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Market Outlook - February 11, 2021

Locally Grown Produce

Broccoli di Cicco– An heirloom variety that is smaller than traditional broccoli with thinner stems and smaller heads. It is mild and sweet. 5# case, Riverdog
Broccoli Rabe– A deep green veggie that is completely edible. Broccoli Rabe slightly resembles broccoli but has much smaller florets, longer and thinner stems, and an abundance of leaves. It is bitter but does become milder when cooked. 12 bunch case, Full Belly
Braising Mix– A wonderful blend of seasonal, robust greens. Ideal for dishes that require sturdier greens that hold well under heat. 3# case, Riverdog
Bloomsdale Spinach- A sweet, heirloom variety with a deeper and more interesting flavor than the standard flat leaf spinach. Each leaf is heavily crinkled, giving it a heartier texture perfect for sautéing or wilting. 4# case , Riverdog
Chicories– Radicchio, Treviso, Rosa Radicchio, Puntarelle, and Castelfranco are available from J. Marchini Farms.
Radish– Both black and watermelon radish are available from Riverdog Farm. Daikon radish is available from Yeung Farm.
Purple Daikon Radish- Purple Daikon has a beautiful inner flesh that is white with stunning starburst splashes of violet matching its purple skin. Its flavor is mildly spicy with a hint of sweetness. 10# case, Riverdog
Turnips– Scarlett Queens and White Tokyo turnips are available from Riverdog. 10# cases, Riverdog
Nantes Carrots- Nantes are a French heirloom variety with smooth skin and an almost perfect cylindrical shape. Nantes are distinctly sweeter than other carrots and are rounded at the top and tip. 24 bunch case, Full Belly Farm
King Richard Leeks- An heirloom variety of leeks with an edible 6-10 inch blanched white stalk; longer than a traditional leek. King Richard leeks have a sweet and delicate flavor. 12ct case, Riverdog
Red Spring Onion- Spring Onions look similar to scallions but have a small onion bulb at the base. They are wonderful grilled, roasted whole, or used in place of pearl onions. 10# case, Riverdog
Spring Green Garlic– Spring garlic is loved by chefs for its light, delicate flavor. It is the same species as regular garlic, but its bulbs have not yet matured into the pungent bulbs of common garlic. Quite sharp when raw, it mellows when cooked and is ideal for infusing sweet garlic flavor. 10# case or pound, Riverdog
Squash– Butternut, red kurri, and spaghetti squash are available from Yeung Farms.
Mixed Mizuna– Also known as Japanese mustard greens. Mizuna is a cross between arugula and mustard, giving it a mild peppery taste. It can be cooked or used raw in salads. We are currently carrying a mixed case of red and green mizuna. 12 bunch case, Full Belly

Say goodbye to 11# cases! We are now carrying 28# cases of asparagus from Mexico. California product is expected to be in by late February and will remain in the larger case size.

Point Reyes Farmstead

At Point Reyes, every stage of the cheese making process is managed on the farmstead; from birthing, raising, and milking the cows to aging the cheese. The unique bacteria of Tomales Bay, along with the lands lush rye grass and crisp, pristine air contribute to the delectable flavor of Point Reyes cheeses.

Original Blue (6.5# wheel)– Creamy texture and bold flavor, with hints of sweet milk, a peppery finish, and medium/strong blue flavor. Original Blue is wonderful as a stand-alone table cheese, for topping salads, melting onto burgers and steaks, mixing into pastas, on a cheese board with local honey, and much more. Rindless; aged 3.5 months.

Bay Blue (6# wheel)– A rustic style blue cheese, reminiscent of Stilton; known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted caramel finish. Its texture is almost fudge-like with a beautiful natural rind; aged 90 days. Bay Blue compliments mushrooms or as a delicious after-dinner cheese, especially when paired with a Vintage Port or Barrel-Aged Scotch.

Toma (10# wheel)– A semi-hard table cheese perfect for any occasion. It has a creamy, buttery flavor and texture with a grassy tangy finish. Toma is a great melting cheese; perfect for pasta, risotto, sandwiches, burgers, vegetables, soups, and more. It also balances out a hop-heavy beer beautifully!


Marin French

Praised for their ultra rich and creamy texture, Marin French soft-ripened cheeses start with milk sourced from local dairies within 20 miles from their creamery in West Marin. We offer the following:

Camembert: Their Camembert cheese differs distinctly from Brie by the cultures used to produce the Camembert’s earthy flavor and flowing texture. It is complex, aromatic, and creamy, and its flavor is robust with hints of mushrooms. 8oz round

Triple Crème Brie: 75% butterfat creates a rich and ultra smooth texture, slightly sweet flavor and blooming with fluffy white rind. 8oz piece