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Market Outlook - August 8, 2019


The Sciabica (pronounced Sha-bee-ka) family has been cold-pressing olive oil on the same property in Modesto for over 80 years, making them the oldest producer in the United States. Thesciabica olive oil and pizza 300x300 artisan tradition of olive oil production was learned in Sicily in the olive oil mills of Castelvetrano by Nicola Sciabica, the patriarch and founder of Sciabica’s California Olive Oil. Their olive oils are pressed from only California-grown olives, 100% GMO-free, sustainably farmed, and artisan-crafted in small batches. We are proud to offer the following olive oils:
Mission Trail Extra Virgin: 100% California. 100% extra virgin. 100% no gimmicks. An olive oil with a rich, fresh flavor and a smooth finish. Nutty and herbaceous, it's a fantastic olive oil for dressings and finishing dishes. 2.64 gallon “bag-in-box”
Arbequina (Sevillano) Extra Virgin: Also known as “fruity and smooth”. It is a smooth, full flavored oil with hints of artichokes and fresh herbs. A single-variety olive oil pressed from newly-ripened green olives. Perfect for bread dipping, salad dressings, and main courses. 2.64 gallon “bag-in-box”
California Pure 90/10: 90% Refined Olive Oil and 10% virgin olive oil. Very subtle flavor that will not add or subtract anything from the recipe. Ideal for chefs that are committed to 100% olive oil but prefer to not have the olive oil flavor. Gallon or 4/1gal case
80/20 Blend: 80% USA Canola and 20% California EVOO. Delicate and clean. It has the versatility and affordability of Canola but the flavor of olive oil. Perfect for cooking, marinades, and dressings. 2.64 gallon “bag-in-a-box”


In the heart of heirloom tomato season, another item comes to mind almost immediately: fresh mozzarella. We currently offer four varieties of the mild, creamy cheese, ranging from uniformburrata with olive oil 300x300 sized bites to fresh curd. All of our fresh mozzarella products are sourced from Di Stefano Cheese in Pomona, CA. We are currently stocking the following:
Ovoline: Fresh mozzarella rolled into egg-size 4oz balls, in a salt water brine. Easy to slice for pizzas or for salads. 3# tub (12/4oz balls)
Ciliegine: Small, bite size mozzarella balls. Roughly the size of a cherry tomato, easy to add to salads or  appetizers. Also melts wonderfully on pizzas and pastas. 3# tub (144/.33oz balls)

Burrata: A rich, creamy, and delectable product. Burrata is a small ball of fresh mozzarella with a creamy mixture of heavy cream and mozzarella curd in the center. A rich addition to pizzas, salads, or pastas. Also great on its own with  olive oil. 12/4oz case
Fresh Mozzarella Curd: Looking to make your own mozzarella? We offer fresh, high quality mozzarella curd. 5# bag or 4/5# case


Join us for our Produce Picnic at our next Tasting Tuesday! We will be debuting a new line of fresh pickles and sauerkraut from Sonoma BrineryDavid Ehreth, founder and owner of Sonoma Brinery, will be here to share their small business story as well as elaborate on what makes their fresh products so unique. Sac City Brews will also be joining us and cooking up some Beyond Meat brats and Beyond Meat burgers to showcase the delicious fresh pickles and sauerkraut! We will also be sampling a few other new products, including a line of iced teas from Numi Tea. There will be games for everyone to play and we will also be raffling off gift cards to local restaurants! You do not want to miss out on this afternoon full of fun and tasty treats! Everyone in the industry is welcome to attend and we encourage you to spread the word!
 Sonoma brinery product line 500X300
August 13th | 1PM-3PM
8340 Belvedere Ave | Sacramento, 95826


We welcome you to join us for a  wonderful farm tour of Rue & Forsman Ranch just before harvest season! Michael Bosworth, step-son of one of the original founders, has helped make Rue and Forsman one of the most innovated and sustainability-minded rice producers in the state. He will be there to guide the tour and educate on how they grow and harvest over a dozen varieties of  outstanding rice. Coffee and pastries will be provided before boarding the bus and lunch will be served on the ranch. The tour will kick off at 8am on Tuesday, August 27th. We are expected to return by 2pm. Contact your sales rep or our office to RSVP!

 rue and forsman farm tour 600x300