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Market Outlook - December 5, 2019


romanesco st 300x300Although available year-round, many vegetables in the brassica family are recognized as “cool season” crops. The most familiar brassicas include Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbages, Brussels Sprouts, Radishes, and Turnips. Here are a few items from the brassica family that flourish in the cold weather:

Romanesco– Striking in appearance, Romanesco is an heirloom cauliflower; the florets form a pyramid of spiraling, pointed cones. It is sweet with a mild nutty flavor without the somewhat pungency of cauliflower. 6-8ct case.

Carnival Cauliflower– Available in a 6ct mixed case of two orange, two purple, and two green. Individual colors are available by the case- purple (9ct), orange (9ct), and green (12ct).

Kohlrabi– Distinct protruding stalks topped with collard like leaves. Kohlrabi has tough, green outer skin and whitish/ green, firm, crunchy flesh with a flavor similar to broccoli. Roast or steam them for stir-fries and pasta, puree into a soup, or toss them in a salad. You can also grate them to make fritters or a delicious slaw. 12ct case.

Brussels Sprouts– A very versatile winter vegetable. Brussels may be steamed, roasted, braised, sliced, shredded, or sautéed. 25# case or by the pound.

Baby Radishes– Easter Egg and French Breakfast radish avail-able by 24 bunch case. Full size Purple Daikon is available by the 10# case from Riverdog Farm. Full size Watermelon and Black Radish are also available from Riverdog by the pound.

Turnips– Tokyo Turnips and Scarlett Queen Turnips are both available from Riverdog Farm by the 10# case.

giusto's Vita Grain

paragarys fettuccini mc 300x300Giusto’s was founded on the premise of providing high quality, freshly milled, flours and natural baking ingredients of all types, including those for breads, cakes, and pizzas. To maintain their high quality standards, they purchase grains from an established network of farmers who grow premium varieties of grains exclusively for Giusto’s year after year. They mill their own flour, in South San Francisco, using a variety of techniques including true stone milling on rare 30” Meadows stones. We are pleased to offer Giusto’s Specialty Flours by the 25# bag.
All Purpose Flour- Unbleached enriched flour made from Hard Red Winter Wheat. 11% protein.
Organic “All Family” Flour- Unbleached all-purpose flour made from Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat. 11% protein.
Semolina- Produced from enriched Durum Wheat, this high protein granular flour is ideal for pasta and bread making.
“00” High Protein Flour- European-style proprietary blend of select whole wheat flours that works perfectly for tender thin-crust pizza, pasta and breads.
Rice Flour- Fine textured white rice flour. An excellent ingredient in making gluten free pastries, pasta and bread.

jones and co. vanilla, sugar, and extracts

jones and co peppermint extract 300x300We partner with a locally based company, Jones & Co., to source high quality vanilla, vanilla products, and baking ingredients from small vanilla bean farmers in remote growing regions around the world. Products are packed in Auburn. We proudly offer the following:

NEW! Peppermint Extract (quart)– Just in time for the holidays! Perfect addition for a peppermint twist on seasonal classics.

We also offer Vanilla Extract, Maple Extract, Almond Extract, Lemon Extract and Orange Extract– Great for crafting beer, chocolates, cocktails, ice cream and more. All are available by the quart.

Vanilla Beans (4oz)- Grown and cured in Vera Cruz, Mexico by a fourth-generation family of vanilla farmers. The excellent unique flavor of these large beans are the ideal addition to any baking application.

Vanilla Puree (quart)- Intense and concentrated house blend purée makes a wonderful addition to a mocha, drizzled over pancakes, added to a pork or salmon glaze, stirred into a craft cocktail, or baked into coffeecake.

Pure Vanilla Powder (1.5# jar)- Vanilla bean extractives in a dextrose base; ideal for adding concentrated vanilla flavor without the alcohol found in liquid extract.

Sweet Dough Powder (1.5# jar)- Natural sweet vanilla and citrus flavors in a dextrose base add delicious flavor to pancake and waffle mixes, cookies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, pastries, and more.

We also offer Vanilla Sugar in a 2# jar, as well as Cinnamon Sugar in a 2# jar.