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Market Outlook - October 01, 2020

Fall decor & Pumpkins

Due to popular demand, we are stocking fall decorative items early this season! Natural Autumn elements can help add a rustic warmness to entryways, table settings, centerpieces and much more. We are currently offering the following:
Indian Corn—18ct case
Gourds– 18# case
Decorative Fall Leaves– Bunch
Mini Orange Pumpkins– 40ct case (Decorative only)
Mini White Pumpkins– 40ct case (Decorative only)
Small Tiger Stripe Pumpkins– 40ct case (Decorative only)
Autumn Mix– A variety of gourds, mini pumpkins, and Indian corn. Sold by the case only.


Orange– Sold by the each. Available in small, medium, and large.
White– Sold by the each.
French Red– Also known as Cinderella pumpkins. French Reds are slightly flat, often a deep orange with occasional dark green or yellow. A wonderful autumn centerpiece but also edible. Sold by the piece.
Fairytale– A stunning slate blue/green pumpkin with golden flesh. Beautiful for décor but also edible. Sold by the piece.
Sugar Pie– Weighing in at about 4-5lbs, Sugar Pies are the modern baking pumpkin. Their skin is noticeably thinner than a regular pumpkin. They also have much sweeter and smoother flesh. Sugar Pies are ideal for pies, custards, cupcakes, and more. A 4lb pumpkin should yield roughly a cup and a half of mashed pumpkin. 35# case only.

North Fork Chai

North Fork Chai Co. is a family owned and operated business, located in Newcastle, CA. Their product is a craft chai concentrate that is spicy, yet sweet and flavorful. The owner, Chelsea Bruce, is a former Culinary Institute of America graduate. Her baked goods and pastries are featured alongside the popular chai in their storefront. We are currently offering the following:

Traditional Chai Concentrate: An aromatic and spicy chai concentrate. North Fork's concentrate is made up of high quality, simple ingredients: water, sugar, cardamom, white pepper, black pepper, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, Darjeeling tea, and citric acid. Sold by the gallon.

Pumpkin Chai Concentrate: A wonderful variation of the traditional chai. The addition of pumpkin brings an even richer flavor to the spiced drink. Perfect for fall! Sold by the gallon, seasonal only.

To prepare the chai, simply add 2 ounces of concentrate to 12 ounces of your milk of choice. Chelsea recommends whole milk or barista oat milk for a dairy-free alternative.

Dairy-free Milk

As the seasons change, more hot drinks make their way onto menus. Many of our customers are in search of dairy-free options for seasonal drinks. In order to make your search easier, here is a list of the milk alternatives we offer:

Califia Farms Barista Oat Milk– Califia Farms is based out of California and is committed to producing high quality, plant-based products. Their oat milk is made from rolled, gluten free oats grown in North America. Dairy, nut, sugar, and carrageenan free. 6qt case

Almond Breeze Barista Blend- Made specifically for use in coffee drinks, this special blend is the original unsweetened almond milk with 25% more almonds/protein allowing for a thicker, creamier consistency that holds up well with steaming. 12/32oz case

Silk Original Soy Milk– Made from whole-harvested soybeans grown in the US. Silk’s unsweetened soy milk is rich and creamy, perfect for dairy-free beverages. Free from dairy, gluten, carrageenan, cholesterol, and artificial colors and flavors. Verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. 12/32oz

Pacific Coconut Milk– Subtle coconut flavor complements coffee and espresso. Pacific’s coconut milk creates a smooth micro-foam that is perfect for latte art. With no burnt or bitter notes, it also works wonderfully in cold drinks. 12/32oz