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Market Outlook - December 12, 2019


paragarys fettuccini mc 300x300Eduardo’s Dried Pasta
We offer several varieties of dried egg pasta made by Eduardo’s in San Francisco. Their pastas are made with a blend of semolina and wheat flours and local farm eggs. No salt, preservatives, or artificial colors are ever added. It is dried very slowly at low temperature to preserve the unique chewy texture and flavor. We offer the following dried egg pastas by the case (12/12oz bags per case):
Shells (Conchiglie)- Medium in size, the shell shape of the pasta allows the sauce to adhere to it.
Penne– A cylinder shaped pasta with angled ends. The hollow center allows it to hold sauce nicely.
Fusilli and Tri-Color Fusilli– Short cork-screw shaped pasta. Available in plain or tri-color (egg, spinach and beet pastas).
Rigatoni– Large tube shaped pasta with ridges down the length and square cut edges. Its namesake ridges make better adhesive surfaces for sauces and grated cheese than smooth-sided pasta like Ziti.
Spinach Fettuccine– Long, flat pasta made with spinach. The thickness of Fettuccine makes it suitable for ragu type dishes and other hearty sauces.
Paragary’s Bakery
Our fresh, handmade pasta is made daily in midtown Sacramento at Paragary’s Bakery. The bakery uses high quality ingredients like Giusto’s stoneground Duram flour and farm fresh eggs. We offer the following fresh pasta options, available by the pound:
Pasta Sheets– made to fit a full-size hotel pan, these sheets are perfect for lasagna. They can also be cut into desired size and shape such as Ravioli, Cannelloni, Tortellini, Agnolotti, and other stuffed pasta. Approximately 2 sheets/pound.
Pappardelle– A 1-inch wide, flat ribbon of pasta traditionally used for rich, heavy sauces and ragu of meat and game.
Tagliolini– Long, cylindrical ribbons of pasta best served with smooth, light bodied sauces.
Fettuccine– A flat, thick noodle, slightly wider than Tagliatelle. Traditionally, fettuccine is served with slow cooked meat or chicken ragu or sugo but also pairs well with cream or butter based sauces.


bd825c52 3f82 409f a674 0431e71cba22Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms (Sloughhouse, CA), is a staple at local farmers markets, and has been supplying Sacramento area restaurants since 2000. DGM mushrooms are grown indoors using a scientific method involving untreated hardwood sawdust and wheat or rice bran. They have complete control over moisture, humidity and temperature. No manure, supplements, herbicides, pesticides or any other additives are ever used.We proudly offer the following from DGM:

Oyster Mushrooms (5# case)- Scallop shaped, soft brown caps, with a delicate, sweet flavor and velvety texture.
Eryngii Mushrooms (5# case)- Also known as King Trumpet and Trumpet Royale. They have a wonderful savory flavor, with a firm, meaty texture. Often used in place of wild mushrooms.
Shiitake Mushrooms (5# case)- Tan to dark brown with broad, umbrella shaped caps. They have a rich, earthy, umami flavor with a meaty, slightly chewy texture. Great for stuffing.
Beech Mushrooms (4# case)- Also known as Hon Shimeji mushrooms. We stock both white and brown varieties of beech mushrooms. They have quarter size caps with 2-3” white stems. A hot sautée will help bring out their mild nutty flavor. Their crisp, crunchy texture holds up to cooking.


Larsen Apple no logo 300x300We stock multiple varieties of apples from Larsen Apple Barn in Apple Hill during local apple season. Larsen Apple Barn was founded in the 1860’s by the Larsen family and continues to be the oldest, continuously family-owned farm in Apple Hill. We are pleased to offer the following varieties by the 40# case:
Arkansas Black– This apple is very dark red in color with some appearing almost black or purplish, especially when grown in full sun. Its deep red skin can be very tough but it’s pale yellow flesh is sweet and rich with a complex flavor. It is favored as a dessert apple or as an eating apple but is best for cider.
Braeburn– An all-purpose apple with a spicy sweet/tart flavor that holds hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. Its skin is reddish in a yellow to light green background with pale cream to golden yellow flesh. Also available by the 10# case.
Fuji– Medium to large sized apple with thick skin that is light red with a yellow blush. Its flesh is creamy white, dense, juicy and crisp. Its subtle sweet flavor pairs well with sharp cheeses, and its dense flesh holds up well when cooked.
Gala- Red skin over a pale yellow background and creamy flesh that is yellow and crisp. Galas are mildly sweet in flavor and are best for salads, eating raw, or used for applesauce; not the best for baking.
Granny Smith- Granny Smith is a true utility apple. It’s one of the best to bake and cook with and also great for dipping. Granny Smiths do not brown as quickly as other varieties, making it ideal for salads, fruit platters, freezing, and more.
Mutsu-A Japanese version of the Golden Delicious. Pale, greenish-yellow skin with some red blush; sweet and spicy with juicy crisp flesh. Excellent eating apple.
Pink Lady-Premium eating apple, greenish skin, pink later in season. Very crisp, very sweet.
Pippen– Light green to yellow skin with creamy white flesh. Its flavor is sweet/tart balanced with a slight spice. Its crisp, firm flesh make Pippens great for pies, tarts, and turnovers.
Winesap– Dark red, firm skin and a crisp, very juicy flesh with a creamy yellow hue. Their sweet/tart flavor is reminiscent of spiced wine and is perfect for cider, sauces, juice and preserves. The firm texture also makes Winesaps great for baking, sauteeing, and roasting.