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Market Outlook - August 6, 2020

Seasonal peppers

Seasonal produce is currently flourishing and this week is no different. Although you may be able to source different peppers year round, summer peppers are only available once a year. We are fortunate enough to have outstanding local farms supply us with a variety of seasonal peppers. We are currently stocking the following from Riverdog in Guinda, CA and R. Kelley Farms in South Sacramento, CA:
Mixed Gypsy Peppers (Riverdog Farm): Gypsies are known to change color through the season. The first crops are a pale yellowish green color and gradually transform into bright orange and rich red. They have an intense sweet flavor; perfect for stuffing. Enjoy raw or roasted to enhance sweetness. 10# case only.

Shishito Peppers (R. Kelley Farms): Shishitos are sweet, thin-skinned peppers commonly used as a starter dish. They can be roasted until blistered and seasoned. While shishitos are mostly sweet, one in every ten can have very mild heat. 5# case only.

Padron Peppers (Riverdog Farm): A crinkled green pepper similar to a shishito but slightly smaller with a thicker skin. They are sweet with a distinct kick, although one in ten is very spicy! They are a lively addition to pizzas, salads, soups, and rice dishes. 5# case only.

Jimmy Nardello Peppers (Riverdog Farm): Sweet and light when enjoyed raw; great frying pepper as its fruity raw flavor becomes creamy and soft when fried. Makes a gorgeous pepper-onata, or delicious in pastas, pizzas, and risottos. 10# case only.

Mixed Sweet Peppers (Riverdog Farm)– A mixed variety of Gypsy, Jimmy Nardello, and other sweet peppers. 10# case only

at a loss

At Produce Express, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with local farmers and growers, oftentimes considering them friends and family. One of our partnered farms, Twin Peaks Orchards, has experienced a great loss this past week. Here is a word from Camelia Enriquez-Miller, a member of the Twin Peaks family and sales representative here at Produce Express:
     “On Tuesday evening at approximately 9pm, our historic packing shed was destroyed in a fire. We are beyond devastated with this loss. This structure contained our only packing operation, storage, walk in, just harvested fruit, but more importantly this shed was the heart of our orchard. Countless irreplaceable boxes, equipment and relics were within those walls. Memories of both family and community gatherings honoring agriculture in Placer County were forged in that nearly 100 year old building. Many in the community have already reached out and the support and love we already feel is overwhelming.
     "We are in shock. We are thankful for the health and safety of our families and homes on the farm. We may be slow to respond to messages or phone calls as we wade through these next days. But as our founding fathers have engrained in us, we are resilient and will find a way to rebuild.”

If you would like to offer your support to Twin Peaks Orchards, please reach out to your personal sales rep or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

windmill figs

Windmill Farm and Vineyard is located in Woodland, CA. They have roughly 200 acres of land dedicated to farming an assortment of crops from figs and grapes to olives and stone fruit. The farm started as a passion project to grow specialty grapes. The land also functions as an event space with a focus on celebrating the farm to table movement. We are currently sourcing a variety of delectable figs from Windmill Farm including:
Black Mission– One of the sweeter varieties of figs. Despite their name, Black Missions have a deep purple-blue skin with a bright pink flesh. They are terrific when eaten on their own but also great when paired with tangy cheeses or yogurts. Available by the pint or 12 pint flat.
Kadota– Kadotas have light green skin with a pale pink flesh. They are noticeably less sweet than the other fig varieties when raw. They are a great variety for making jams or preserves. They can also be added to salads or pizzas. 12 pint flat only.
Violette de Bordeaux– Considered to be one of the best eating figs in terms of flavor. At a glance, Violette Figs are very similar to the Black Mission. They have a very dark purple skin with a deep red flesh. Violettes tend to be smaller and more pear shaped with a sweet, rich flavor. Excellent when eaten fresh or dried. 12 pint flat only.

Varietal figs are also available in a mixed flat– 4 baskets of each Black Mission, Kadota, and Violette. Tiger Stripe figs are expected by the end of next week.