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Market Outlook - August 27, 2020

Summer Bounty

heirloom caprese 300X300Beans– Summer beans are one of the most popular summer items. We have bluelake green beans, yellow wax beans, romano beans, and cranberry beans in stock from Dwelley Farms.
Corn– Although corn is available year-round, local summer corn usually tastes sweeter. Available from Dwelley Farms in Brentwood, CA. Both yellow and white corn are sold by the 48ct case or per piece.
Peppers– Summer peppers are only available once a year and we are fortunate enough to have outstanding local farms supplying us with a variety of seasonal peppers. We are currently stocking Gypsy, Shishito, Padron, and Jimmy Nardello peppers.
Squash– We are currently stocking multiple varieties of locally grown squash from Dwelley Farms, including: gold bar, sunburst (yellow patty pan), summer (green patty pan), and grey squash. Each variety is available by the 24# single variety case. We are also offering a toy box squash that consists of gold bar, sunburst, summer, and grey, with the occasional appearance of zucchini and crookneck. Toy box squash is sold by the 22# case only. Baby mixed squash is available from Del Rio Botanicals in West Sacramento. Sold by the 10# case.
Tomatoes (Heirloom)- Ray Yeung tomatoes are highly praised by local chefs. We stock multiple varieties of heirlooms by the 10# case as well as a 10# mixed toy box case. We also stock vine-ripened round tomatoes and green tomatoes by the 20# case from Yeung Farms. Mixed Medley cherry tomatoes are available from Riverdog and Durst.
Stone Fruit– Local stone fruit has flourished this year and is now beginning to wind down. We are currently stocking yellow and white peaches from Twin Peaks Orchards in Newcastle and J&J Ramos Farms, located in Hughson. Nectarines, plums, and pluots are from J&J Ramos.
Melons- The melons this year have been beautiful and fragrant. We have multiple varieties in stock, including Crenshaw, Canary, Galia, Sharlyn, and more. Each variety is available by the case or the mixed case. We are currently sourcing local specialty melons from R. Kelley Farms, Riverdog Farm, and Full Belly Farm. Black Imagination watermelon and yellow watermelon are available from Vierra Farms in West Sacramento and DF&TF Farm in Woodland.
Figs– Figs are a wonderful summer fruit that can be added to sweet or savory dishes. Our varietal figs are sourced from Windmill Farm in Woodland. We are currently stocking Black Mission, Kadota, Tiger Stripe, and Violette de Bordeaux. Each variety is available by the 12 pint flat or in a mixed toy box flat. Black Missions are the only variety available by the basket.
Pears– We are currently sourcing our local pears from Stillwater Orchards in Courtland. Stillwater is owned by the Elliot Family, who take pride in producing some of the most flavorful pears in the Delta. We have green Bartlett, red Bartlett, and Bosc pears in stock. Green Bartletts are available by the 40# case and by the piece. Both red Bartletts and Bosc pears are available by the 20# case and by the piece.

California Fires
california fires 4

Our hearts are with everyone who has been affected by the fires in California. We know that our community is struggling to push through the hardships we are currently being faced with. We will get through this together.
The current fires have posed a large threat to the local agriculture here in Northern California. California farmers are facing difficulties from all directions- land being damaged by the flames, high-risk working conditions for farmers and their workers, and crops affected by the smoke. Farmers and farmworkers near active fires are at a high risk for exposure to smoke, ash, and chemical residue, both during fires and throughout the cleanup process. Some farmers have chosen to shorten their work days in an attempt to keep their workers in good health. Shorter work days ultimately means less time to harvest. Because of this, we may begin to see limited availability of a number of crops.
Another thing to keep in mind during the fires is the presence of ash on produce. Many growers have reported large amounts of ash accumulating and affecting their crops. While they are doing everything they can to alleviate the ash, it is nearly impossible. We would like to remind you of the importance of washing all of your produce.
We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy through these difficult times. As always, we will provide updates as they are available.