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Market Outlook - July 16, 2020

riverdog farm - local bounty

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Riverdog is a 450 acre, certified organic, diversified family farm located in Guinda (Capay Valley), CA since 1990. Owners Trini Campbell and Tim Mueller grow a variety of fruits and vegetables using a system that promotes healthy soil and a sustainable ecosystem around the farm. Although we offer an array of produce from Riverdog, here are some    seasonal favorites we are currently stocking:

Sungold Cherry Tomato: A more popular cherry tomato, the Sungold is a golden cherry tomato with a  balanced sweet and acidic flavor. It makes a wonderful addition to salads for a pop of color or as a snacking   tomato! Sold by the 12 pint flat only.

Yellow Finn Potatoes: These  potatoes have a medium level of starch and are full of flavor. They are mild yellow with a creamy texture. Yellow Finns are great for roasting and gratins or they can be used in place of Yukon gold potatoes in other dishes. Sold by the 25# case.

French Fingerling Potatoes: Small to medium in size with a cylindrical shape. French fingerlings are a rosy, pink-skinned potato with a creamy, yellow flesh that is marbled with pink. Perfect for roasting whole or halved. Sold by the 25# case.

Nantes Carrots: A French heirloom variety with smooth skin and an almost perfect cylindrical shape. Nantes are distinctly sweeter than other carrots and are rounded at the top and tip. Sold by the 24 bunch case.

Lemon Cucumber: Baseball sized cucumbers resembling a lemon in shape and color. Its flavor is a bit sweeter, and a lot less bitter, than normal cukes. They make great pickling cucumbers and are delicious when enjoyed raw in a salad or in a cocktail. 10# case only.

Yellow Gypsy Peppers: Gypsies are known to change color through the  season. The first crops are a pale  yellowish green color and gradually transform into bright orange and rich red. They have an intense sweet flavor; perfect for stuffing. Enjoy raw or roasted to enhance sweetness. 10# case only.

Shishito Peppers: Shishitos are sweet, thin skinned peppers commonly used as a starter dish. They can be roasted until blistered and seasoned. While shishitos are mostly sweet, one in every ten can have very mild heat. 5# case only.

Padron Peppers: A crinkled green pepper similar to a shishito but slightly smaller with a thicker skin. They are sweet with a distinct kick, although one in ten is very spicy! They are a lively  addition to pizzas, salads, soups, and rice dishes. 5# case only.

Jimmy Nardello Peppers: Sweet and light when enjoyed raw; great frying pepper as its fruity raw flavor becomes creamy and soft when fried. Makes a gorgeous pepperonata, or delicious in pastas, pizzas, and risottos. 10# case only.

Rosa Bianca Eggplant: An Italian heirloom eggplant that is medium in size, tear drop shaped eggplant with lavender and white skin. Rosa Biancas have a creamy white flesh with no taste of bitterness and are very mild in flavor. Sold by the 10# case only.

Listada di Gandia Eggplant:  Commonly referred to as just Listada. Listadas are a specialty purple striped Italian heirloom variety with a classic egg shape. They are tender, smooth and creamy with a thinner skin than most Italian varieties. 10# case only.

Mixed Eggplant: A variety of shapes and sizes! Rosa Bianca, Listada, Fairytale, Chinese, and Japanese. 10# case only.

dwelley farm


Dwelley Family Farms is located in Brentwood, CA and is fortunate to be in a region that experiences hot days and cool nights. Their climate results in ideal growing conditions for a variety of fruits and vegetables such as beans, squash, corn, stone fruit, and much more!

White and Yellow Corn– Although corn is available year-round, local summer corn usually tastes sweeter– from fresh off the cob to succotash, soups, and more. Sold by the 48ct case or per piece.

Blue Lake Green Beans– Often called snap or string beans, these beans are bright, sweet, and tender. Sold by the 30# case or pound.

  • Yellow Wax Beans– Another variety of snap bean that is crisp and meaty. Available by the 10# case or pound.

Romano Beans– Also referred to as Italian flat or broad beans, Romanos lend well to braising and are perfect for summer minestrones. 10# case or pound.

Cranberry Beans– A smooth, cream colored shell with pink and red speckles. The color of the beans themselves reflect the same colors as the pod. Ideal for chili, soups, or as an addition to pastas and salads. Cranberry beans must be shelled before cooking. Sold by the 15# case only.

Varietal Squash– We are currently stocking 6 varieties of locally grown squash: green zucchini, yellow crookneck, gold bar, sunburst (yellow patty pan), summer (green patty pan), and grey squash. Each variety is available by the 24# single variety case. We are also offering a toy box squash that consists of gold bar, sunburst, summer, and grey, with the occasional appearance of zucchini and crookneck. Toy box squash is sold by the 22# case only.