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Market Outlook - May 3, 2012

del-rioProduce Express and Del Rio Botanicals have been working together for ten years to provide Sacramento area chefs and restaurant customers with a unique array of local, seasonal, and organic produce. Del Rio delivers to our warehouse five days a week and we are able to procure all items ordered within 24 hours.

Del Rio Botanicals

This spring we begin our tenth season working with Del Rio Botanicals, also known as the Produce Express Farm. Two often used phrases come to mind with regard to Del Rio. First-location, location, location. The farm is located in Yolo County, on Old River Road, literally across the street from probably the most important body of fresh water in all of California-the Sacramento River, between West Sacramento and the Sacramento International Airport. The proximity to the river and the surrounding area creates an ideal Mediterranean type environment and climate that allows the farm to grow crops year round. The second phrase-fresh, local, seasonal organic produce-reflects all that the owner Suzanne Ashworth is doing on the farm.

seed-to-seed-bookIn addition to growing crops on 68 organic acres, Suzanne is an author and recognized authority on seed propagation for the intent purpose of preserving seed varieties for future generations. She has accumulated a collection of over 1,600 types of seeds and works closely with a variety of individual farms and national organizations with regard to 'seed saving' projects.

Del Rio Availability

  • Pea Shoots-Sometimes confused with Pea Sprouts, Pea Shoots are the edible leaves and flowers of the Pea plant-5lb box.
  • Italian Lettuce Leaf Arugula-Large leaf, loose cut, pronounced, peppery flavor-4lb box.
  • Arugula Rapini-Smaller cut, loose leaf with unopened flower buds-2lb box.
  • Mizuna-Delicate salad green. Crisp, green serrated leaves with mild spinach flavor-4lb box.
  • Fava Greens-Fresh leaves of growing fava plant. Delicate flavor and texture-2lb box.
  • Braising Mix-A complete mix of seasonal ingredients including 3 varieties of chards and mustards, fava greens, mizuna and more. Perfect for flavorful sauté-4lb box. Kales-Dino and Red Russian. Sturdy, flavorful-2lb box.
  • Salad Mix-Blend of lettuces, greens, herbs and flower petals. Not your average spring mix-2lb box.
  • Red Frisee Mustard–Crisp, serrated leaf with pronounced mustard flavor-2lb box.