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Market Outlook - August 15, 2019


gypsy jimmy nardello and padron peppers 300x300Seasonal produce is currently flourishing and this week is no different. Although you may be able to source different peppers year round, summer peppers are only available once a year. We are fortunate enough to have outstanding local farms to supply us with a variety of seasonal peppers. We are currently stocking the following from Riverdog in Guinda, CA:

Jimmy Nardello Peppers– Sweet and light when enjoyed raw; great frying pepper as its fruity raw flavor becomes creamy and soft when fried. Makes a gorgeous pepperonata, or delicious in pastas, pizzas, and risottos. 10# case

Gypsy Peppers– Gypsies are known to change color through the season. The first crops are a pale yellowish green color and gradually transform into bright orange and rich red. They have an intense sweet flavor; perfect for stuffing. Enjoy raw or roast to enhance sweetness. 10# case.

Padron Peppers– Small, crinkled green peppers that are sweet and mild with one in ten being very spicy! Lively addition to pizzas, salads, soups, and rice dishes. They can also be pan-fried or blistered and served as a side. 5# case

Shishito Peppers- We are currently sourcing Shishito peppers from R. Kelley Farmin Sacramento. Shishitos are sweet, thin skinned peppers commonly used as a starter dish. They can be roasted until blistered and seasoned. While shishitos are mostly sweet, one in every ten can have mild heat. 5# case


 rue and forsman farm tour 600x300
We welcome you to join us for a  wonderful farm tour of Rue & Forsman Ranch just before harvest season! Michael Bosworth, step-son of one of the original founders, has helped make Rue and Forsman one of the most innovated and sustainability-minded rice producers in the state. He will be there to guide the tour and educate on how they grow and harvest over a dozen varieties of  outstanding rice. Coffee and pastries will be provided before boarding the bus and lunch will be served on the ranch. The tour will kick off at 8am on Tuesday, August 27th. We are expected to return by 2pm. Contact your sales rep or our office to RSVP!


Sonoma brinery product line 300x300If you happened to miss our Produce Express Picnic, we introduced numerous new products at our event and here is the scoop:

Sonoma Brinery

Based in Healdsburg, CA, Sonoma Brinery produces all natural, pickled products. They do not use any heat processing, pasteurization, artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. We are now stocking the following in 2 gallon tubs:

Manhattan Style Whole Pickles- flavored with nine spices, fresh garlic & sea salt. Barrel fermented, never pasteurized & probiotic.

"The Wedge" Pickle Spears- The “Wedge” is a fresh-packed, all-natural dill spear with no artificial preservatives, additives, colors or other chemicals such as “natural” flavors. This pickle is an ideal accompaniment to sandwiches of all types.

"Wild West" Dill Pickle Chips- They combine a bright tartness with fresh dill & lively spices to make it perfect inside a sandwich, in your potato salad or hamburger.

Bread & Butter Pickle Chips- These crispy pickle “chips” are seasoned with southwestern flavors & a little bit of chili heat. Tuck them into a hamburger, panini, or falafel pita to give them a tasty new level of flavor. Sweetened with real sugar.

"Sizzling" Bread & Butter Pickle Chips- Fire-roasted red bell pepper & fiery Thai chilies give these pickles a sizzling kick. Sweetened with real sugar.

Traditional Fresh Sauerkraut– Crisp & crunchy in texture, packed with fresh cabbage flavor & a mellow tartness.

Dill & Garlic Fresh Sauerkraut- Made with fresh dill & garlic, this sauerkraut will bring your hotdog or braised meats to a new level.

Chipotle Fresh Sauerkraut- The mild, smoky flavor of chipotle and roasted red bell peppers give this sauerkraut a full rich flavor that complements other foods such as sausages, braised pork or beef.

Numi Iced Tea

BERRIED TREASURE 300X300We are happy to announce three new additions to our Numi Tea line. Each of the following teas are cold brew, iced teas. One bag brews one gallon of tea. Sold by the case of 24 bags only.

Berried Treasures– A blend of dried hibiscus, currants, pineapple, apple, cherries, and bananas for a natural sweetness.

High Mountain Black Tea– Made of the finest whole leaf, single-estate black tea leaves. It brews into an amber color, low in astringency, rich in flavor, and clean on the palate.

Citrus Green Tea– Organic and fair trade smooth green tea infused with a refreshing lemon zest.