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Market Outlook - April 12, 2012

lavendar-flowerLavender Flower

Sweet and flavorful, edible flowers are surging in popularity among today's top restaurants and bakeries. Edible flowers are ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of an entrée or dessert without compromising the integrity of the flavor.

Fresh Origins Edible Flowers

edible-flowersAlthough we often don't think about it, eating an edible flower is not all that uncommon. Some of our favorite vegetable dishes are actually edible flowers; broccoli for example is a huge cluster of flower buds. The artichoke is a large individual unopened edible flower. Capers and cauliflower are other examples. The very expensive spice, saffron is the pollen collected from the inside of a crocus flower. Fennel pollen is a very unique flavoring ingredient, and fried squash blossoms are a tasty but often overlooked part of a common vegetable plant.

The following edible flowers are available, with a 24 hour pre order, from Fresh Origins:

  • Chive Blossoms-A delicate appearance with a strong chive, oniony flavor. $14.75.
  • Pansies-Multicolored blossoms. 50ct $9.75.firestix
  • Nasturtiums– A bit peppery, variety of colors. 50ct $10.75.
  • Viola-Heart shaped leaves, crystalized viola makes a great cocktail garnish. 50ct $9.75.
  • Confetti Mix– A variety of small colorful edible flower petals. $11.75.
  • Marigold– Mostly yellow and orange, some have a flavor similar to tarragon. 50ct $9.75.
  • Lavender– Boldly aromatic, can be paired with grilled meats, cheese and desserts. 50ct $9.75.
  • Firestix– Striking, flame-like blossom, flavor similar to corn silk. 100ct $9.75.
  • Buzz Button-This unique flower creates an unexpected electric buzz/numbing sensation. 30ct $9.75.
  • Borage Blossoms-Narrow triangular-pointed leaves of blue or pink. 100ct $9.75.
  • Calendula-Saffron colored Daisy. 50ct $9.75.
  • Bachelor's Buttons-Small flower shaped like buttons, mostly blue but other colors include pink, purple and white. 50ct $9.75

olive-oilCalifornia Olive Oil

Produce Express is the local distributor for Extra Virgin Olive Oils from California Olive Ranch. Cali-fornia Olive Ranch produces 'estate grown' olive oils-the final product must be grown, harvested and processed on the same farm or estate. Modern planting techniques and a state of the art processing facility result in COR oils that are slightly bitter with a sweet fruiti-ness and pungent or 'peppery' fin-ish. Their oils have been certified as extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council. COR uses a "bag in a box" to package their oils, this provides protection from both sun-light and excess heat, either of which can quickly turn a good ol-ive oil into a rancid one. We are carrying four different types of Cal-ifornia olive oil; three from California Olive Ranch and one from Sciabica's.

  • COR Blend-80% Arbequina, 10% Arbosana, 10% Koroneiki. The three olive blend results in fruity oil with mild finish and clean taste. Great for sauces and aiolis. 2.5 gallons. $62.75
  • Arbequina-High fruitiness, less pungency, very pleasing clean taste. Used for "strong" pestos. 2.5 gallons. $65.75
  • Chef's Blend-80/20 blend of Canola Oil (80%) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (20%). Excellent all- purpose oil for cooking and salad dressings. 5 gallons. $63.75
  • Sciabica's Pure Olive Oil- Sciabica's olive oils have won numerous gold medals and awards from national and international competitions. Manzanilla, Sevillano and Mission variety olives are used to make Pure Olive Oil. $21.75 gallon/$83.00 case.