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Market Outlook - February 16, 2012

sunchokesRed Skinned Sunchokes

The sweet, crisp, white flesh has almost a sweetly fresh nutty taste with subtle hints of artichoke heart and salsify. Roasted sunchokes pair well with other roasted root vegetables; make great purees for use in soups and sauces. They can also be used raw in salads and crudités

A Look Ahead Toward Spring

spring-garlic-2Now that Valentine's Day of 2012 is in the history books, its time to start thinking about spring menu changes. The most current local crop is Spring/Green garlic From Riverdog Farm. Harvested for its sweet, aromatic, delicate flavor, the entire plant is edible and can be used in any preparation calling for garlic. The tender pale green stalks are great for infusing a sweet garlic flavor into soups, stocks, poaching liquids and broths. Spring garlic also blends well with other vegetables, makes great purees and sauces, and is a great addition to pasta fillings and risottos.

Fresh Hand Made Pastas

pastaProduce Express is excited to announce a line of fresh, hand -made pasta from Venezia Bakery. Venezia Bakery, located on Fruitridge Road in Sacramento, is owned and operated by Raul Soto. Along with Raul's staff of veteran pasta makers, Venezia Bakery produces five different types of hand-cut pasta including Pappardelle, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Tagliarini, and Angel Hair. They produce all of them in an assortment of flavors including plain, garlic, rosemary, black pepper, spinach and saffron. Pasta sheets are also available in full or half pan sizes. Please order the pasta by 4pm for next day delivery. We will deliver fresh pasta Tuesday through Saturday.

The pasta is packed in a clear plastic box with 6-3oz portions. Please specify how many boxes, which cut and flavor you would like when placing your order