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Market Outlook

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Market Outlook - November 05, 2020

Seasonal Updates

The fall season has finally swept in and we are excited for the numerous autumn and winter crops that are beginning to appear! With the introduction of new crops, we do have to say goodbye to seasonal summer items. The following is a list of our most popular seasonal produce and availability updates:
Winter Squash– Locally grown winter squashes are in full swing. Local butternut, delicata, kabocha, red kurri, and honeynut squash are available from Yeung Farms. Sugar pie pumpkins are available from Riverdog Farm.
Citrus– Satsuma mandarins are available from Twin Peaks available by the case and by the pound. Meyer lemons are expected by next week.
Persimmons– Local fuyu persimmons are currently available from Twin Peaks Orchards and Del Rio. Amagaki persimmons (or cinnamon persimmons) are expected to be available by next week from Twin Peaks.
Pomegranates– Available now from various growers in Northern California, including Del Rio and J&J Ramos.
Cranberries– Fresh cranberries are currently available, although not locally grown.
Kiwi– Local green kiwi and tropikiwi (golden kiwi) are available from Wild River Farm in Marysville, CA.
Apples– Apple Hill apples are available from Larsen Apple Barn, including Fuji, Granny Smith, Arkansas Black, and Red Delicious. Pink Lady apples are expected in 7-10 days.
Greens– Bloomsdale spinach is currently available from Riverdog Farm. Locally grown chards and collard greens are available from various growers in Northern California.
Brussel Sprouts– California brussel sprouts are currently available from the coastal region.
Leeks– King Richards leeks are currently available from Terra Firma.
Decorative Fall Items– Indian corn, gourds, and varietal pumpkins will be available until the end of November.
Beans– Local summer beans have finished for the season. Bluelake and French beans are still available from other sources.
Corn– Brentwood corn has finished for the season.
Peppers– Jimmy Nardello peppers have finished for the season. Gypsy and Padrons are expected to finish within the next week or two.
Summer Squash– Local summer squash varieties have finished for the season, including baby squashes and squash blossoms.
Tomatoes (Heirloom)- Heirloom tomatoes, both single variety and toybox, are still available from Uncle Ray but are expected to end shortly. We will begin sourcing Mexican product when the season ends.
Local Mixed Medley cherry tomatoes have finished for the season.
Stone Fruit– The last of local stone fruit has also finished for the season, aside from pluots. Local pluots are available by the pound and by the 18# case

Consumer Boxes

In the face of the current pandemic, Produce Express vowed to continue offering fresh produce to those in our community. We are happy to announce that our consumer box program is still in full swing! We have made seasonal updates to our boxes and have included more local product. Our consumer boxes are geared to help not only the members of our community, but also local farms that we are partnered with. Please keep in mind that consumer boxes are only available for Thursday deliveries or Friday pick ups. We are currently offering the following:

Veggie Box– 1 butternut squash, 1 bunch of carrots, 2# of brussel sprouts, 2 bunches of chard, 1 bunch of broccoli, 2# of baby yams, 2# of red potatoes, 1 each red and yellow onion, and 2 bulbs garlic. $20.00

Fruit Box– 2# of Apple Hill apples, 2# of pears, 4 each oranges, 2# of grapes, 6 each kiwi, 1 each pineapple, 2 each pomegranate, 1 each cantaloupe, 2 each persimmons, and 1# of satsuma mandarins. $30.00

Salad Kit– 1 bag of romaine hearts (3 each), 1 head of hydroponic butter lettuce, 1 bunch of dino kale, 1/2# of bloomsdale spinach, 1 bunch of radishes, 2 bunches of carrots, 1 each red onion, 2 each avocado, 2 baskets of red grape cherry tomatoes, 1 each English cucumber. $25.00

Mexican Inspired- 2# bag of rice, 2# dried beans, 1 pack 6” corn tortillas, 1 pack 10” flour tortillas, 2 bunches cilantro, 6 each jalapeno, 3# tomatillos, 1 head green cabbage, 2# pascilla chilies, 12 roma tomatoes, 6 each avocados, 3 each limes, 3 each yellow onions, 3 bunches green onions, and 2# shredded mixed cheese. $40.00

Local– 2 each honeynut squash, 1 each red kurri squash, 1/2# bloomsdale spinach, 1 bunch of dino kale, 2 bunches broccoli, 1/2# shiitake mushrooms, 2# Apple Hill apples, 4 each kiwi, 1# satsuma mandarins, 2# dried heirloom beans, 1 canister La Tourangelle oil, and 1 round of Cypress Grove Purple Haze cheese. $50.00

Grain- 2/2# Giusto’s all purpose flour, 2# white sugar, 2# white rice, 2# brown rice, 2# dried black beans, 2# dried pinto beans, 1# tri-color quinoa, and 1# green lentils. $25.00