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Market Outlook - September 26, 2019


chocolate baking 300x300Autumn is in the air and we have all of your baking needs covered! We have compiled a list of the most popular fall baking items that we carry to help narrow down your search:
Artisan Oils from La Tourangelle, milled in Woodland, CA: Pumpkin Seed, Hazelnut, Walnut, and Pecan.
Crafted by Jones and Co., sold by the quart: Vanilla, Maple, Almond, Lemon, and Orange.
Dried Spices
Whole Nutmeg (1#), Pumpkin Spice (1#), Star Anise (8oz), Whole Cloves (12oz), Ground Cinnamon (1#), Cinnamon Sticks (2#), Ground Ginger (1#)
Fruit Purees
All natural purees with pristine flavors from Perfect Puree: Black Currant, Blood Orange, Cranberry, Ginger, Green Apple, Lemon Zest, Meyer Lemon, Orange Zest, Pear, Pomegranate.
Nuts & Nut Butters
All nuts are available by the 5# bag: Almonds (sliced, slivered, whole raw, whole blanched, whole roasted), Walnuts (halves or pieces), Hazelnuts, and Cashews. Our nut butters are made with 100% nuts- no salt, sugar, or stabilizers added from Z Specialty in 7.5# tubs: Almond Butter, California Nut Crunch—a blend of hazelnuts, cashews, and almonds.
High quality and freshly milled flour from Giusto’s in San Francisco, available by the 25# bag: All Purpose, Organic All Purpose, Semolina (best for pastas and breads), 00 High Protein (best for thin pizzas, pastas, and breads), High Performer (best for breads and pizza), and Rice Flour.
Vanilla sugar and Cinnamon Sugar from Jones & Co. available by the 1# bag. We also carry C&H White Sugar as well as Brown Sugar in 25# sacks.
Locally crafted chocolate from TCHO is available by the 6.6# bag. We stock: 99%, 81%, 68%, 66%, 60.5%, 53%, and 39%. We also carry TCHO cocoa powder (6.6#) and cacao nibs (3.3#).

fall decor

indian corn 500x250
Due to popular demand, we are stocking fall decorative items early this season! Natural Autumn elements can help add a rustic warmness to entryways, table settings, centerpieces and much more. We are currently offering the following:
Indian Corn—18ct case
Gourds– 18# case
Decorative Fall Leaves– bunch


Mini Orange Pumpkins– 40ct case
Mini White Pumpkins– 40ct case
Orange– each (available in small, medium, and large)
White– each
French Red (Cinderella)- each
Fairytale (Blue)- each
Sugar Pie– 35# case only
We also offer an Autumn Mix- a variety of gourds, mini pumpkins, and Indian corn. Sold by the case only

fall essentials

fall pappardelle pancetta pasta 300x300Rice
Locally grown rice from Rue & Forsman Ranch in Marysville, CA. We offer the following in 25# bags: Brown (long, medium, and short grain), White (long, medium, and short grain), White Jasmine, White Basmati, and Carnaroli.
Milled Grains
We stock locally milled grains from Early Bird Farms in Nevada City. The following are available in 10# bags: Alpowa soft white wheat flour, hard red spring wheat flour, Frasinetto wheat flour, and white corn polenta. We also carry Early Bird’s pancake/waffle mix.
Dried Heirloom Beans
Locally grown and certified organic dried heirloom beans from Elegant Beans. Each variety is available by the 5# bag: Black Calypso, Black Garbanzo, Black Valentine, Christmas Lima, Eye of the Goat, Green Black-eyed, Green Flageolet, Hidatsu Red, Jacob’s Cattle, Pebble, Snowcap, Sunset Runner, and Tarbais.
Dried Pasta
Artisan made pasta from Eduardo’s in San Francisco. They use a blend of semolina and wheat flours, along with local farm eggs. No salt, preservatives, or artificial colors are added. We stock the following in 12/12oz cases: Conchiglie (medium shell), Fusilli, Tri-color Fusilli, Penne, Rigatoni, and Spinach Fettuccine.
Fresh Pasta
Fresh, handmade pasta from Paragary’s Bakery in Sacramento. Paragary’s pasta is made fresh daily using Giusto’s flour and farm fresh eggs. Each variety is available by the pound: Fettuccine, Papparadelle, Tagliolini, and plain pasta sheets.