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Market Outlook - March 8, 2012

Wild River Murcott Mandarins

tangerineCertified organic since 1995, Wild River Ranch in Marysville, CA is the most local source of Murcott Mandarins available in the Sacramento area. After decades of successful citrus harvests, they have earned their solid reputation as a producer of this flavor-rich, seedless mandarin.

Locally Grown Grains

In an ongoing effort to support our local farmers, we can now add locally grown wheat and corn flours from Grass Valley Grains to our growing list of locally sourced produce, cheeses, dairy and other staples. Grass Valley Grains is owned and operated by Reed Hamilton and his family who grow, harvest and mill several varieties of grains including: Sonora Wheat Flour-A fine white flour with a nutty taste for pastries, quick breads and flatbreads. Espresso Hard Red Wheat Flour-The premier modern bread wheat in California. It has high protein content, a rich, yeasty aroma with whole wheat flavor and the baking characteristics needed for risen breads, pancakes and muffins. White Corn Polenta-Ground from organic corn, this flour may be used to make traditional polenta or hominy grits. It must be kept refrigerated to preserve the flavorful fats found in whole kernel corn.

All of these crops are grown in Wheatland, Ca. and the stone mill is located in Grass Valley. Reed uses the principles of sustainable agriculture, organic farming methods, and non-GMO seed. Using these grains will require some adjusting to recipes as they are not straight substitutes for commercial brands. 10lbs-$15.00

Fresh, Hand-Made pasta

pastaA few weeks ago, we introduced a line of fresh, hand-made pasta from Venezia Bakery in Sacramento. We have received many positive comments about the quality, texture and unbeatable price. Venezia Bakery, uses quality ingredients like Caputo "00" Pasta Flour, fresh eggs, and all natural ingredients. We offer five cuts of fresh hand-cut pasta including Pappardelle, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Tagliarini, and Angel Hair, in an assortment of flavors including Plain, Garlic, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Spinach, and Saffron. Pasta Sheets are also available, by the pound, in hotel-pan sizes. Fresh pasta delivery is Tuesday-Saturday (No Sunday-Monday), please order by 4pm for next day delivery.

  • Plain pasta sheets-$3.95lb
  • Flavored sheets-$4.50lb.
  • Plain hand-cut pasta-$3.95 (6/3oz portions, .65 per order)
  • Flavored hand-cut pasta-$4.50 6/3oz portions, .75 per order)