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Market Outlook - August 1, 2019


Riverdog Farm is a 450-acre certified organic, diversified family farm that grows vegetables, fruits, nuts, and raises chickens and pigs. The rich creek-bottomRiverdog Mixed Medley Large 300x300 soil, intense summer heat, and winter frost of the beautiful Capay Valley contribute to growing exceptionally tasting fruits and vegetables year-round. We are currently stocking the following summer items from Riverdog:

Lemon Cucumber: A round and yellow cucumber, about the size of a tennis ball. They have a clean, crisp taste that is excellent in salads or for pickling. 10# case
Armenian Cucumber: A heavily ribbed, light green cucumber. Mild and sweet, Armenian Cucumbers are great for slicing or pickling. 10# case

Gypsy Peppers: Gypsy peppers are a light yellow-green color and sweet. Gypsies will start to turn orange or red as the season progresses. They are perfect for frying, stuffing, roasting, or raw. 10# case

Padron Peppers: Padrons are relatively small peppers with a deep, true green color. Most Padron peppers are very mild but  occasionally can be extremely hot. 5# case

Jimmy Nardello Peppers: A long, thin-skinned frying pepper. Jimmy Nardellos are deep red with a sweet flavor. 10# case

Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes: A beautiful blend of colors, shapes, and flavors. 12 half pint flat/ half flat

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes: An increasingly popular cherry tomato. Golden orange, round, and sweet. 12 half pint flat.

If you are looking for a specific item from Riverdog that we do not stock, contact your sales rep to inquire about special orders.


Ray Yeung tomatoes are highly praised by local chefs for their intense flavor, unique sizes, shapes, and colors. Yeung Farm is owned by “Uncle” Ray Yeung and his family.heirloom caprese 300X300 Their 60+ acre farm was established in 1950 in West Sacramento. Yeung Farm grows over two dozen varieties during the season. We offer heirloom tomatoes by the 10# case as a single variety or a mixed toybox. We are currently stocking the following:
Red/Purple Varieties:
Black Pineapple
Black Prince
Giant Black Zebra
Pink Brandywine
Prudens Purple
Purple Cherokee
Red Zebra
Striped Cavern
Orange/Yellow Varieties:
Carolina Gold
Yellow Brandywine

Green Varities:
Green Zebra
We also have True Vine Ripe Shady Lady tomatoes available by the 20# case, as well as True Vine Ripe Roma tomatoes.


Sparrow Lane Bottles 600X300

Sparrow Lane’s “chef inspired” vinegars were first introduced in 1996 in the heart of the Napa Valley. Their vinegars were a hit among chefs because of the quality ingredients and perfect balance of fruit to  acid. We would love to introduce two new flavors to our already extensive line of vinegars:
Fig Balsamic: A deep brown, pleasantly sweet vinegar with the addition of seasonal figs. Pairs wonderfully with artisan cheeses, drizzled over a salad, or with pork or poultry. Sold by the gallon
Pink Champagne Vinegar: A delicate, crisp, and fresh vinegar, with a soft pink champagne color. The elegant taste of traditional champagne vinegar with a floral undertone. Perfect in a salad of light greens. Sold by the gallon
We will continue to offer the following varieties by the gallon: Cabernet, Champagne, Citrus, D’Anjou Pear, Dark Balsamic, Golden Balsamic, Gravenstein Apple Cider, Mango, Pear Raspberry, Raspberry, Red Wine, Rice Wine, Sherry, White Wine, and Zinfandel.


Join us for our Produce Picnic at our next Tasting Tuesday! We will be debuting a new line of fresh pickles and sauerkraut from Sonoma BrineryDavid Ehreth, founder and owner of Sonoma Brinery, will be here to share their small business story as well as elaborate on what makes their fresh products so unique. Sac City Brews will also be joining us and cooking up some Beyond Meat brats and Beyond Meat burgers to showcase the delicious fresh pickles and sauerkraut! We will also be sampling a few other new products, including a line of iced teas from Numi Tea. There will be games for everyone to play and we will also be raffling off gift cards to local restaurants! You do not want to miss out on this afternoon full of fun and tasty treats! Everyone in the industry is welcome to attend and we encourage you to spread the word!
 Sonoma brinery product line 500X300
August 13th | 1PM-3PM
8340 Belvedere Ave | Sacramento, 95826