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Market Outlook - July 30, 2020

windmill vineyards

Windmill Farm and Vineyard is located in Woodland, CA. They have roughly 200 acres of land dedicated to farming an assortment of crops from figs and grapes to olives and stone fruit. The farm started as a passion project to grow specialty grapes. The land also functions as an event space with a focus on celebrating the farm to table movement. We are currently sourcing a variety of delectable figs from Windmill Farm including:

Black Mission– One of the sweeter varieties of figs. Despite their name, Black Missions have a deep purple-blue skin with a bright pink flesh. They are terrific when eaten on their own but also great when paired with tangy cheeses or yogurts. Available by the pint or 12 pint flat.

Kadota– Kadotas have light green skin with a pale pink flesh. They are noticeably less sweet than the other fig varieties when raw. They are a great variety for making jams or preserves. They can also be added to salads or pizzas. 12 pint flat only.

Violette de Bordeaux– Considered to be one of the best eating figs in terms of flavor. At a glance, Violette Figs are very similar to the Black Mission. They have a very dark purple skin with a deep red flesh. Violettes tend to be smaller and more pear shaped with a sweet, rich flavor. Excellent when eaten fresh or dried. 12 pint flat only.

Varietal figs are also available in a mixed flat– 4 baskets of each Black Mission, Kadota, and Violette. Tiger Stripe figs are expected by the end of next week.

twin peaks orchards

We are happy to announce the addition of two new products– locally made nectarine and blackberry jam and peach jam! Both are handmade by Twin Peaks with fruit from their orchards. They are made the old school way, one pot at a time. One batch only makes 6 jars! They started making jam as a way to use all of the blemished fruit from their orchard. Twin Peaks uses a low-sugar method (4 parts fruit, 2 parts sugar) with 100% non-GMO cane sugar, low sugar pectin, and lemon juice (also from their farm). Each jam is sold by the 9 ounce jar.

We are also currently stocking Twin Peaks stone fruit. We have multiple varieties of yellow freestone peaches, ranging from sub acid to the traditional peach flavor. It is difficult to be variety specific given how quickly they come and go. White peaches from Twin Peaks are also freestone, all of which are very sweet and floral.
Nectarines are similar in flavor to a peach but more concentrated. They are intensely flavorful with a nice balance of acidity and sugar. Both white and yellow nectarines are not freestone.

Twin Peaks fruit is tree ripened. It will reach maximum ripeness within 2-3 days after harvest.

locally grown melons

Melons mixed 300x300Warm summer days have finally led us to local heirloom melon season! We are currently sourcing our local melons from R. Kelley Farms. R. Kelley Farms is a family owned farming venture which has been providing quality fruits and vegetables to the local community for over 25 years. Located in South Sacramento, along River Road, the 58-acre farm is owned and operated by Ron Kelley and his wife, Ella. Both Ron and Ella have been very much involved in every aspect of their business and surrounding farming community. Ron has worked in the agricultural industry for over 45 years. As an agricultural production consultant, Ron advises his fellow farmers on plant health. We are currently offering the following specialty melons by the case (approximately 6 per case):
Ambrosia: An exotic melon hybrid often confused with a cantaloupe, but it's quite different. Its flesh is very sweet, floral, tender, and pale orange in color.
Crème de la Crème: Creamy white flesh marbled with pale orange. The skin is orange/yellow and slightly netted. Deliciously fragrant and very sweet.
Diplomat: Diplomats are a honeydew-type melon with thick, pale green flesh and fine netting on their skin. Diplomats have a tropical aroma and taste.
Savor: Bright orange flesh, deep aroma and very sweet flavor. Excellent with prosciutto.
Local Mixed Melon: A mixture of at least 3 of the varieties above, available by the case. Please specify local when ordering.
We are also sourcing local Shishito peppers from R. Kelley Farms. Shishitos are sweet, thin-skinned peppers commonly used as a starter dish. They can be roasted until blistered and seasoned. While shishitos are mostly sweet, one in every ten can have very mild heat. 5# case only.