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Market Outlook - September 19, 2019


Larsen Apple no logo 300x300Local apple season is here! Although you may be able to buy apples year-round, you can not beat the quality of locally grown, fresh apples. We stock multiple varieties of apples from Larsen Apple Barn in Apple Hill during local apple season. Larsen Apple Barn was founded in the 1860’s by the Larsen family and continues to be the oldest, continuously family-owned farm in Apple Hill. We are pleased to offer the following with more varieties to follow as the season progresses:

Ruby Mac: Ruby Macs are said to be a cross between the McIntosh and Rubinstar apples. They are a sweet apple with a refreshing tartness, reminiscent of the McIntosh. They have ruby red skin that has a few small bands of green and yellow. Ruby Macs break down easily when cooked and are best used fresh. 40# case
Ruby Jon: Very similar to the Jonathan apple in taste and texture. They are a crisp, juicy, and tart apple with a hint of spice. Although they look quite similar, they are slightly sweeter than the Ruby Mac. 40# case
Gala: Red skin over a pale yellow background and creamy flesh that is yellow and crisp. Galas are mildly sweet in flavor and are best for salads, eating raw, or used for applesauce; not the best for baking. 10# or 40# case
Golden Delicious: A versatile apple that is great for multiple uses, especially for cooking and baking into tarts or pies. Its balanced sweetness and acidity makes for a great pairing with savory items, as well as being excellent in salads or applesauce. 40# case
Keep an eye out next week for more varieties– Honeycrisp and Jonathan!

apple hill farm tour

September 24th | Apple Hill Farm Tour–We will be visiting Larsen Apple Barn where we will be taking a tour of the apple orchard and enjoying the rich history of their farm. Then we will head over to Apple Ridge Farm where we will have a cheese tasting with Sierra Nevada Cheese. There is a large “country store” filled with delicious baked goods. Take time to explore the handmade crafts before stopping for lunch. A barbecue lunch will be provided by Apple Ridge at the orchard. The tour is expected to kick off at 8:30AM and we are expected to return to Sacramento at 2:30PM. Please contact your sales rep or our office to RSVP. You can also RSVP here.APPLE HILL FARM TOUR BANNER 500X300
Keep an eye on future Market Outlooks and our social media for more events!


baby sweet potato hasselback 300X300If you are looking for the perfect fall accompaniment, baby sweet potatoes and baby yams are a great choice! Typically, a medium-sized sweet potato will be roughly 6-8 inches. However, baby sweet potatoes and yams are only 3-4 inches in length, slightly larger than a fingerling potato. These tiny tubers can be prepared in numerous ways! They can be roasted, wedged, stuffed, or mashed into a perfectly portioned side for autumn dishes. We offer both white-flesh baby sweet potatoes and orange-flesh baby yams by the 15# case only.

We also stock both full-sized jumbo sweet potatoes and yams by the 40# case and by the pound.

Sweet Potatoes vs. Yams

While many people lump all potatoes into one category, potatoes can actually be quite different in terms of their taste, flavor, texture, and nutrients. Sweet potatoes are no exception! Sweet potatoes belong to an entirely different food family than the common potato. The moist-fleshed, orange-colored root vegetable that is often thought of as a "yam" in the United States, is actually a sweet potato. It was given it’s name after being introduced into the United States in the mid-20th century in order to distinguish it from the already popular white-fleshed sweet potato.

Yams vs Sweet Potatoes 21 150X150Many people are accustomed to referring to an orange flesh “yam” as a sweet potato. In order to assure you get the correct variety when ordering, we recommend specifying flesh color. Differentiating between orange and white flesh will help alleviate confusion.