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Market Outlook - February 27, 2020

St patrick's day favorites

NEW Kerrygold Aged Dubliner Cheese Only available for a limited time! Due to popular demand, we are stocking an Irish cheese for the holiday. Kerrygold’s Dubliner cheese is made from the milk of Irish grass-fed cows and aged for over a year. It combines the sharpness of mature cheddar and the buttery sweetness of parmesan. Sold by the 5# block.
We source majority of our spices from Tampico Spice Company. We stock the following St. Patrick’s Day essential spices:
Mustard Seed (Brown)- 1.5# container
Whole Coriander– 3# container
All Spice Berries– 12oz jar
Black Peppercorns- 5# container
Whole Cloves– 12oz jar
Dried Whole Bay Leaves– 1# container
Dried Pickling Spice– 1# container
Nantes Carrots– Medium sized, rounded from the top to the tip with minimal tapering. 24ct case
Iced Bunched Carrots– A bit smaller than jumbo carrots with the greens still attached. 24ct case
Rainbow Carrots– Similar in size to jumbo carrots. 25# sack
Jumbo Carrots– 25# bag or lb
Baby Bunch Round Carrots– 1.5-2 inch round carrots with greens still attached. 24ct case
Baby Bunch Orange Carrots– 24ct case or bunch. Also available peeled in a 5# bag.
Baby Bunch Mixed Carrots– 24ct case only. Also available peeled in a 5# bag.
Peeled Mini Carrots– 30/1# case or lb

seasonal citrus

Navel Oranges– Navels are part of the winter citrus family. They are seedless and peel easily. Available from J&J Ramos Farms. Sold by the 40# case, by the pound, and by the piece.

Cara Cara Oranges– Cara cara oranges have a distinctive pinkish flesh similar to a pink grapefruit. They are seedless and less acidic than other oranges. Cara caras are typically sweeter than other oranges and extremely juicy with a hint of cranberry/raspberry flavor. Available from J&J Ramos. Sold by the 20# case only.

Shasta Tangerines– Shastas are deep orange in color and large in size with bumpy skin. They are juicy, very sweet, easy to peel, and seedless. Available from J&J Ramos. Sold by the 22# case and by the pound.

Kumquats– Not much bigger than a grape, kumquats pack a lot of flavor! They are best eaten whole but can also be sliced. The skin of a kumquat holds the sweetness and the juicy flesh supplies the tartness. They make a great addition to marinades, marmalades, salads, or baked goods. They can also be candied or used as a garnish. Available from Twin Peaks Orchards. Sold by the 14# case and by the pound.

sierra nevada cheese co.

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company was founded in 1997 by Ben Gregersen and John Dundon. Ben and John are both hands-on owners and operators of Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. and they remain committed to providing the highest quality product using only the most wholesome milk, free of added hormones, preservatives, stabilizers, and gums. There is nothing artificial, just great cheese.

New! Farmer’s Cheese- Sierra Nevada’s Farmer’s Cheese is a fresh cow’s milk cheese, similar in texture to goat cheese. It has creamy consistency with a fresh milk flavor and a bit of acidity from live cultures. You can use Farmer’s Cheese as a filling for blintzes, lasagna, filled pasta, cheesecake, or other baked desserts. 10/1# case

Gina Marie Cream Cheese- Made with three ingredients- fresh milk, cream and sea salt. Light, fluffy texture and fresh creamy flavor. 2.5# chub

Smokehouse Jack- Ultra-creamy texture and great for adding a smoky, bacon-like flavor to your sandwich, burger, mac n cheese or vegetarian dish. 3lb wheel.

Habanero Jack- Bold and spicy yet smooth and creamy with a lingering kick. Great for burgers, sandwiches, mac-n-cheese, and pizzas. 5# block

Hatch Chile Jack- Creamy and smooth texture with slight heat from Hatch Chiles. Amazing for burgers and grilled sandwiches. 5# block

Organic White Cheddar- Mild yet has a full-bodied, authentic flavor, and a creamy, buttery texture; an excellent melting cheese. 2/5lb case

We carry the following goat’s milk cheeses from Sierra Nevada:

Capra Bianca Aged Goat Cheddar- Aged for over 6 months, this semi-soft cheese offers a cheddar like quality with creamy smooth texture and a complex nutty flavor; excellent for a cheese board. 5# loaf

Chevre Goat Cheese- Smooth texture, fresh flavor, and a tangy, citrus finish. Use in salads, spread on crostini, great for cheese boards, and more. 2.2# log

Goat Feta- This brine-cured cheese is semi-firm, compact, and less salty than most European versions. 5# loaf
Due to a shortage of goat’s milk at Sierra Nevada, we will have a limited supply of goat feta. Approximated to last for the next month.