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Market Outlook - February 13, 2020

early spring produce

Red Spring Onions (10# case—Coke Farms) Spring Onions are sweeter and more mellow than regular onions, but the greens are more intense in flavor than scallions. Spring Onions look similar to scallions but they have a small onion bulb at the base, that can be red or white, depending on the variety. They are wonderful grilled, roasted whole, or used like pearl onions.

Spring Garlic (10# or pound– Riverdog Farm) Green Garlic is loved by chefs for its light, delicate flavor. It is the same variety as regular garlic, but its bulbs have not yet matured into the pungent bulbs of common garlic. Quite sharp when raw, it mellows when cooked and is ideal for infusing sweet garlic flavor into soups, stocks, poaching liquids and broths; blends well with veggies, and makes a great addition to purees and sauces, as well as pasta fillings and risottos.

Nantes Carrots (24ct case– Capay Organic)- Nantes are a French heirloom variety with smooth skin and an almost perfect cylindrical shape. Nantes are distinctly sweeter than other carrots and are rounded at the top and tip.

Fava Greens (2# case– Del Rio Botanical)– With mildly sweet flavor and buttery texture, these greens can be used just like spinach or pea tendrils. Mix them into salads, sauté or wilt them into pasta or risotto.

Pea Tendrils (2# case– Del Rio)– Soft leaves with curly tendrils that can be used raw in salads, or wilt/sauté into soups and stir-frys.

Nettles (2# case– Del Rio)- Also known as stinging nettles. When handling raw nettles, you should wear gloves to avoid their “sting”. However, cooking nettles will remove their sting. Cooked nettles are similar in flavor to spinach and can be used in pastas, soups, sauces, and as a vegetable component.

wild river kiwi 

Wild River Farm is supplying us with beautiful and delicious local kiwi. Wild River Farm has been owned and operated by the Noland family for over five decades. The farm’s highly fertile and nutrient rich topsoil is naturally nourished by the Yuba River. The Noland family is extremely hands-on with all aspects of the farm from designing their state-of-the-art irrigation system to planting, pruning, and harvesting the fruit.

Green Kiwi- Wild River Green Kiwi is the very popular Hayward variety, known for its sweet, tangy flavor and vibrant green color. Wild River Green Kiwi is CCOF-certified organic grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Green Kiwi has fuzzy, fibrous brown skin and bright green, soft flesh with a starburst of small, black, easily digestible seeds. They are ready to eat when they are soft to the touch. Available in a 36 count case, or volume-filled (108 count) case.

Tropikiwi– Tropikiwi has smooth, bronze skin and an internal flesh that varies in color from light green to golden yellow. It is lower in acid than green kiwi with a less tart, slightly tropical flavor. An attractive trait of Tropikiwi is its lack of fuzz which makes it more palatable for consumption without peeling. Sold by the 20# case only.

cypress grove cheese

Cypress Grove is home to an 18-acre creamery in Humboldt County. They work with an expert nutritionist to help source the best feed and diet for their animals. They take great care for their goats and it has paid off. Cypress Grove’s goats produce more milk per head than any other commercial dairy in the U.S. We offer the following:

Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper- Aged three months, Lamb Chopper is Cypress Grove’s only sheep’s milk cheese. It has a buttery color and smooth texture. Pairs beautifully with sautéed mushrooms and polenta or shaved over a salad or pasta. 9# wheel

Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog- This goat’s milk cheese has a subtle, tangy flavor and distinctive layer of edible vegetable ash. You'll enjoy buttermilk and fresh cream, complemented with floral notes, herbal overtones, and a clean citrus finish. 5# wheel

Cypress Grove Midnight Moon- Aged six months or more, this blushing, ivory-colored cheese is nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish. As it ages, protein crystals form adding a slight crunch to the otherwise dense and smooth cheese. Serve with fig jam or add as a decadent addition to macaroni and cheese. 10# wheel

Cypress Grove Purple Haze- Chevre disc blended with lavender and hand-harvested wild fennel pollen. Its deliciously distinct flavor makes a great addition to cheese boards, stuffed into pitted Medjool dates, or crumbled on a salad. 12/4oz discs in a 3# case