: Also referred to as Hen of the Woods, Maiitake mushrooms have a great forest aroma and a light, crunchy texture. Their rich, versatile flavor compliments roasted meats and chicken, cheeses, dark leafy greens, and hearty grains.

Orange Forest Nameko: Bright orange and glossy caps with long stems. The naturally occurring gelatin on the cap allows the Forest Nameko to act as a thickener for soups and sauces. Namekos have an earthy flavor that is enhanced when sautéed.

Velvet Pioppini: The caps of the Velvet Pioppini are dark chocolate brown with a soft/silky texture. The long, cream colored stems have a texture similar to asparagus. Excellent on their own or their intense forest flavor pairs well with red meats or game.

Chef Sampler: A variety of mushrooms offered in one case. Varieties typically included are Brown Beech, White Beech, Eryngii (Trumpet Royale), and either Velvet Pioppini or Forest Nameko.