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Market Outlook - August 20, 2020

Locally grown Melons

Crème de la Crème- Creamy white flesh marbled with pale orange. The skin is orange/yellow and slightly netted. Deliciously fragrant and very sweet. Case only, limited availability from R. Kelley Farms. 
Crenshaw– Crenshaws are rounder melons with yellow, wrinkled skin with green freckles. They have light green flesh that is juicy, tender, and subtly sweet. Case only, R. Kelley Farms.
Charentais– One of the smaller varieties, Charentais melons are softball size with skin ranging from grey to pale yellow with green ribbing. They have deep orange flesh that is incredibly sweet and aromatic. Case only, Riverdog Farm.
Canary– An oval melon with smooth, canary-yellow skin. The flesh of a canary melon is a light cream color. They are crisp and very sweet. Case only, Fully Belly Farm.
Galia– Galia melons are round with light orange skin, covered in a tight netting. Their flesh is light green and very sweet, similar to a cross between a cantaloupe and honeydew. Case only, Fully Belly.
Goddess– An oval shaped melon with netting similar to a  cantaloupe. Goddess melons have orange flesh that is juicy and very sweet. Case only, Fully Belly.
Piel de Sapo (Santa Claus)- An oval shaped melon with green skin and spots of yellow. Piel de Sapo melons have a light colored flesh that is slightly sweet, similar to honeydew. Case only, Fully Belly.
Sharlyn– Sharlyns are an oblong shape with thin skin that is light orange. They have light flesh that is very sweet, juicy, and tropical. Case only, Fully Belly.
Mixed Melon– A mixed case of at least 3 varieties. 

Fresh Mozzarella

In the heart of heirloom tomato season, another item comes to mind almost immediately: fresh mozzarella. We currently offer four varieties of the mild, creamy cheese, ranging from uniform sized bites to fresh curd. Our fresh mozzarella products are sourced from Di Stefano Cheese in Pomona, CA. We are currently stocking the   following:
Ovoline: Fresh mozzarella rolled into egg-size 4oz balls, in a salt water brine. Easy to slice for pizzas or for salads. 3# tub (12/4oz balls)
Ciliegine: Small, bite size mozzarella balls that are roughly the size of a cherry tomato. Ciliegine mozzarella is easy to add to salads or appetizers. Also melts wonderfully on pizzas and pastas. 3# tub (144/.33oz balls)
Burrata: A rich, creamy, and delectable product. Burrata is a small ball of fresh mozzarella with a creamy mixture of heavy cream and mozzarella curd in the center. A rich addition to pizzas, salads, or pastas. Also great on its own with olive oil. 12/4oz case.
Fresh Mozzarella Curd: Sourced from Formaggi Di Ferrante in Fairfield, CA. Looking to make your own mozzarella? We offer fresh, high quality mozzarella curd. 5# bag or 4/5# case.

consumer boxes - updated ordering info

Times are continuously changing, especially in the face of the current pandemic. Our consumer boxes truly took off in ways we could have never imagined. We want to thank each member of the community who supported our new program and helped us thrive.
In order to provide the freshest ingredients and maintain a fast-paced warehouse, we have decided to scale down our consumer box availability days. As of August 24th, consumer boxes will only be available two days a week. We will only offer consumer box drop zones on Thursdays and pick ups at our warehouse on Fridays. Orders placed any day of the week will automatically be set up for Thursday delivery or Friday pick up.
We have loved seeing all of your warm smiles and hope to still see them on Fridays! We appreciate your understanding and patience as we evolve.
Placing the Order: Orders must be placed before 2am the morning of your desired delivery/pick up day. We can no longer accept same-day orders or add-ons.
Deliveries: We are not able to deliver to residential areas but have had a few of our customers volunteer to let us use their space as delivery zones. We will have a stationary truck in the following locations from 8:30am to 10:30am on Thursdays only: 
Bella Bru Cafe - El Dorado Hills
Don Quixote's- Watt Ave
Pushkin's Bakery and Cafe- Roseville
Beach Hut Deli- Davis (Fermi Place)

Drop Zones: We have had a few local restaurants volunteer to be "Drop Zones". These drop zones are open businesses where you can pick up from on Thursdays. For information on pick-up hours at the participating restaurants, please contact our office. The following are participating restaurants:
Kodaiko | Downtown
Wild Flour Café | Midtown
Pizza Bell (Grant Line) | Elk Grove
Paisley Café | Orangevale
Imperial Hotel | Amador City 

Fruit Mix- 5 each green kiwi, 1 clamshell of each blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, 1 cantaloupe, 1 honeydew, 1 pineapple, 2 mangos, 2# peaches, 1 bag red grapes.
Grain Box- 2/2# Giusto’s all purpose flour, 2# white sugar, 2# white rice, 2# brown rice, 2# dried black beans, 2# dried pinto beans, 1# tri-color quinoa, and 1# green lentils.
Mexican Inspired Box- 2# bag of rice, 2# dried beans, 1 pack 6” corn tortillas, 1 pack 10” flour tortillas, 2 bunches cilantro, 6 each jalapeno, 3# tomatillos, 1 head green cabbage, 2# pascilla chilies, 12 roma tomatoes, 6 each  avocados, 3 each limes, 3 each yellow onions, 3 bunches green onions, and 2# shredded mixed cheese.
Organic Local Box- 2# fresh dug potatoes, 2# zucchini, 2# sunburst squash, .5# spring mix or bloomsdale spinach, 3 heads varietal lettuce, 1 clamshell sungold cherry tomatoes, 2# bluelake green beans, 1# romano beans, 1# yellow wax beans, 1# plums, 4 each peaches, and .5# whole pistachios.
Farms featured: Full Belly, Riverdog, Terra  Firma, Twin Peaks, and Polestar

Salad Kit- 1# spring mix, 3# little gem lettuce, 3 each romaine hearts, 3 heads mixed  hydroponic lettuce, 2 each     English cucumbers, 2 each red onions, 6 each radish, 1 bunch or pound of carrots, and 2 clamshells of red grape cherry tomatoes. Just add dressing!
Snack Mix- Great for kids or for on the go! 5# oranges, 4# apples, 3# peaches, 2# bag of red grapes, 1 bunch celery, 1 bag of mini carrots, 2 cups of banana chips, and  a cup of raisins.
Veggie Box- 4 ears corn, 2# green beans, 1# yellow wax beans, 4 each zucchini, 4 each yellow squash, 1 each red, green, and yellow bell peppers, 2# medium red potatoes, and 2 each red onions.