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Market Outlook - August 30, 2019

delta pears from stillwater orchards

stillwater bartlett 300x300Stillwater Orchards is located along the Sacramento River in the town of Courtland– an area known to produce some of the best pears in the world. The land has been owned and operated by the Elliot family since 1860 when their ancestor, David Osborne, settled on the Delta on the heels of the Gold Rush and ordered the area’s first pear trees from France. The Elliots take pride in producing some of the most flavorful pears in the Delta. They grow, pack, and ship on site ensuring the highest quality standards. We are currently stocking the following pear varieties from Stillwater:
Bartlett– Sweet and juicy with buttery flesh. Their flavor and smooth texture make Bartlett pears a great addition to salads, pizzas, jams, pies and galettes, or simply add to a cheese board. 40# case, piece, or pound.
Bosc– Great for a variety of applications. A ripe Bosc will still be firm and dense with tender, sweet honey flesh that is rich and aromatic. 40# case, pound, or piece.
Comice– One of the sweetest and juiciest varieties with creamy flesh and an aroma reminiscent of wine. 20# case.
French Butter– Juicy, buttery flesh with hints of lemon; a great baking pear. 20# case only.
Red Star Crimson– Similar to a Bartlett but with beautiful red skin. 20# case, piece or pound.
Seckel– An excellent dessert pear, small in size but big on sweetness. Great served with cheese or baked into tarts. 20# case only.

point reyes farmstead cheese

 point reyes cheese stack 300x300At Point Reyes, every stage of the cheese making process is managed on the farm; from birthing, raising, and milking the cows to aging the cheese. The unique bacteria of Tomales Bay, along with the land’s lush rye grass and crisp, pristine air contribute to the delectable flavor of Point Reyes cheeses. We offer the following  varieties:

Point Reyes Toma
Aged for a minimum of 90 days, this classic Italian cow’s milk cheese is semi firm with a creamy texture, buttery flavor and tangy finish. It is a delicious melted into pastas and on sandwiches, also a great addition to cheese boards. 10# wheel
Point Reyes Bay Bleu
Rustic style blue cheese reminiscent of Stilton. It is known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted-caramel finish. Best of Show 2016 California State Fair Award Winner. 6# wheel
Point Reyes Original Bleu
A creamy, full flavored Blue cheese with sweet, fresh milk flavor. A great Cheese Course blue, perfect for salads, dressings, dips, in a sauce for steak and grilled  vegetables. Pairs well with stone fruit, honey, and berries. 6# wheel

locally grown figs

tiger striped fig mc 300X300Windmill Farm and Vineyard is located in Woodland, CA. They have roughly 200 acres of land dedicated to farming an assortment of crops from figs and grapes to olives and stone fruit. The farm started as a passion project to grow specialty grapes. The land also functions as an event space with a focus on celebrating the farm to table movement. We are  currently sourcing a variety of delectable figs from Windmill Farm including:

Black Mission– One of the sweeter varieties of figs. Despite their name, Black Missions have a deep purple-blue skin with a bright pink flesh. They are terrific when eaten on their own but also great when paired with tangy cheeses or yogurts. Available by the pint or 12 pint flat
Kadota– Kadotas have light green skin with a pale pink flesh. They are noticeably less sweet than the other fig varieties when raw. They are a great variety for making jams or preserves. They can also be added to salads or pizzas. 12 pint flat only
Tiger Stripe– Tiger Stripe figs have a bright    yellow skin with green “tiger” stripes. They have a deep red flesh that is candy sweet with a texture similar to jam. 12 pint flat only
Violette de Bordeaux– Considered to be one of the best eating figs in terms of flavor. At a glance, Violette Figs are very similar to the Black Mission. They have a very dark purple skin with a deep red flesh. Violettes tend to be smaller and more pear shaped with a sweet, rich flavor. Excellent when eaten fresh or dried. 12 pint flat only